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Hia Everyone,I hope you enjoyed my " for all eye colours " make up tutorial.This look is guarenteed to make any eye color POP!I am going to hog thi...
17 Dec 2008
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1 Apr 2009
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okaee doke here are my pictures from the wig thang :)
28 May 2009
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okay so the wig is by beverly johnson and it is my very first one! )
17 Jun 2009
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My skin request :)
6 Sep 2009
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[Dedicated to mom and dad...this is their song..the perfect twosome, the perfect parents, perfect for each other..i wish them the same wild and beautiful love this song is all about for always.. Also to Satish and Ramya, who I hope will be just as perfect together in their coming venture..and I wish them eternal happiness :) ] Me singing "vaseegara", a tamil (south indian) song from the movie Minnale, originally by bombay jayashree. (This movie was remade later as "rehna hai tere dil mein" with this song being "zara zara".) 'Vaseegara' means captivator or seductor or even lover :)..a beautiful song, sung alto, very soulful.. there's almost a drunken quality to it :) Love singing this pronunciation sucks in some places, i know, but well, hehe.***uld you conveniently ignore that? :P I've obtained a rough translation of the lyrics (by Apurvi from the tfm website) for a lot of you who probably won't understand them..but it's really hard to put something equally well in another language. The beauty of the original is lost. My advice is to first listen to the song as it doesn't have to be understood.. just felt. ****** Now, if you've listened to it's the line-by-line english translation: "vaseegara en nenjinikka un ponmadiyil thoonginaal podhum" -My Love, it is enough to sleep on your lap for my heart to smile. "adhey ganam en kannuranga mun jenmangalin yaekkangal theerum" -At the same time, as my eye rests the longings of my previous lives will be satisfied. "naan naesippadhum swasippadhum un dhayavaal thaane" -Only because of you do I love and breath "yaengukiraen yaengukiraen un ninaivaal naanethaan" -I long for your memories "adai mazhai varum adhil nanaivoame, kulir kaichaloadu neram, oru poarvaikkul siru thookkam" -Well get drenched in the rain and catch a fever; in one blanket we'll sleep together "kulu kulu poigal solli ennai velvaai, adhu therindhum kooda anbe, manam adhaiye thaan edhirpaarkkum" -With little lies you win me over; even knowing that my dear, my heart desires you. "engaeyum poagaamal, thinam veettilaeye nee vaendum" -Without going anywhere (I) want you at home always "sila samayam vilayaattai, un aadaikkulley naan vaendum" -Sometimes playfully I want to be with you (vaseegara) "dhinamum nee kulithenai thaedi, en saelai nuniyaal undhan, thalai thudaippaaye adhu kavidhai" -Everyday after bathing you search for me and towel your hair with my saree, that's poetry "thirudan poal padhungiye thideerendru, pinnaal irindhu ennai, nee anaippaaye adhu kavidhai" - Like a thief, you come up behind me suddenly and embrace me, that's poetry "yaaraenum mani kaettaal, adhai solla kooda theriyaadhey" - If anyone asks for the time, I can't even tell them that.. "kaadhalenum mudiveliyil, kadigaaram neram kidaiyaadhey" - In Love, there is no time... (vaseegara) **** Hope that made sense :) And hope you enjoyed it.. -Warsha NOTE: No copyright infringement intended. I do not own the music, lyrics or images. Only the voice is my own :) Thanks to Apurvi for the translation.
12 Sep 2009
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21 Sep 2009
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All the products I used are listed on my blog: *******mizzchievouz.blogspot****/2009/06/dramatic-purple-smokey-eyes.html I got this palette from this ebay shop: *******myworld.ebay****/abestlife Review on this palette: ***********/watch?v=JSA3QQ7VPiY NEW! Add me on Facebook: *******www.facebook****/pages/MissChievous/92054709350 Twitter: *******twitter****/mizzchievouz Nails: french manicure Music: Whip Snapper - she of infinite sorrows
26 Sep 2009
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chubby wubby ME :) hehehe.. the home vids commence! *royal trumpeting and all that* Well, there's not much to say really.. Cast: Me, my older brother, my parents, my cousins, my grandad, me :D Music: Paul Evans - Happy Go Lucky Me Elvis Presley - Devil In Disguise Incredible Moses Leroy - Fuzzy Quantum Of Solace OST - Another Way To Die (Instrumental) hehehe...just came across some really old photographs the other day and the vid from my first wasn't much to work with and wasn't very great quality but it was just cute and i thought, what the heck, let's entertain whatever proportion of people watch my vids :D First birthdays are celebrated in a big way for us with religious rituals and decor and feasts...we go traditional all the here's some culture for all of you :) i know it drags here and there hehe feel free to skip a little ..although, it IS a teeny video so hehe.. it's mostly intended connection to the songs..those were just some fun tracks that went well with the baby theme haha.. I hope you enjoy it :) more to promised.. also another song...remember to give that a listen as well ;) cheers! -Warsha p.s. did you see that last picture? LOL. now you know im REALLY trying to reach out :) NOTE: The video clippings and photographs are courtesy my dad. I do not own any of the music, so no copyright infringement intended. For entertainment only.
13 Oct 2009
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[Dedicated to my parents, for their support, and Raji Mami, a most wonderful and encouraging mentor and teacher.] This is a snippet from a song i sang at my brother's engagement a couple of months back..shot by my to-be sister-in-law's cousin.. As i've mentioned, this is a bhajan/devotional song (in raag favorite!!) in praise of Lord Krishna, and well, technically not hardcore carnatic/south indian classical, but it's sung carnatic style and frankly i enjoy singing these songs more ;) M.S. Subbulakshmi has sung this song as a different raag though.. I'm still looking for some carnatic songs of mine..if i can't find them i'll probably record a couple acapella and post them ;) But i still maintain that semi-classical songs give more room for energy and improvisation ;) Since this was quite impromptu, it's not as perfect as it should quality-wise and singing-wise, but atleast this way you see my face and you get to hear the song :D Yes, this style of singing requires a more passive stance, but the range of chords used (which form various "raags") relate to various moods and this is what needs to be translated in these songs more than their meaning.. Well, just wanted to share my roots...this is where it all started..and i know this music needs an acquired taste, but i owe whatever singing i can do today, be it english/hindi/tamil, to my excellent carnatic foundation.. I do have an interesting set of videos coming up..home-made..more to do with people and parts of my life :) It'll take a while but amidst my covers i thought it would be interesting to show you all other stuff so the whole experience doesn't get too impersonal (because of me using just images and not really video recording wherein i might have even spoken and stuff.. Anyways, enjoy.. More covers coming soon as well :) -Warsha NOTE: For once, no copyright issues hehehe..the video is courtesy niranjan..and that's me singing :) that's all there is to it.
13 Oct 2009
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Video recorded by Master LL ( *******themasterll**** ) Final Boss ( "Arcana Quotes" ) ** WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS!! ** Collection of all the Arcana Quotes the boss says. One of the best part about the game... I love how the Arcana was used in the game since it does reflect the reality of society. 0 - Fool I - Magician II - Priestess III - Empress IV - Emperor V - Heirophant VI - Lovers VII - Chariot VIII - Justice IX - Hermit X - Fortune XI - Strength XII - Hangman XIII - Death ------------------ System: PS2-ENG 1st Gameplay, Normal Rank Level 73
29 Oct 2009
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Sexy Arabic Eyes
8 Nov 2009
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For list of all products including cheap alternatives, go to: *******www.makeupgeek****/tutorials/sizzling-sexy-sultry/ Music: "Stand in the Rain" by Superchick
23 Dec 2009
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PRODUCT USED: ♥*******♥ New MAC Makeup freebies (sign up via email) ►Chanel - Mat lumiere ►MAC - Satin Taupe, Blacktied ►MAC Smoulder pencil ►BB long-wear gel liner ►MAC Tenderling and Peaches ►Jemma Kidd Nutmeg Pencil ►MAC Florabundance (NOT DISCONTINUED)
30 Dec 2009
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Hope you like it. Please rate, comment & subscribe! Thanks for watching x
18 Jan 2010
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For list of everything I used, go to: *******www.makeupgeek****/tutorials/new-years-eve-makeup-hot-pink-and-silver/ All products used in this video are mine and were purchased by me.
6 Feb 2010
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