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-Death Note Parody
9 Feb 2009
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latest India hindi news updates over complete coverage of trust voting in indian parliament, BJP MPs waved wads of notes on the floor. For more india news log on to www.headlinesindia****
22 Jul 2008
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***Please rate, comment and subscribe. Thank you!*** The HP 2133 Mini Note is HP's answer to the Asus EEE. The version I look at in this video retails for $599 USD. It has a VIA 1.2 Ghz CPU, an 8.9" LCD screen (1280 x 768 resolution), 1 GB of RAM, a 120 GB 5400 RPM hard drive, 802.11 a/b/g WiFi, a 3 cell battery, and runs Windows Vista Basic. Check out Digital Home Thoughts for more news and reviews - and join our community! *******www.digitalhomethoughts****
30 Jul 2008
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This is just a demonstration of speed. JULY '08 GUITAR WORLD listed the late Shawn Lane as the fastest at 18 notes per second. Here's 22... a world record?...
28 Nov 2008
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Free Piano Lesson, Sonny’s Black Note Flow Exercise! Lesson 1! Enjoy Sonny’s completely unique, relax and get into the flow approach to playing piano instantly, these lesson are unlike anything else on the internet. Emphasis is on breathing, relaxing and enjoying yourself, tapping into your musician within. See Sonny’s cutting edge lessons and piano website at *******SonnysPianoTV**** for more lessons, PianoTV Shows, video tours of pianos for sale and people playing the piano, and a place where you can join the fun and upload your own piano videos. Here Sonny demonstrates how to get into the flow by playing just the black notes and breathing, relaxing and letting go.
22 Dec 2008
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Kenneth Kern is founder of Orange Blossom Note Services in Austin,Texas. He shares 30 years of experience with 35 buyers across the US. Together with a staff, they provide lump sums of cash for seller financed notes of all kinds. He also is a teacher who regularly contributes articles and ebooks designed to education the general public on the buying and selling of notes so that they can go to the bargaining table with total confidence in their decision making. His latest ebook,"20 Insider Tips For Buying and Selling Notes" can be found at "".
How to get rid off the post-it-style notes from your monitor, for good.
14 Aug 2011
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*******live.pirillo**** - When you need to leave a note for yourself or someone else, how do you do it? Do you just use yellow stickies, or a cork board? You can use anything, really. But if you want to do it the geeky cool way, you should use one of these boards.
10 Aug 2008
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Sailor Moon Rainbow Notes
16 Aug 2008
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AMV Song: Flobots - Handlebars Clips from Afro Samurai, Death Note, Bleach & Inuyasha
4 Oct 2008
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death note amv :D
26 Jan 2009
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I attempt to push a card through a note. How to do it: Take two cards. Cut one of them in half Put the note that was cut in half on top of the other card. Both cards must have their back facing the audience. Push the Full note under the note and the Cut note inside it. This gives an illusion that the card is through the note.
23 Jul 2009
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Watch Full Lesson Here: *******www.mindbites****/lesson/522-glittery-love-note-celebrate-today-card This episode of Understand Blue teaches a small, glittery pink lovenote as well as a trifold card with a variety of techniques and accessories!
3 Sep 2008
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