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The Arctic freeze gripping much of the U.S. is pushing up natural gas and home heating oil prices – 5.6% and 3.5%, respectively, just yesterday. New Jersey’s Salem/Hope Creek nuclear power plant is at reduced power because of ice in the Delaware River. Saudi Arabia says it is "satisfied" with the conclusion of last month's UN climate summit in Copenhagen. However, the country's lead negotiator Mohammad Al-Sabban tells BBC News that the UN climate process may be heading for stalemate, like world trade talks. And China has suspended power generation at a major Yellow River dam to contain diesel fuel that leaked last week from a pipeline.
18 Jan 2010
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9 Jan 2010
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PORT-AU-PRINCE(January 16, 2010) – USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) medical team members transfer injured Haitian citizens on board the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. Carl Vinson and Carrier Air Wing 17 are conducting humanitarian and disaster relief operations after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake caused severe damage near Port-au-Prince on Jan. 12. (U.S. Navy video by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Joel Carlson/Released)
11 Feb 2010
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Scott Peterson, Vice President of Communications for the Nuclear Energy Institute, joins Clean Skies News to discuss Energy Secretary Steven Chu's new Blue Ribbon Panel and how it could affect the NRC and nuclear power.
30 Jan 2010
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*******ledbyteu**** LED Tubes vs Power Plant? Which is a better alternative, replacing each household lights with LED tubes/LED lights or putting up a new nuclear power plant? The answering is staggering so watch the video to find out. For more information and details on LED tubes and its benefits, visit us at *******ledbyteu****.
2 Feb 2010
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President Obama has just endorsed the tripling of federal loan guarantees for the nuclear industry and Marv Fertel, President and CEO of the Nuclear Energy Institute, talks with Clean Skies News about where these funds will go and what it means for the next wave of nuclear power plants.
4 Feb 2010
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Susan McGinnis anchors this afternoon's Clean Skies News Energy Report from Washington, DC. On the program: -President Obama announces the first federal loan guarantee for a new nuclear power plant to be built at the Vogtle site on the Georgia-South Carolina border.- Clean Skies News gets reaction from Southern CEO, David Ratcliffe. Click here for the entire interview.-DOE Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy James Markowsky tells the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) that while the White House has committed $4 billion for clean coal and carbon capture (CCS), other money must come from the private sector. Click here for the entire speech.-South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford is considering suing if President Obama goes ahead with plans to cancel the use of Nevada's Yucca Mountain as a storage site for the nation's nuclear waste.- Texas Gov. Rick Perry is challenging the EPA's finding that greenhouse gases are dangerous to people, claiming the ruling was based on flawed science. www.CleanSkies****
11 Mar 2010
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*******howtodetoxnaturally**** Toxicity is one of the greatest concerns in the 20th century. This is because there are several factors contributing in the development of toxins in the human body such as stronger chemicals, water and air pollution, nuclear power, and radiation/
1 Mar 2010
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Susan McGinnis anchors the Clean Skies News Energy Report from Washington, D.C. On the Program: - EU report: UN climate agreement reached in Copenhagen contains a couple of loopholes that, if not closed, could lead to an increase in climate emissions in the next decade. - Energy Sec. Steven Chu says controversy over stimulus grants for wind projects puts U.S. jobs at stake. - Chu says not storing nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain means the country is free to find a better solution. - the head of the European Commission urges the world to join new EU security rules for nuclear power plants. - French President Nicolas Sarkozy is urging the U.S. and developing countries to embrace nuclear energy. - Wyoming Gov. signed into law nation's first state excise tax on wind energy production. - T. Boone Pickens will announce site of massive wind farm in a month. www.cleanskies****
11 Mar 2010
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19 Mar 2010
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Susan McGinnis anchors this afternoon's Clean Skies News Energy Report from Washington, DC. On the program:- Senators look to utilities for the first stage of a carbon cap. Clean Skies News talks with NRG's Steve Corneli. Click here for entire interview. - On world water day, the EPA issues stricter drinking water standards.- China's nuclear power generating capacity will grow to at least 80 gigawatts by 2020.- Chrysler announces an all-electric version of its Fiat 500.- Meet the newest clean, green, crime-fighting machine, the Carbon Motors E-7. Click here for the entire report. www.cleanskies****
23 Mar 2010
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This is a report about AmericanGrid's first smart home energy network, Google's innovative ideas for nuclear power generators, and green cars that are causing an automotive revolution.
2 Apr 2010
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18 Apr 2010
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"How to cope with high energy prices. Not only is the burning of fossil fuels a probable contributor to global warming, there is also the problem of availability of some fuels (major price swings based on politics of oil regions). No one can predict how prices of fossil will evolve in the future, but the days of cheap oil seem definitely over. So what to do? Generate your own electricity Impossible you say? Your backyard isn't big enough to install your own nuclear power plant? Maybe you don't need to..."
12 Aug 2010
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"How to cope with high energy prices. Not only is the burning of fossil fuels a probable contributor to global warming, there is also the problem of availability of some fuels (major price swings based on politics of oil regions). No one can predict how prices of fossil will evolve in the future, but the days of cheap oil seem definitely over. So what to do? Generate your own electricity Impossible you say? Your backyard isn't big enough to install your own nuclear power plant? Maybe you don't need to..."
31 Aug 2010
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Every day, the world over, large amounts of high-level radioactive waste created by nuclear power plants is placed in interim storages, which are vulnerable to natural disasters, man-made disasters, and to societal changes. In Finland the world’s first permanent repository is being hewn out of solid rock – a huge system of underground tunnels – that must last 100,000 years as this is how long the waste remains hazardous. Captivating, wondrous and extremely frightening, this feature documentary takes viewers on a journey never seen before into the underworld and into the future.
26 Nov 2010
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