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Shazam Official Teaser Trailer 2018 - Watch now
22 Jul 2018
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Circus Lion Lived In an Old Pick Up Truck For 20 Years. Now Watch His Reaction When They Free Him! The back of a rusty old pickup truck is no place for any animal to live, let alone a full grown lion. Sadly, that’s exactly where a mountain lion named Mufasa was forced to live his life as part of a traveling roadside circus in Peru. Just because an animal is deemed “cool” or “interesting” does not mean they should be forced to entertain people. Yet, there are many animals that are not cared for in circuses and roadside zoos and shows. These poor creatures are forced to live in tiny cages and never get to have the wonderful lives they deserve. Mufasa is a mountain lion that was found chained to the back of a pickup truck. He spent 20 years in chains, forced to live a life he never wanted. But things took a turn for the better for Mufasa in 2015, when Animal Defenders International rescued him after months of hard work. They tracked him down as they worked to shut down the Peruvian circus he would been held at for years. He no longer faces a life full of uncertainty and constant travel and there are no more people gawking at him. Instead, he finally has the chance to spend his final few years in the wild jungle where he’s protected and able to move about on his own, and that is beautiful. What do you think ?
11 Aug 2018
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Unboxing of New Inspiron 15 3567 Laptop - BEST Laptop to buy now at 57,060 INR
12 Aug 2018
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The military king now only watches the ticket, standing without the ability to stand, no nonsense
15 Aug 2018
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Yoyo honey singh indian raper new song the party is over now
17 Aug 2018
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Chuck Levine and Larry Valentine are friends and Brooklyn firefighting partners. Widower Larry, who still mourns the death of his wife Paula, is having problems changing the beneficiary on his insurance policy from Paula's name to his children's. He is worried about his children's future if he were to be killed in the line of duty, and is contemplating quitting his job for something less risky, but he also does not want to forfeit his firefighter's pension as he also see it as a safety net for his children. Larry saves Chuck's life on one of their calls. So when Chuck tells Larry that he owes him one, Larry takes him up on his offer. Larry's favor: despite both being heterosexual, that they enter into a domestic partnership, in name and paper only, to provide that much needed protection for Larry's children. Chronic womanizer Chuck reluctantly but eventually agrees. The one person who knows for a certainty that they are both straight is their boss, Captain Phineas J. Tucker.
6 Aug 2018
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after 5 days of moving xylo studios i finally got every last little thing transported and at 3 or 4a i decided to give a farewell performance this is the first of three www woodewood dot com
15 Aug 2018
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QuickBooks Mac support services+1-877-521-2086 allows users to make multiple invoices for the customers at the same time. The software also enables the users to make an entire set of invoices for the customers with the respective charges. Now users may find it difficult sometimes to get it right. In such a case, contacting the QuickBooks Mac support number’s the smartest users can do.
21 Jul 2018
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In a rare appearance UPL Vice Chairman Sandra Shroff talk about the journey from a small company in 69 to becoming a Index component now, India's largest Agri Chem company. She also talk about how Govt's initiatives in rural India are now starting to bear fruit for example rural road connectivity.
27 Jul 2018
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Wagon Cab- Now Launching in 17 Cities
28 Jul 2018
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Paras Hospital Patna | पारस हॉस्पिटल पटना Paras Hospital Patna presents Radiation Therapy on government approved rates. Paras Cancer Centre will now be providing the latest 3D CRT or 3D Conformational Radiation Therapy treatment for Cancer at Rs 50000/- only. Paras Cancer Centre Patna at Paras Hospital Patna is one of the best centres for cancer detection, treatment, management, palliative care. The centre specializes in cancer surgery, radiation oncology, chemotherapy for all types of cancer. पारस हॉस्पिटल पटना प्रस्तुत करता है रेडिएशन थेरेपी अब सरकारी दरों पर I Rs 50000/- में अब प्राप्त करें अत्याधुनिक रेडिएशन थेरेपी, अपने कैंसर उपचार के लिए I रेडिएशन थेरेपी टाइप डॉक्टर, कैंसर पर निर्धारित होगा I विकिरण उपचार या रेडिएशन थेरेपी कैंसर का उपचार है। कैंसर की कोशिकाओं को मारने के लिए और उन्हें फैलने से रोकने के लिए यह विकिरण की उच्च मात्रा का प्रयोग करता है। इस थैरेपी की मदद से शरीर में कैंसर के सेल्स व ट्यूमर को खत्म किया जाता है।
1 Aug 2018
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Your Home Expired...Now What?! AdvantageU - Home Selling Tips
6 Aug 2018
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