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I have added Tron, humor, ideals, and yes..the tone of my radio. It's very strange, and I believe that it's the 'real' Grid. Different portions and regions of the Grid world that it'd be today...which is about ten years later from the known Legacy era. I think it sounds like light cycles, 8-bit music for the games, discs flying, and the movement of distant programs.
29 Apr 2011
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6 Mar 2010
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Download here:*******freefileok****/ca708/Wiseau READ: Oh hai everybody. This hack combines Tommy Wiseau's Masterpiece The Room and the Legend of Zelda. I changed link into Tommy Wiseau and I replaced a considerable amount of the dialogue with references to The Room. The Room and Zelda belong to their respected owners. This is intended as a nonprofit fair use parody. . use the ips patching program to apply the ips patch to the rom . Thats it. Now play it on an snes emulator. [There are lots of snes emulators. I prefer SNES9x] A Note on Bugs: I've tested the game a bit and it seems to work fine. There are a some text issues and glitched graphics for a second but nothing too major. I'd have no idea how to fix any issues that would arise so sorry if there are bugs I missed.
26 Jul 2011
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