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Mary Gilbeux hears voices and flips out
21 Jan 2007
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NFL Pro Football point spreads, given to you by the Hot Gal for this week.
8 Sep 2007
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sexy chick kicks dude in the nuts
28 Apr 2008
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Nuts Girl Kayleigh reveals why she loves being a Nuts Girl.
29 Dec 2009
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Sexy Cara tells us what it's like to be a Nuts Girl. And shows us too, bless her.
21 Feb 2010
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Malene goes to a party but her dress keeps popping open. For more great videos go to *******
24 May 2009
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Behind the curtains with Chanelle from Big Brother, on a saucy photo shoot.
25 May 2009
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Lindsey Strutt, Kayleigh Pearson, Malene Espensen and Natalie Pike Dancing At the Nuts babe Final 2008
25 May 2009
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<b>Kayleigh</b> goes to the gym then plays with her housemates. For more great videos go to *******
25 May 2009
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Emily O'hara reveals her favourite underwear exclusively to nuts
9 Jul 2010
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Emma Glover reveals her favourite underwear exclusively to nuts
14 Jul 2010
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Emma Glover reveals her favourite underwear exclusively to nuts
24 Jul 2010
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Buy it on itunes!! *******tinyurl****/yzp8cu9 Watch the pokemon gangsta rap! *******tinyurl****/7oqtc6 Please Subscribe, Comment, Rate and Favorite!!! Behind the scenes footage and bloopers *******youtube****/daveinvasion Lyrics Another night on the town Yeah just me and the gang No tellin what were gonna do You better stay out the way Ha, sorry kids, play times done Yeah we run this place And The night has just begun So we are lookin for a new game Yeah this old one sucks I saw a game in the winda for just 10 bucks Whoa, sorry man I dont got the change You see I only got a Lincoln and thats out of my range Easy bro-ham its okay, yeah thats not the case If we put our fives together we can make the diez If the price is right, you know Ill give it a try So we went and bought Zelda: Ocarina of time I knew the game was boss before I turned it on I played the game non-stop thats right until it was dawn Yeah Im tearin through this game at a grueling place I got my spiritual stone and I just saved the goron race So my girl calls me up, while Im chillin with Epona Yeah drinkin lon lon milk like it was champona (Champagne) And she said, do you even really care anymore Cause every time I call you up youre playing N64 (girl on phone) Whoa, girl I know its hard to see But saving hyrule is more important to me Now shes gone, but its ok, I can do much belda Yeah I can get with Ruto, Malon, and lets not forget Zelda Girl, come ride with me Yeah we can take epona to the zoran sea Yeah come with me Girl and you know well escape Ganondorf So I can please ya and Ill treat ya with my master sword Oh, oh, oh, oh Yeah, links got courage but I have the triforce of ballin I got my fairy bow ready if theres skulltulas crawlin Got every piece of heart, and thats no mistake Thats right I use Dins fire just to cook my steak Girl I can be your Navi-gator if you let me be Yeah I got the three goddesses worshiping me Girl just hold my hammer it weighs a mega ton You even can play my ocarina just for fun Ill make you Da, na na na Girl Ill make you go Da, na na na Dont worry Im the master of time, so we can do it again We can go right back and we can grind when Im ten Girl, come ride with me Yeah we can take epona to the zoran sea Yeah come with me Girl and you know well escape Ganondorf So I can please ya and Ill treat ya with my master sword Oh, oh, oh, oh I got a Deku Stick And some Deku seeds And these Deku nuts Girl I know you want my deku nuts Girl, come ride with me Yeah we can take epona to the zoran sea Yeah come with me Girl and you know well escape Ganondorf So I can please ya and Ill treat ya with my master sword Oh, oh, oh, oh
18 Jul 2011
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Superwog's first song, featuring his two babe ganga's Kimberley & Danielle. Basically, next time your in class, or bored ANYWHERE, just bust a fkn nut... Add me on facebook: *******www.facebook****/pages/Superwog/128979720483768 Definition Bust-a-Nut 1) to come, ejaculate, get-off 2) to be overcome with an intense amount of emotion, generally of a surprised nature that can be either happy or angry When I heard the news, I nearly busted-a-nut Lyrics [Chorus] Just bust a nut (Girls) Just bust a nut (Boys) x 2 Coz once youre done, You can bust another one, Why? (Danielle) Just for fun (Kimberley) We like them young, We like them dumb, So girls, lets go get some K-I-M-B-E-R-L-E-Y Im a big slut so dont ask me why, If Im not busting nuts Id rather die, Id love to bust nuts, all my life. D-A-N-I-E-DOUBLE-L-E Im not a slut but my mutts really smelly, You can bust a nut all down my belly, You can be at home, you can be alone, You can even bust a nut on the phone, Life really sucks, when u get no fucks, STDs bitch Im outta luck, S-U-P-E-R-W-O-G I got a feeling your mumma wants me My mums dead! What a head! If hes Italian, hell go like a stallion, If hes Greek, he can do me all week, If hes Cro (Croation), he can be real slow, And if hes Lebanese, Ill open my knees, Give me Maltese, so I can be pleased, I wanna bit of Spain, to drive me insane, But just coz Im hot doesnt mean I got no brain. Shutup Bitch, All you bimbos sound the same, Shutup Superwog, youre actually really lame, Youre just jealous coz I get all the fame, Oh my God, youre the biggest fkn pain Whats that on your pants, is that a cum stain? [Chorus] I like the guys with a dark complexion, Thats not to say dont wear protection, Coz when it comes down to love and affection, You gotta be smart and make the right selection, You gotta be sure to run a full inspection, You can use your hands or youre full-on erection, So we can avoid, a mighty infection. G-E-O-R-G-I-N-A Taekwondo bitch, 3 times a day, I dont give a shit what you sluts say, Coz superwogs all mine, okay? Im built and hairy, superwogs my prey, Give me one chance; Ill make your day, Oh my god, how much do you weigh? Lol, Im creamier than the milky way, I want a woman, not a fucken buffet! I bust more nuts than a mental house, Baby you and I, Can bust one on the couch, Question, can I start from your mouth? Then I wanna take it down to ur south. Do you wanna get saved? Okay! Haha only if I get paid. But we love you babe! I love me too, But I got a job to do. I gotta put table on the food...oh shit [Chorus] Kimberley's a fkn mad slut...
25 Jul 2011
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Christmas Eve is Ladies' Night and Santa has a lot of stops to make! Watch the original video: ***********/watch?v=wyx6JDQCslE Behind the Scenes! ***********/watch?v=cGH58RVz6dA&feature=relmfu We respond to your comments! ***********/watch?v=ELT8t0VnMZU Please Like, Favorite, and Subscribe! ***********/subscription_center?add_user=barelypolitical Like and Follow The Key of Awesome! *******www.facebook****/thekeyofawesome ********twitter****/#!/thekeyofawesome ********twitter****/#!/BarelyPolitical Directed by Tom Small Written by Mark Douglas Mark's stuff: *******youtube****/markdouglas *******twitter****/markdouglas73 Todd's Stuff *******youtube****/wombatron *******www.twitter****/toddwomack Kristen's Stuff *******www.facebook****/pages/Kristen-Brancaccio/264481066930847 *******twitter****/kristensreality *******www.kristenbrancaccio**** Lauren's Stuff: ***********/user/iwantmylauren?blend=7&ob=5 *******www.facebook****/laurenisfunny *******www.twitter****/laurenfrancesca Stasia's Stuff ********twitter****/#!/StasiaViola Get the songs on iTunes! ***********/us/album/the-key-awesome-deluxe-edition/id374349910 TShirts! *******thekeyofawesome.spreadshirt**** Follow us on Twitter *******www.twitter****/barelypolitical ********twitter****/#!/thekeyofawesome Write us a letter! The Key of Awesome P.O. Box 23 New York, NY 10113 DigiTour Dates and Ticket Info! Wed 3/7 • Los Angeles, CA -- El Rey Theater • ******* Fri 3/9 • Las Vegas, NV -- Hard Rock Cafe • ******* Sat 3/10 • Oakland, CA -- New Parish • *******thedigitour**** Sun 3/11 • Tempe, AZ -- Club Red • ******* Thu 3/15 • Houston, TX -- House of Blues • ******* Fri 3/16 • Dallas, TX -- Southside Music Hall • ******* Sun 3/18 • Orlando, FL -- The Plaza Live • ******* Wed 3/21 • Vienna, VA -- Jammin' Java • ******* Thu 3/22 • Baltimore, MD -- Sonar • ******* Fri 3/23 • New York, NY -- Gramercy Theater • ******* Sat 3/24 • WestChester,PA - TheNote • ******* Sun 3/25 • Cambridge, MA -- Middle East • ******* Wed 3/28 • Allentown, PA -- CrocRock • ******* Thu 3/29 • Cleveland, OH -- House Of Blues • ******* Fri 3/30 • Ann Arbor, MI -- Blind Pig • *******thedigitour**** Sat 3/31 • Chicago, IL -- Reggie's Rock Club • *******thedigitour**** Sun 4/1 • Toronto, ON -- Opera House • ******* Wed 4/4 • Lawrence, KS -- Granada Theater • *******thedigitour*** LYRICS Ho Ho When it's Christmas time everybody's waitin' in a big ass line To sit on my lap And beg for Elmo's, i-pads, and crap Brats are outta control my elves are doing nothing but shovelin' coal Older girls sit on me And get their picture taken ironically Girl look at that belly Like a bowl full of jelly As seen on the telly It sticks out I come down your chimney Though it don't quite fit me Why do I smell kindling? Put it out My doctor told me I had diabetes That's what happens when you eat a hundred billion cookies I still deliver all this booty. It don't matter if its drizzling, freezing, sleeting, blowin, snowin' I'm Santa and I know it I'm Santa and I know it I got a big ole gut I ain't nutcracker but do bust nuts Girls love the taste Of my sugarplums and my candy cane I got a list of naughty's It's pretty much a listing of all my shawty's Wait Let me explain it Mrs. Claus and I have a special arrangement I'm jolly and burely I never come early I'm stuffin' your turkey Check it out When ladies get nippy I'm makin' deliverys From Dallas to Sydney Then I'm out Single moms are friendly Every X-mas eve When the night comes to and end my sack is always empty Got a 9 inch beard, and I ain't afraid to grow it blow it show it comb it, stroke it I'm Santa and I Know it Jingle jingle jingle jingle jingle bells Tickle tickle tickle tickle tickle  elves Comet Cupid donner blitzen Rudolph sail I'm Santa and I know it
6 Feb 2013
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