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Records Emails, Chats, IMs, Web Sites, Web Searches, Programs Run, Keystrokes Typed, Files Transferred, Screen Snapshots - Plus - Offers Chat Blocking, Internet Access Blocking, Instant Notification Alerts and Top 10 Summary Reports. Visit us at *******www.securitystores**** or call 1(866)669-9677.
28 Feb 2008
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Technology Topic Googles Android OS/SDK Android Vids ***********/user/androidde... ***********/watch?v=1FJHYq... ***********/watch?v=muIqc7... some of the notes i had typed up Sergey Brin and Steve Horowitz SDK NOT PHONE G-Phone Smart OS Linux Kernel 2.6-Drivers and Security 10mil OpenSourced Devlop Aps Applications Cycle Navigation-Save-Proceed-Kill-Proceed-Bac k-kill-restore System Process-back Stack Touch/SmartPhones/Older and Newer models 3G High Graphic OpenGL SGL-2D/3D3 Media Network Surface Manager free type sgl lite -data storage Web Kit - Core-Browser/Safari Daltic VM-Android Runtime- CPU,Battery .DEX File-Byte Code/Better Life,Memory Core Libary -Java- UTILITES App Framework-Java Lang. Apps Home-Phone-Browser-Maps-OPENSOURCE API-Application Programming Interfaces Location Manager-Maps Current Location Friends-Proximity-API warner GPS XMPP Service App send to other Android Data-App Notification Manager Apps-Notes-SMS-Events-Internet Views-List,Grid,Gallery/Cover Flow Input Methods -Different Models Map View/Web-Render Google- Apps Geo Data Developers Toolkit-Open Expandable Building Apps JAVA-Src-Reference-Assets-Layout etc XML Apps EQuality-3rd Party,Default can be replaced
2 Mar 2010
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27 Mar 2008
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Windows XP Security Alert ???? the red cross arrow on the taskbar when we logon it shows that updates avaliable or any risks or we rescue from an series errors or antivirus is no uptodate making headache b y this type of notifications now its goin to end.......... by gopakumar pg www.gopuonline***.nr ...(Dark Lord Again)...
23 Apr 2008
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*******www.stackerformula**** for more information about Eric Louviere's soon te be launched mentoring program and a free bonus for subscribing to the notification list.
25 Apr 2008
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Receive notification when there is a police activity in your area. speedwarnings****.au for more info. Raw-material leaked from editing. Music by: deluder -=www.deluder****=-
16 Jun 2008
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Really scary service?!?! nahh.. Receive notification when there is a police activity in your area. speedwarnings****.au for more info. Raw-material leaked from editing. Music by: deluder -=www.deluder****=-
16 Jun 2008
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Send your shots through thin air. Built-in Wi-Fi provides wireless access to Nikon’s my Picturetown Internet services without connecting to a computer. Photos can be automatically and securely stored for anytime-access using Picture Bank, or uploaded directly to a blog or other site for easy updating. Picture Mail lets you select recipients from an in-camera email address list and trigger an e-mail notification to family and friends around the world. Imagine this, you are out and about with you COOLPIX S52c and you stop in your favorite coffee shop. You turn your camera on, set it to Wi-Fi mode and suddenly you are able to send pictures around the corner or around the world. Plus, with Nikon’s web service my Picturetown, you can store images safely and securely with anytime access.
25 Jun 2008
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Voice, Email and Text Message Emergency Alert and Notification System used in times of Crisis by Police and Fire Departments, Colleges and Schools, Community Groups, and Government Agencies.
28 Jul 2008
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Instant Mass Emergency Alert and Notification System that is used in times of Crisis by Colleges and Schools, Government Agencies, Business, Community Groups, and Police and Fire Departments.
8 Aug 2008
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Daniel Eran Dilger of Roughly Drafted**** says that PUSH notification could open up a whole new world for applications. 8.5.08 Interview by TalkingHeadTV**** Distributed by Tubemogul.
12 Aug 2008
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Demonstrates how to send triggered email notifications to registrants using Event Manager online registration software for sports. Sailing, Curling, Archery, Running, Marathons, Fishing, Bass Fishing, Regattas, Regatta Manager, Compete-At
24 Aug 2008
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Symantec's Altiris Workflow Solution is a series of products that were acquired from LogicBase called TLogic. Used together, they can help you automate virtually any IT process or workflow and imbed business logic into the processes too. The product can be useful for something that requires repetitive human interaction, such as designed an automated system for gambler's comp packages at a casino to keeping track of cleaned rooms at a hospital. Almost any type of process or Workflow can be automated with Workflow Solution. We tested the product in August 2008 on a prebuilt virtual machine that was supplied by Symantec. AltirisSalesInfosymantec****, 888-252-5551 *********** Requirements: Windows Server 2003 or later. Symantec's Altiris Notification Server and several other Altiris SDK and developer tools (free) Price: $25,000 for server and designer, additional designer licenses are $4,000 each Category: Workflow management
28 Aug 2008
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******* A person's activities on Facebook, Flickr, training sites like Nike plus, and credit card purchases all generate data, and Me-trics wants to put it together in one place, co-founder James Vreeland told me after his presentation at TechCrunch50 last Tuesday. He describes the company as "Google Analytics for your life." Me-trics wants to unearth trends from correlations in the data and use that information to help a user achieve goals, like losing weight or saving money. Users have to input some data themselves, which drew criticism from the TechCrunch judges as too arduous. Me-trics is working on SMS and mobile integration so that users don't have to go to the actual site to input data, and will rely increasingly on automated data as more of it becomes available. "The ideal end state will be that you say, 'I want to lose weight or I want to save money,' and the system knows what you're doing across the net, and will send you notifications on how you're doing and how you get where you want to be," he says. Knowing a user's goals and habits will allow Me-trics to provide targeted advertising, according to Vreeland. --Kelsey Blodget, Associate Producer
17 Sep 2008
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GavelThief**** is a brand new eBay auction sniping service and is giving a FREE YEAR of service to all volunteer beta testers. GavelThief Features: - Smart bidgroups (with contingency bidding) - Always-accurate sniping systems - Personal RSS notifications - Firefox sniping/notification extension - Detailed user statistics - Instant email/SMS text message notifications - Detailed tutorials - Community/support forum - Live support chat - Auction locating & package tracking with Google Maps - And much, much more... For more information, visit GavelThief**** *******www.gavelthief****
10 Apr 2009
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Chad Burnett from Active realty Solutions talks about the new product active email alerts for real estate brokers to get new listing property notifications every hour on the hour Distributed by Tubemogul.
17 Oct 2008
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