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Me singing "where will you go" by evanescence. One of my favourite tracks by the band..mostly for that one verse towards the end..totally worth the singing experience..and i for some reason get really caught up in the song whenever i sing disturbingly caught up :) anyway, still figuring out my new laptop and the mic the audio may not be completely terms of music and voice balance.. i actually recorded this one on my webcam..but for some reason the file wouldn't upload here so i extracted the music and made another vid :D i'm not going to break down this song...too tired to mostly :) (you wouldn't believe the day i've had) but definitely another one to amy lee's intensely themed collection. - Nyx / Warsha NOTE: No copyright infringement intended. I do not own the music, lyrics or images. Only the voice is my own :)
12 Sep 2009
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*Recorded March 7, 2011* Like I said in the video, and like I always say, the lashes are up to you! For some reason it still really bothers people that I choose to wear wings for lashes, just adjust to your liking!! I used- NYX White eyeshadow base Make Up For Ever green flash color Sugarpill Absinthe loose eyeshadow INGLOT 59 eyeshadow *******www.inglotusa**** (for US only) INGLOT 463 Sugarpill Midori pressed eyeshadow *******www.sugarpill****/ Kryolan Sea Green creme liner Urban Decay Perversion black liquid liner Red Cherry 304 for the top lashes, thanks to petrilude for helping me figure it out! OCC Interlace lip tar *******www.occmakeup****/ Stila Sugar Plum lip glaze My personal channel - ***********/notoriousqob :) *OCC and Sugarpill were provided, I am not being paid for this, and I am not associated with any of the companies who's products I used.* -Lauren *******www.queenofblending.bigcartel****/ - "I Love Makeup!" Tshirts for sale!! *******www.twitter****/queenofblending *******www.queenofblending**** - QOB eyeshadow palettes for sale! *******www.myspace****/queenofblending Facebook- Queen Of Blending
30 Apr 2011
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Welcome back zappers, Im Devin Curry with *******Shazap****. Your online video source for comic book news and reviews. Follow me on Twitter at *******twitter****/devincurry. This story arch is so good. We’ve got action and intrigue and detective work. This is a great story and it is really showcasing everything that makes Robin great. He’s strategizing and playing the game. I wasn’t sure last issue why they were showing us the part of 52 when Batman goes into the cave except to show us where Batman’s craziness may have begun but a new reason appeared this issue. Robin is telling us when he dropped the boy wonder title and became his own man. He developed the new suit, became a bit darker and started to develop intimidation as one of his weapons. In a way, working with Nightwing and no Batman around he started imagine the scenario that is now unfolding in front of him, of a Gotham without Batman. There is a line where Robin really shows who he is becoming when Officer Harper asks if an out of control batman is too dangerous for the police, isn’t he too dangerous for Robin and he simply answers “no”. Tim Drake is the first Robin that you actually believe has the potential to be better than Batman. The question is, when will he need to be.
4 Sep 2008
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FOR ME PLEASE :) Check out my blog for recent updates!
12 Oct 2008
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check out my blog for recent updates!
7 Feb 2010
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Purchase the products used here by going to: *******www.makeupgeek****/store For list of everything used, go to: *******www.makeupgeek****/tutorials/hawaiian-inspired-makeup-fun-and-bright/
6 Sep 2009
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15 Mar 2017
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Good day everyone! I will be using the Urban decay Full Spectrum eyeshadow palette. I bought this from Ulta and it is on sale for 35 dollars. I love all the colors and everything is very blendable. The colors are not too shinny or shimmery. For me is a perfect palette, and I will be using this palette many times, than you for watching, see you all on my next video and pls like and subscribe! Products Used Catrice Camouflage cream eyeshadow Base Light Beige Urban Decay Full Spectrum: Warning, Iced, Delirious, Bump Too Faced Instant Attitude Brow Bone Estee Lauder The estee edit The edgiest kohl: Black Viper Bare Minerals Lash Domination Ink Liner Catrice Luxury Lashes Ultra Black Kiss Ever EZ Lashes This video is NOT sponsored!
16 Mar 2017
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Skiboarder throws a 720 at the 2000 NYX Big Air Skiboarding Competition
11 Mar 2007
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25 Oct 2007
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"Aphotic Moments" by David Hart As twilight surrenders to Nyx's ebony splendor, A bewildered truck wrinkles a forlorn car's reticent fender. Myriad sounds transude night's diaphanous black veil. The wares of the dark are hawked by its' vendors' wales. The alchemist barman's tantalizing brew, Enkindles nepenthe promises for the few. Stentorian banter scurrilously permeates a smoke filled room-- Compeers coincide quietly 'til melting into blathering bafoons. A femme fatale's beseeching glances, switch anon into erotic trances While motorcycle's buzzgrowl like machine guns coiling Sirens portend like mad tarantella dancers roiling Staccato whistles and yells, scorched tires screeching Entwine with serpentine banshee winds infamously preaching Anon, eve's riotous crescendo of cries now subsides Welcoming the approach of Madame Aurora's ebullient eyes. DavidHart1993USA roil-to vex/disturb/displease; ebullient-zestfully enthusiastic/boiling;
13 Jan 2008
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1 Jul 2008
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