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Epic Nerf Battle from Life in the Trenches to Nerf Cowboys from Hell! There are two nerf sheriff's, one problem, this town ain't big enough for both of them. Omage to some old school western showdowns GunVsGun style. Nerf edition cowboy showdown. Blood will shed! Subscribe to our Channel: ******* For Full GunVsGun Bloodiest Nerf War Series click below: ***********/playlist?list=PL0D6AEFCC047CB363 Guns used in this Nurf Cowboy Showdown: Maverick, Barrel Break, Deploy, Nrf Swarm Fire, Nerf Night Finder, Nurf Dart Tag.
18 Oct 2013
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Epic Nerf War features our custom Nerf Bazooka! Blow up your friends with these flying Nerf Rockets! This house still ain't big enough for the two of us... Deathmatch Time! Subscribe or DIE! ******* Its Gun vs Gun in The Bloodiest Nerf War Ever Part 8!!! Other Nerf Gun tags: neRF guN vs gUn NerF guns firing shoting GUNs bazooka nurf nrf battle extreme insane deathmatch blodiest nerf war 8
21 Aug 2013
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Subscribe or DIE! ******* FULL Bloodiest Nerf Wars!! ******* GunVsGun style Russian Roulette with a Nerf Maverick. Our newest edition to Bloodiest Nerf War Ever Series! GunVsGun Nerf Channel: Nerf Gun Russian Roulette, Nurf Suicide
3 May 2013
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Subscribe to GunVsGun, new videos every Saturday, click this link: ******* Revenge is the name of the game and Tommy got nothing else on his mind but that. New episode of GunVsGun is here, watch the bloody violence now!! Nerf Guns used in the episode: Nerf Deploy, Nrf Maverick, Nurf Dart Tag and lot of Nerf Blood! Watch this episode and more in our Brutal Nerf War playlist: ******* Visit our channel for more videos: ***********/gunvsgun Subscribe to recieve new videos in your feed: ******* Tommy on Twitter: *******www.twitter****/rockercyborg Danny on Twitter: *******www.twitter****/machinegundan
19 Apr 2013
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Tweet: ******* FB: *******www.facebook****/thefinalcutking Nerf Wars is continued in this Nerf Gun Assassination video. If you enjoy, share it with your friends!! Subscribe to FinalCutKing - ***********/finalcutking Subscribe to the VFX Bro - ***********/thevfxbro My Facebook page: *******www.facebook****/thefinalcutking My Twitter - ********twitter****/finalcutking Super Slow Freeze Frame Effect: ***********/watch?v=F_UaR9TXVFg Thanks to the bros on my dorm floor for filming this vid with me. John, Steven, Nolan, Kyle, Ross, Aaron, and Tristen - you all rock!
19 Jun 2012
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Plastic Hell's last shoot out. The end of Nerf War, but the beginning for Nerf War Chronicles. Songs: 1)Oneiroid Psychosis 2) Assimilate (Skinny Puppy Cover) by Razed in Black 3) Remove Replace by Icon of Coil There is a game for all of you. Try to find the 5 hidden cats! No joke, there really there! but there easy to miss. GOOD LUCK! Cats found 5 out of 5! 7:30 by muse326 1:30 by GMdeGN 2:38 by zionsipe 5:42 by abcnoob12 4:36 by KitsonaFox Last one found on 01/03/10 GREAT JOB EVERYONE FINDING THE CATS! Look for more on Nerf BAStards
2 Jul 2011
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WELCOME TO PLASTIC HELL! A Nerf War of epic proportions! Guns flailing, hidden kittens, teleporting, and extra PINK pants! This is a continuation of the other video that I have. But more people wanted to be involved in it. It was hell to shoot. We had problems since day one. but i thank everyone who stuck around till the end. Song is Foetal by C-Tec
21 Feb 2010
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(Watch Part II as well) The underground <b>nerf gang</b> scene is both well-known and dangerous. It's where hard core teens go to fight and shoot foam with air. Luckily we've infiltrated and placed a hidden camera at one of the events.
15 Mar 2009
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