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Here they are! Count Smokula gives us his The Twelve Tenets Of Smokulism! Take them and obey, or do whatever you want! Video produced and directed by Ian Victorian for THE LA REINA CHANNEL.
8 Dec 2007
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Reminds everyone to obey the "Golden Rule"!
2 Jan 2008
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Hip hop artist, Proxy, shares how self condemnation can restrict you, and how we need to obey God's call to look forward to the prize instead.
17 Jan 2008
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This week, Sara comes to the rescue of pet owners struggling to get their ornery pets to pop a pill or to pipe down. And, for the really stubborn pooch, Sara's got something extra special up her sleeve: OBEY-ASOL!
5 Feb 2008
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This is a wake-up song to the sleeping (or dead) "Christians" within the Church. God has called so many of you to His service, but you refuse to obey. You're more concerned about the latest TV episode of "Lost" than you are with reaching the lost. Why? ANSWER THE CALL! You can download higher quality music and videos at my website *******jasonlonjacobs****/ Thank you for watching Truly His, Jason
22 Jun 2009
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Go to MYRIDE.COM for more car videos. What does Sport Compact performance really mean. We put four of these little speedsters to the test. Competing for the title: From Japan we have two entries...the Honda Civic Si, and the Supercharged Scion TC, representing Germany its the Volkswagen "Obey your fast" GTI, and from the good old USA its the Supercharged Chevy Cobalt wearing the SS badge.
4 Dec 2009
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Jakob Lemy Zook - I'm an Amish exorcism musician? Sometimes I like to show up at one of the "Gurrella Jammer" gigs of the Wiles Bros Clan in the Mysterious Fog. They believe my story. I'm currently on the mind run in the "Experimental Trance Warfare Zone," known as The ETWZ along the Mason Dixon Line region. There is a rumor going around here, that a mysterious "Dr. Green," once seen nearby at the now closed down Harrisburg State Mental Institution and the 7 gates of hell area in Hallam near the old mental hospital is actually Joesef Mengela. The Nazi "Angel of Death." Joesef is still alive and very well and healthy taking youth drugs he developed from death camp experimentations with children. That story is real? The Harrisburg hospital has underground tunnels extending over an area of 31 acres with mysterious frightening looking Large Iron doors with locked bars leading to secret rooms throughout. Medical experiments in mind control are performed in these deep dark Chambers of Horror. Where, far from the world above no one can hear you scream or cry or "laugh your head off." This is where many of the large child Monarch cages were and still are. There is a main tunnel extending to the 7 gates of Hell area which is part of ETW Zone then extending to Aberdeen. They've recently closed down the Harrisburg Institution? They are in the process of closing in most of the tunnels by caving them in and destroying documents and psychotronic torture cells with strapped tables throughout the tunnels. I've infiltrated the tunnel recently and encountered a Third Reich nurse who thought I was a patient and asked, "Did you see anything down here?" If you did I'll have to lock you in. I also posesess the shocking blue "trance potion," sometimes referred to as, "Love potion #13," by the Martian Werewolf Clan. I've become quite a skilled "Trancer." I had taken the antidote before entering the tunnel and what could have been a lethal encounter with Joesef turned into a "non-lethal" incident as the nurse went into the funny and famously known "Burundanga tongue Speak." Burundanga makes you talk and talk and talk, in fact you can't lie when asked a question or stop talking. And, also, you'll obey any suggestion. I told the nurse to go back to the surface and forget she ever saw me just to be sure she would forget. Of course under Shocking Blue she will forget anyway with developing "Retrograde Amnesia." I got back on my small portable electric skateboard and escaped back miles through a hidden tunnel using night goggles an infrared device and with my sound detection meter heading off through dark tunnels and when sensing medical teams and 4th Reichers coming in my direction took off down side tunnels. I have a map of the tunnels I obtained by using my own trancer skills. I made my way to an off escape entry near the main entrance and came out at a hidden location near the 7 Gates Of Hell in a large hidden briar patch location. Caught on tape while driving down a hidden road location, I've decided to reveal information about the experimental psychotronic and drug induced mind control fields. The Psychosis Mind Fields or in new word order speak: "psycho your fucked fields" and the use of the nortorius mind control trance drug "Shocking Blue." Shocking Blue is an extract of the trance nightshade plant from South America known as "Burundanga." Can be blown in your face, blown from a spray can, blown from an airplane over extended area's or blown into buildings or large facilities by tank trucks posing as fuel or delivery vehicals. (A favorite trance tactic of the Martian Werewolf Clan for their illegal underground porn films is to pose as photographers. They come to your house offer to shoot family pictures for free. If you like them you can buy them. You let them in they make weird films to be sold in the underground porn market. With the retrograde amnesia no one remembers anything ever occured.) Experiments are being conducted by the underground government in Mind Control and now along with a centuries old illegal pornography mind trance control family operation known as "The Martian Werewolf Clan," and in operation with underground rogue elements of the miltary at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds along the Mason Dixon border in Maryland. It is called "The Alien Plantlife Project." Mostly though this project is taking place along the Mason Dixon Line region north of the Aberdeen Military Proving Grounds in Lancaster, Pa extending to the Point Pleasant, "Mothman Region," extending to the electronic microwave mind control "Haarp" region in Alaska, with frequency waves pointing back to Lancaster, Pa. An experiment in mind control is taking place in this region, a mind control region known as the ETWZ. An area where the recent Amish school slayings took place. Was the Lancaster milkman Charles Roberts who commited the slayings abducted as a child for 3 months and forced to live in a Monarch Cage? Is it possible..?
22 Oct 2009
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Trance of the Monarch Butterfly. Wiles Brothers Clan in the Mysterious Fog with guest vocal's by Jakob Lemy Zook - Heavy Metal Bluegrass Psychobilly Song from the "Mysterious Fog DVD/CD," about experimentation in mind control and the atrocities that took place at the Harrisburg State Mental Institution in the tunnels under the building before it was shut down. It was recently shut down after 100 years and there is a coverup going on. The movie, "Girl Interupted was filmed there. The actress Wyonna Ryder was never the same mentally after visiting and filming scenes there. She was experimented on "without" her knowledge under the influence of the nortorious trance drug "Shocking Blue," a derivative from the South American, so called nightshade plant "Burundanga." This powerful trance drug extract which can be blown or sprayed into your face from a spray can produces a state of mind where you are "asleep and awake" at the same time. After a trancing incident you will have no memory of anything that you did or ever took place while under it's influence. The drug "Shocking Blue," was developed by the chemist of the 200 year old family operated trance porno clan known as "The Martian Werewolf Clan. They used to trance African slaves and bring them to America. But, after the Civil war, they started trancing people for pornography films sold in the black underground porno market and in mainly Amsterdam. The Wiles Brothers Clan is a Heavy Metal Bluegrass Pyschobilly band along the Mason Dixon Line region near the Experimental Trance Mind Control Warfare Zone. Close to the nearby Aberdeen Military Proving Grounds. Video was shot at the experimental Mind Fields in Harrisburg and Lancaster, York, Pa. York County is sometimes referred to as "HEX COUNTY, Pennsyl-Transylvania" named after the famous witch murder trial of John Reymeyer which took place in Reymeyer's Hollow in the 1920's. Currently there is another rumor going around in this area that the recent horrifying Amish school slayings was the result of mind control. Burundanga creates sexual arousal, victims eyes are wide open, trance-like, you are wide awake and asleep at the same time (you think you are dreaming when in fact it is real) and all who is under the influence will listen to all commands and obey and act without question, then awakening from the trance without memory of an incident - a condition called Retrograde Amensia. LYRICS: They took him to the House of Pain Little Boy Flyin over the Moon He's been there most of his life now Cause they say he's a looney tune Along with his mother 12 Uncles made to lick the spoon It's trance control from a singing Haarp along the Mason Dixon Homeland Line In the House Of Pain Made to lick the spoon Open wide down the hatch Yuck Joe Mengela in Lancaster Sips on a fountain of youth His German sons live there too Yea, Lemy wanna tell you that's the truth along with Doctor Adolf Their punchin holes lobotomizing minds it's trance control froma a singin Haarp Along the Mason Dixon Homeland Line In the House of Pain Made to lick the spoon Open wide down the hatch Yuck From the Burundanga Plant Comes Mummy known as Shocking Blue Dracula, Mad Doctors, CIA and the Military too Tells Tommy that he's nuts While their rippin out his soul From all this White Coat stuff Tommy's turning into a Ghoul. In the House of Pain Made to lick the spoon Open wide down the hatch Yuck
3 May 2009
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introduction 2 islam 2 by prophet Mohamed: Muslim should obey except when ordered to do sin , then he should disobey. Cursing the believer s like killing him. We r ordered to kneel down on seven bones in prayers. Allah doesnot accept a prayer without purity . Purity s the prayer key. One will be on judgement day with whom he likes. This who imitates some people s one of them. The immigrant leaves what allah orders to avoid. Those who cheat us r not from us. Marriage s from me and those who don't like my sunna(way of life) r not from me. You youth, those who could marry should marry as marriage lowers gaze and keeps genitals but those who cannot marry should fast. The first people in hell r martye,scholar and charity man as their good deeds were for hypocrisy and reputation. Put in dust: those who don't give salutaions to me when mentioning me, those whose sins werenot covered in ramadan and those whose old parents did not enter him paradise. Allah says in hadith kodsi:spend, u adam son, and u will be spent on. And he says also ; I like my slave when doing what I imposed on him and he s approaching me with sunnas till I like him and when I like him , I will be his eyes by which he looks, his legs by which he walks, his hands and his ears and if he sought anything from me or sought refugee from me, I will give him. And allah says also : those who offend anybody I like, I will fight them. If u knew what s in the first row of group prayer, u will use lot to have place in it. Exchange presents and like each other. Avoid cleaning yourself -after excreting -with bones as this s the food of ginn brothers. The prophet ordered not to urinate while standing. Pray the five prayers,fast your month(ramadan) and obey your rulers and u will enter paradise. Obey your ruler even if he was a black slave. Best rulers r those whom u hate and curse and those who hate and curse u.
13 Apr 2008
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Those who die with testimony that no god but Allah and Mohamed s his messenger will enter paradise. When u r three persons, 2 of u shouldn't talk secretly without the third as this makes the third person sad. Avoid the 3 curse reasons: excreting in resources, midway and in shade. Don't call your brother an infidel. Avoid harm. Allah says in hadith: I banned injustice for me and u, so avoid it. Those who kill themselves with something will be tortured by it. Avoid mediation in Allah limits. Richness isn't big wealth but it s soul richness. If u entered Egypt, get lots of soldiers from it as its soldiers r the best on earth. One will be asked on judgement day about his age and youth how he spent them,his money whether its sources and expenditure and his knowledge what he did with it. Never call my friends bad names. Never wish death. Those who die while fasting or their final words r no god but Allah will enter paradise. Treat people according 2 their status . No license 2 leave mosque prayer as long as u hear come 4 prayer but 4 woman the best place 4 prayer s her home. Allah and his angels pray for those who have daybreak meal during fast as daybreak meal s a blessing. Allah ,his angels and even the whale in sea and the ant underground pray for those who guide people to the good. Allah gets happy with your repentance. Allah says in hadith: Adam son harms me with calling age bad names as I am the age and I change it. From the greatest sins r calling your parents bad names , Sahabah asked: how ? The prophet said: this happens when u call a person parents bad names so he does the same 2 u. Avoid harming others faces as Allah created Adam face like theirs. Not from Muslims a hired female mourner ,those slapping their cheeks and those who tear their pockets in sadness. Visiting an ill persons makes 70000 angels pray4 u till u r back. U , women ! Give more charity as I found u the most hell inhabitants. Those who made a woman their ruler will not succeed. A believer shouldn't hate a female believer as if he hated a manner from her, he would like another. Any woman who makes others smell her fragrance s an adulterer. Consultants will not feel sorry. Poverty s about 2 be infidelity. Hang the stick 4 deterrence. Those who r not jealous about their women will not enter paradise. Unlike aging people, youth helped me. If Adam son s dead, his deeds r over except by current charity ,knowledge from which others benefit and a good son who asks Allah mercy 4 him. Saying Sub Han Allah provides u with a palm tree in heaven. Joining relatives s not repaying but joining them when they disjoin u. joining relatives increases your age and livelihood. My nation s still good as long as they fast break fast and don't delay the 4th prayer (maghrib). bashfulness s from belief. The hypocrite has 3 signs: telling lies when talking, not keeping promises and having no honesty. First and final prayers r the heaviest on hypocrites. Saying jazak Allah khairan 2 anyone s the best thanks. Allah doesn't need fasting from those who just leave eating and drinking without leaving false sayings. All my nation enters the paradise except those who refuse. Sahabah asked :who refuses? The prophet said: those who obey me will enter paradise but those who disobey refused. Say on hearing the sunset(4th prayer) call 2 prayer: Allah this s the coming of your night , the going of your day and the voice of your preachers ,so cover my sins. The people with the tallest necks on Judgment Day r those who call 4 prayers. Don't do good if others did or evil if others did but do good and avoid evils whatever others did. Work s worshipping and the higher hand s better than the lower hand. Allah dislikes the unemployed , scurrility and foul mouthed. Those who seek reputation ,Allah will make others see their deeds and give them praise . Tattoos ,wig hair, imitating other sex, hoarding, changing teeth and eyebrows, bribe giving and taking and changing land borders ,bring Allah curse. To stand 40 s better than passing in front of praying person. Fasting a day for Allah sake makes u away from hell and so does secluding in mosques. Wish 2 your brother what u wish 4 yourself. Allah says in hadith: I am as my slave thinks of me (it means u should expect paradise not hell from Allah ) From the Muslim rights s executing his swear. reading every letter in Quran provides u with a charity. Seeking Allah cover for your sins increases livelihood and gives outlet from cares. If the heart s good, all other body organs will be good. Sub Han Allah almighty and thanks 2 Allah r heavy words in scale and liked by Allah. Revealing sexual intercourse secrets s like sex between 2 devils in the public.
1 Oct 2009
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JESUS HEALING (Mat Ch8-9) 2 – Nige Burr of the UK; Jesus seemed to be a one man mobile National Health Service! Leprosy, illness, disease, demon possessed, paralysis, blindness, dumbness, all are no match for the Son of God! Even the weather obeyed him! All this is great, but at what cost? www.inspirebristol******
1 May 2008
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JESUS HEALING (Mat Ch8-9) 1 – Nige Burr of the UK; Jesus seemed to be a one man mobile National Health Service! Leprosy, illness, disease, demon possessed, paralysis, blindness, dumbness, all are no match for the Son of God! Even the weather obeyed him! All this is great, but at what cost? www.inspirebristol******
1 May 2008
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Tip for Cheap auto insurance quotes from *******www.quality-insurance-4-less**** -- Do your utmost to always drive responsibly. It's a good decision to NOT drive at all if you've taken alcohol (even if it's just a sip). Traffic offences that are associated to drinking invariably make you attract unbearable rates. While alcohol-related traffic offences have very clear and serious repercussions, speeding tickets will also make you pay much more if you accumulate them. You'll be helping yourself if you obey all traffic laws always.
13 May 2008
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Did you know that Jesus said he was going to heaven to prepare a mansion for those who trust and obey?
19 May 2008
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Democracy In Action means that everyone needs to take an action to help preserve this nation's democracy. Right now the Republicans want to go to a Monarchy or some form of Emperor or despotic Executive who makes all the laws that we must obey. This has been tried many times by people like Adolph Hitler, Ghengis Khan and Mao Tse Tung. It doesn't work. Only REAL DEMOCRACY works because the people can decide. Distributed by Tubemogul.
23 May 2008
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Hadiths Collection-1 The strong believer is better than the weak one but goodness exists in both of them. The sea is the place with pure water and permitted 2 eat dead creatures. U should say after prayers :o Allah I ask u for paradise and protection from hell -3 times but 7 times after Fajr and maghrib prayers to protect u from hell • The muslim is the person who gets happy with his good deeds and becomes sad about his sins. 3 persons Allah responds 2 them 4 sure: a just ruler,the fasting person and the oppressed From my nation good deeds is removing road blockades and from its bad deeds is expectoration in mosque. • from the people Allah will shade on judgement day: a just ruler and a youth brought up in Allah obedience. • From the muslim rights tashmeet the sneezing by saying: Allah guide u and rest your mind when he says: thanks 2 Allah after sneezing. Best deeds r the continous even few. • Once a man burnt an ant village so • the prophet blamed him 4 killing a nation that was mentioning Allah and told him that Only allah torutes with fire • When the prophet was asked about the sudden look at women, he said divert your look. • Offer space so that Allah offers u . • Mention a lot pleasure conqueror: the death • Mentioning your brother with what he hates is blackbiting but if u mentioned him with something that isnot in him is falsehood. • Treat the egyptians well as there is a relation between us and them(coz Maria the egyptian was the prophet wife). • From extravagance is eating all what you want. • Those who pray 12 bows volutarily daily will have a palace in the paradise. These bows are : • 2 bows before Fajr prayer • 4 before and 2 after zohr prayer • 2 after maghrib prayer and 2 after eshaa prayer • Pilgrimage is Arafa standing • Ramadan omra is pilgrimage • The best prayer is at home except for the imposed 5 prayers. • The clever at Quran will be with the honourable high but this who reads it with difficulty will have 2 rewards • Allah says in hadith: I prepared 4 my good slaves in paradise: what an eye didn’t see and what an ear didn’t hear and what a mind didn’t imagine. • If u say: subhan Allah and thanks 2 allah or no god but Allah no partner of him, the ownership and thanks are 4 him and he is almighty-100 times a day,no one would have done better than u this day except one who did the same as this. SOME OF PROPHET FRIENDS(sahaba) MIRACLES: Okba bin Nafea who opened Africa when he entered north Africa , it was full of lions and stray animals and reptiles,so he ordered them to leave 4 Allah sake and they obeyed. • Omar bin khatab sent a message to be thrown in the Nile river when it stopped flooding in its usual flooding time ,the message said if u were flooding by yourself, don’t flood but if u were flooded by Allah ,we ask Allah to flood u ,so The Nile flooded. • A muslim army in a battle rode its horses on a river that was made 4 them like a road to pass for the disbelievers. • A jar of water was lowered from sky to a woman when the disbelievers deprived her of water torturing her 4 embracing Islam .On seeing that miracle they all converted. • Allah resurrected the horse of one of sahaba when it died while he was riding it on desert but the man asked him to ressurect it 4 him ,so Allah did but the horse died again on reaching the man destination.
23 May 2008
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