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Host: Brook Sylvann
Sexy Nudist Restaurant Prank
4 Apr 2017
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SFC or Sexual Fox Culture has really taken off since 2016 with two communities in Austin and San Francisco. Although it's still less than 50 members, the sfc community is slowly growing. We hope that more with the same beliefs and interests join our new sexual culture movement in the months to come. To spread the awareness, here is a public service announcement providing more information over our sexual culture. This video was also created for new members to understand what our sexual culture is about.
25 Jan 2017
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Full Video: ********vimeo****/84250998 Cast: Collibrina (All levels) Collibrina is guided through a practice comprised of fundamental poses that are the foundation for a wide range of ashtanga based and vinyasa practices. The beginning practitioner can quickly become acquainted with the benefits of an asana practice by simply learning this sequence while a more advanced practitioner can use this sequence on days when they do not have the opportunity to engage in a full practice. (NYV0049A) *******nakedyogaschool****
8 Feb 2014
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Full Video: ********vimeo****/84250998 Cast: Collibrina (All levels) This gentle Qigong inspired practice is an ideal practice for less than ideal days. This is a great practice to help reinvigorate the immune system without overtaxing the body. The practice is seated and is suitable for elderly and/or disabled practitioners. (NYV0049D)
1 Feb 2014
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Full Video: ********vimeo****/84258154 Cast: Collibrina (All levels) This practice explores integrating sound into a traditional hatha practice. Collibrina explores the use of sound in her meditation practice while also incorporating sound into her physical practice as such exploring the relationship between sound, breath and movement. (NYV0049C) *******nakedyogaschool****
26 Jan 2014
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Full Video: ********vimeo****/84256168 (All levels) Cast: Collibrina Like asana practice chanting is regarded as a pathway to activating the chakras, and bringing clarity to the practitioner. Collibrina is guided through a simple chant and a basic yin practice. Both practices are complementary to more widely known hatha based asana practices. (NYV0049B)
22 Jan 2014
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FULL VIDEO: ********vimeo****/75276998 (All Levels) Instructor: Hope The first night in a new location can be unsettling. There may be a time difference, or acclimation to new foods and different surroundings and weather. Your mind may be racing as it prepares for the first scheduled meeting at 7 am, or the hollow feeling that results from longing for the partner or the_child who keeps you company on a regular basis, or maybe the return to a former HOME is reminding you why you left in the first place. The following sequence has been designed to help the practitioner ease into a good night’s sleep. The sequence requires very little space and absolutely no equipment (we are envisioning there was no room in the one piece of carry-on luggage for a yoga mat!) Using the wall and breath as a means of grounding the practice, this series takes the practitioner through a gentle sequence of inversions and hip openers which allow for the chest and shoulders to open and for the body to balance itself. (NYV0038)
22 Jan 2014
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The Full Video: ********vimeo****/75275882 (All Levels) Cast: Hope In this series we continue to explore a way to profit from the well acknowledged benefits of practicing gentle yoga asana in heat. This practice does not require any special equipment just a well heated bathroom, or if the bathroom isn’t naturally warm, a space which can be warmed mindfully using steam from the shower and a towel. This is a floor series where traditional Hatha yoga poses like Sphinx pose, Cobra pose and Bow pose are used to strengthen the spine and improve the spine’s flexibility. This is also a relaxing series where poses are divided by Savasana. This is an excellent series to do before going to bed and contributes towards keeping the system naturally clean and energized and focusing the mind. (NYV0038) *******nakedyogaschool****
17 Jan 2014
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Full video: ********vimeo****/64008373 (All Levels) In this series we explore a way to profit from the well acknowledged benefits of practicing gentle yoga asana in heat. Again this practice does not require any special equipment just a well heated bathroom, or if the bathroom isn’t naturally warm one which can be warmed mindfully using steam from the shower. This is a standing series where traditional hatha poses like warrior, triangle and standing forward and backward bends are used to loosen up the body and focus the mind in a detoxifying environment which allows the lungs and pores to open and to cleanse themselves. This is at once a highly calming but energizing practice. (NYV0038)
8 Jan 2014
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Full video: ********vimeo****/73432699 (Level: Beginner - Intermediate) A life spent squinting at computer and mobile device screens wreaks havoc on our precious eyes.  But even before the advent of contemporary technology, the ancient yogis had ways to reverse the damage.  Temple Dancer Eyes is a subtle movement that strengthens in nerves and supports the muscles that surround the eyes.  We continue on to other exercises that help build focus.  If practiced with regularity, this series helps build focus that is not only visual, but will eventually train mental focus as well. NYV0037 ********vimeo****/73432699
3 Jan 2014
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********vimeo****/73432407 (Level: Beginner) If we practice without mindfulness, the knees can suffer in yoga.  If you experience knee pain in daily life or during yoga practice, this gentle sequence will teach you to treat your knees with kindness as you gain the benefits of more vigorous variations.  Beginning in tadasana (mountain pose), we bring awareness to the area as we engage the legs.  Triangle pose stretches and strengthens the legs while keeping the knee joint safe.  We move to the wall for Supported Warrior, a wonderful modification for those who feel a lot of strain when lunging.  Finally, wind-releasing pose lubricates the knee joints while providing all-important core engagement. NYV0037 ********vimeo****/73432407
31 Dec 2013
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*******nakedyogaschool**** (Beginner level) Between commuting with heavy bags, sitting in a chair for much of the day, holding our arms in a fixed tying position, those of us who work a regular office job place a lot of strain on our spines, resulting in chronic back pain.  This series stretches and strengthens the spine, preventing future injuries and easing past ones.  Cat/cow pose warms and massages the spine, while reclining big toe pose lengthens and stretches it.  A short series of "baby" backbends playfully challenges us to explore how we crunch our lower backs - and how to treat the area with more kindness and compassion.  Finally, wind-releasing pose strengthens the abdominal muscles, which support the lower back so as to prevent further strain. NYV0037 *******nakedyogaschool****
24 Dec 2013
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*******nakedyogaschool**** (Beginner level) Good news - you don't even have to leave your desk to perform some simple yoga poses that will help relieve stress and fatigue.  Even if you're pressed for time, you can still enjoy the benefits of a few moments of movement and self-awareness in the middle of your busy day.  All of the asanas in this series can be performed while sitting at your desk.  We begin with relaxing neck rolls to release the tension - both mental and physical - that long hours of sitting creates.  A short self-massage of the temples is a nourishing way center yourself.  Next, we learn to do a seated spinal twist at the desk, bringing the same detoxifying effects of twists in a yoga class to the middle of your work day.  After a calming seated forward bend, we end standing in conscious meditation. NYV0037 *******nakedyogaschool****
21 Dec 2013
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