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Escapist News Now gets a look at The Wonderful 101.
27 Jan 2014
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song I wonder by chris isaak
29 May 2009
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The chicken looks more civil than the guy here. No wonder the chicken is lucky that is not her time to get eaten now.
12 Mar 2019
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Well...we live in a super-modern world now! No wonder things like this could happen...
15 Oct 2006
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I LOVE THE JONAS BROTHERS! Hence the song... LYRICS: This is JAZ Jess with a Soulja Boy Remix I got a new song for you called the Jonas Boys Now I wanna hear all you Jonas fans singing along Nick and Kevin and Joe That is just the way we roll Nick was at the barber shop and Superman is Joe His name is Joe Yes, we know His name is Joe Yes, we know His name is Joe Yeah, I know His name is Joe Yes, we know Nick and Kevin and Joe That is just the way they roll Please Be Mine is what they wrote and Kevin rocks that fro They'll sing for you And say goodnight They'll sing for you And say goodbye They'll sing for you And say goodnight They'll sing for you And say goodbye They're hittin' the road Yeah, watch that traffic go They go crazy fo sho Watch DJ Danga go Kevin is Mufassah, he's the king of the land Don't go messin' cause he'll smack you with the back of his Hand, hand That's how he do, how he do Yeah, Yeah, and Nick J too, Nick J too No You can't do tai chi And no You can't do it like me And no Lessons aren't free Corn Pops are yummy! Kevin, Nick, and Joe That is just the way we roll Don't forget Frankie and his Webkin Show He's crazy cool And very cute He's crazy cool And very cute He's crazy cool And very cute He's crazy cool And very cute Kevin, Nick, and Joe That is just the way they roll Although the fans are crazy It's not taking a toll They're shopping too At Payless Shoes Limited Too They're in the pool! The boys are singing about souls, they're not unfortunate or poor Don't make Joe angry or he'll chase you out the door (oh!) Joe and Kevin had their spills, we're glad they're okay Now I wonder if Nick has ever fallen on stage When he rocks out he's always shaking his hair Count how many times he does it, now that's a dare! ...oooooooooohhhhh!!!! Nick and Kevin and Joe They are the JoBros Nothing more to say So I guess I'll just go! -------------
13 Jun 2009
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'Am I Famous Now ?' is the best channel for Top 10 videos about shocking, controversial, mysterious, funny, weird and mind-blowing facts.
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6 Nov 2008
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Please watch in Stereo: Warning: This is a horror movie...if your scared easily, please stop the video now. Ever wonder what random things happen on halloween? keep watching to find out *winks* to the kids watching: everything in this video is fake...please do not attempt to reenact any part of this at home. starring: Xianning (me) ToTong (Totongski) Micheal Jackson? subscribe to him, he's awesome comment rate and subscribe! ty :)
16 Jul 2012
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15 May 2009
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9 Aug 2010
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Tracfone is the largest seller of cellphone in Walmart and Kmart! They have been on top of the prepaid game for 12 years running now. No wonder people keep on coming back because the savings are just fantastic!
30 Nov 2010
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......MINE TURNED ...... My wife bought me a the Rib-O-lator as a gift after I had mentioned I saw it on the BBQ Brethren Forum, and how others liked the way their ribs, and burgers turned out. Now mine turn out just as good. My wife even uses the Ribolator (now i wonder who she really bought it for!) -Mike F. SAW..RIBOLATOR..WATCHING YOUTUBE!! I live in Australia, and I saw your Ribolator while watching YouTube videos. When I saw The Rib-O-lator I knew I had to have it. I have used it every day since I got it and it works even better than I had hoped. Do you need any Rib-O-lator distributors down under? Cheers mate. -Davey G. ......THE RIB-O-LATOR IS UNBELIEVEABLE!!! All I have to say is the Rib-O-lator is unbelievable. -Randy D
5 Apr 2011
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Weddings: Menu Options - as part of the Wedding series by GeoBeats. Some common menu options here in the South are shrimp and grits bowl with sausage and parmesan crouton. Of course the grilled filet of beef with mac and cheese with mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus. I am seeing a lot of wonderful use of fish right now, some wonderful pistachio groupo or with an orange buerre blanc or a blood orange halibut with a roasted potato succotash. I am seeing a lot of trends going towards dual protein for the seated dinner which is a lovely option to do. It provides guest with essentially 2 entrées. We have done a lot of dual protein with a bourbon pecan glazed chicken breast and a gorgonzola filet of beef.
20 Jun 2011
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