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A short tribute to the nature, nightlife and nubility of Iceland, featuring Quentin Tarantino's enthusiastic endorsement and Oprah Winfrey's prudish disbelief. Reykjavik Rocks.
4 Mar 2007
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In November of 82' around the time of a massive Colorado blizzard that is still talked about today, i came out my momma in a mess of feces. Upon inhaling my first breath of air, some of my very own prenatal fecal waste that had accompanied my descension found itself in close proximity to my open mouth. i choked, to say the least, but looked death in the face and proclaimed that i would not end my nubile life in a whirl of scatological permeation. ************************************************************************* The substance of "Yuzo Nieto and the Hand that Rocks the Dreidel," is eclectic indeed. It's sound ranges from an avant garde/found noise genre to a more old-timey jazz or bossa nova feel with hues of electronica splashed about. Live percussive and performance art elements are created by the genius of Avi Sherbill who plays a home-made tire bass drum with cardboard boxes attached. In addition to writing all the music/lyrics for The Hand that Rocks the Dreidel, Yuzo plays four instruments in three other Denver-based bands and is the poetry editor and co-founder of Illiterate Magazine, an up-and-coming arts and culture publication. As a day job, he teaches at Brown elementary school providing a before and after school arts program. In the greater scope, he plans to transmogrify the destructive qualities of human existence into a plural and explorative atmosphere for children and adults alike. www.myspace****/yuzonieto www.MyGorillaVideo****
13 Dec 2009
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In which I touch on the perils of eating as a Ph.D. student, and making your dreams come true. SUBSCRIBE! Comment! Like! Provide feedback! Jim Bridger: James "Jim ‘Beaver-Baiter’ Britches" Bridger (March 1804 – July 1841) is one of the best loved and well remembered of the pioneers of the mountainous Western United States. He hails from a time known as the Era of the Mountain Man – from 1820 right up until 1840 there – surviving some of the harshest and most extreme conditions on the planet. He was foremost a trapper, as well as a guide and a scout. The things that Bridger liked to trap the most were local native girls in their late teens. Jim was just 17 when he came across an advert in the local gazette calling for recruits for an expedition to Missouri. He signed up that afternoon. His friends thought he was mad but he simply said, “I want to explore that part of the world where man hasn’t explored yet, where no man has been, soft, nubile, virgin land, untouched by any other man’s filthy hands… pure.” But there was controversy. Just three weeks into the expedition Bridger was accused of ‘crimes of moral turpitude’ and sacked from the expedition. To make matters worse, the expedition was halfway up a mountain in the middle of nowhere. Cold, bitter and abandoned Bridger decided to get to the nearest town and start recruiting for his own expedition.
18 Nov 2011
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