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0:16 The testing of the first ever nuclear explosion.
25 May 2008
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August 30, 2007. Six Nuclear armed missiles mistakenly transported on a B-52 Bomber airplane, from Minot Air Force base in North Dakota one day to Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana the next.
28 Sep 2012
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0:18 Nuclear explosion animation we did for a documentary.
18 Aug 2008
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Know what Manmohan Singh has to say about the progress in Indo-US civil nuclear deal
11 Jun 2008
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Amazing footage of nuclear tests from the 1950s.
15 Jun 2008
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Latest india news updates on UPA-left meeting over india-US nuclear deal, gujjar protest in Rajasthan, aarushi murder case, bal thakrey's communal editorial in Samna and amarnath pilgrimage. for more india news and updates
18 Jun 2008
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Know how reacted toleft's stand on Nuclear deal
19 Jun 2008
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Tale of Two Cities is a famous American-produced film about the aftermath of the devastating nuclear weapon attacks on Nagasaki and Hiroshima from World War 2. The powerful footage shows the destruction of the two cities months after the attacks, including ground zero and the shadows of vaporized people. The film is punctuated by interviews with locals, including atomic bomb survivors. The narration hints at the guilt that America as a country felt after the attacks, with the dubious claim (repeated twice) that the bombs had been detonated at a high enough elevation that fallout would not harm the populace. A pillar of American and World history, Tale of Two Cities is a gripping examination of the first atomic bomb explosions and the death and destruction they caused.
8 Oct 2008
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Red Alert in Manipur,UPA left meet on Nuclear deal, Strike in Punjab. For more news, information, and updates log on to
25 Jun 2008
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North Korea on Friday destroyed a water cooling tower at a facility where officials acknowledge they extracted plutonium to build nuclear weapons. For more log on to Video credit CNN USA
27 Jun 2008
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WASHINGTON, D.C., June 17, 2008 - The Clean and Safe Energy Coalition (CASEnergy Coalition) today released a new white paper titled, Job Creation in the Nuclear Renaissance that catalogues the potential for tens of thousands of American jobs in the nuclear energy industry in the next decade. The white paper examines the job growth potential for existing and future nuclear power plants and finds that nuclear plants are a boon to local economies. Altogether, 12,000 to 21,000 new jobs will be added to the U.S. market if some 30 reactors currently planned for construction are built. These are long-term jobs that would exist throughout the operation of the reactor, promising decades of employment. Produced for The Clean and Safe Energy Coalition
28 Jun 2008
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Added: July 01, 2008 (Less info) Pentagon officials fear that Israel may attack Iran's nuclear facilities before the end of this year, a move they say that will have enormous security and economic repercussions for the United States and the rest of the world, The ABC television network quoted a Pentagon official saying chances of an Israeli attack on Iran are rapidly increasing.The Sunday Times reported at the beginning of the week that the Iranians repositioned their Shahab-3B missiles, which have an estimated range of more than 2000 kilometers following Israel's large scale exercise last month over the Mediterranean that was described as an apparent rehearsal for a strike on Iran's nuclear sites. Time will tell if the incr
2 Jul 2008
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This piece of Cold War Propaganda attempts to reassure the public about the aftermath of a nuclear attack on American soil. Told in a calmly scientific tone (a popular type of propaganda), the film uses both animation and live action to illustrate the effects a bomb might have and the dispersal pattern of fallout. Downplaying the dangers involved, the film recommends fallout shelters for every family as a standard for Civil Defense. The narrator gently assures the audience that two weeks of hiding out is enough before a family can emerge into a relatively safe world again. The dangers of fallout radiation are absurdly minimized as instructions for decontamination measures are given. About Fallout is one of the best examples of propaganda in American history and a great look at now antiquated nuclear fallout shelters. The film was originally sponsored by the US Department of Defense.
9 Jul 2008
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Narrated by actor Glenn Ford, this brilliantly produced documentary made by CBS is of a mock evacuation of Portland, Oregon during a nuclear attack. The film shows how a typical American city can evacuate its citizens in a safe and timely manner when under threat of an atomic bomb assault. A wonderful piece of the history of the atomic bomb, the film utilizes expert timing and narration to elicit a feeling of dread and suspense that would accompany such a disaster. But organization and readiness are stressed, allowing the emergency to be coped with. This is a great civil defense film and one of the best movies in Portland ever shot that details the evacuation routes and emergency procedures necessary to keep a city safe against the threat of nuclear war.
27 Aug 2008
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This film was produced in order to educate U.S. Air Force members about atomic bombs. Through a combination of animation and stock footage of actual bomb tests, the bombs themselves are thoroughly explained and described. The film then sets out to dispel the “myth” that atomic bombs can be dangerous in peacetime. In a striking example of American propaganda, the film shows various situations during which a bomb might be dropped or otherwise damaged during peaceable transport and reassures the audience that the explosions that might result are not dangerous in any way. This film was an attempt to calm and reassure US Air Force pilots about the dangers of nuclear weapons, nuclear attacks and about nuclear war in general.
15 Feb 2009
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This 1950s U.S. Army training film deals specifically with the psychological trauma that soldiers who witness mass casualties on the battlefield due to a nuclear attack would experience. Far from adequately prepping military officers for a post-apocalyptic disaster and its emotional scarring aftermath, the film informs its audience that nervousness, confusion, and sadness can all be expected as a normal part of dealing with such a catastrophe. Don't dwell on the destruction of nuclear weapons and atomic bombs, the film claims! A soldier can soon recover from this mental trauma and get back out on the front. Laughably, the only physical effects that are touched upon deal with minor burns. Management of Mass Casualties provides an astonishing examination of military psychology in the 1950s.
28 Sep 2009
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