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Reserve our hotel Lake Erie Lodge 10530 Corduroy Rd, Curtice, Ohio, 43412 this Lake Erie Lodge offers pet-friendly accommodations in Lakemont Landing. Guests can enjoy the on-site restaurant. Free WiFi is available and free private parking is available on site. Guests can enjoy swimming in outdoor pool. Free Wi-Fi, Fitness center. The hotel great attraction is Black Swamp Bird Observatory, Magee Marsh Wildlife Area, Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge etc.
19 Dec 2017
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In 1989 the COBE satellite sends NASA some astounding news - Earth is at the centre of the universe . In following years space observatories Planck and Kepler give the same readings . Here Eddie Bravo tells it like it is on the Joe Rogan show , followed by Thought - Crime : The conspiracy to stop The Principle . The Principle is a documentary movie about this subject
13 May 2017
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ZR proposes to Zoe! 20 Dec 2016, Tuesday at Science Center, The Observatory
23 Apr 2017
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I was with my mate unloading the work truck. I looked up and spotted something in the sky it was around 10.45am, The sun is to the right of glowing sphere, I went to the car and grab the handy cam, I have emailed an Observatory in Queensland about it, they emailed me back saying " What you saw is the planet Venus aka 'Morning Star' it rises before sunrise".? not sure about that!
17 Aug 2016
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Attractions to visit in and around Dundee. *******www.hdg******/regions/Dundee
23 Jan 2014
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A team of researchers including two Carnegie scientists used a novel astronomical survey software system—the intermediate Palomar Transient Factory (iPTF)—to link a new stripped-envelope supernova, named iPTF13bvn, to the star from which it exploded, which is a first for this type of supernova, called Type Ib. The iPTF team also pinpointed the first afterglow of an explosion called a gamma-ray burst that was found by the Fermi satellite.
13 Dec 2013
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This is Teide, Spain's highest mountain elevating at 3718 meters (12,198 feet) and is one of the locations for Earth's telescope observatories. This video is a time-lapse our view point of the days and nights of our place in the universe. *******gamehackerz****/baseball-heroes-hack-facebook-cheat
4 Jun 2013
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A couple of awesome space geekery things to watch. This is your SpacePod for November 7th, 2011 It's time to dust off those telescopes! For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, you'll have a great chance to see Asteroid 2005 YU 55. Measuring in at around 400 meters in diameter, or about the size of an aircraft carrier, not only will YU 55 be coming close to Earth, but it will actually be about 15% closer to Earth than our own Moon! On Tuesday, November 8th at 23:28 UTC which is 6:28pm EST amateur and professional astronomers from around the world will have a chance to glimpse this giant space rock. Getting as close as 319,000 kilometers to Earth, this is the first time since 1976 that an object this large has come this close to our planet. But this isn't the first time that we have been able to observe this asteroid. In April of 2010 YU55 made a close enough approach that the Arecibo Observatory was able to get this radar image. To get your best view you'll want to be on the Northern Hemisphere, ideally on the Eastern coast of the United States. The best time for viewing is early evening. You won't be able to see this with the naked eye, so grab your medium to large telescope, or if you don't have one hit up a friend or observatory for your chance to see this. YU55 is blacker than charcoal and scientists believe it is made up of mostly carbon based materials as well as some silicate rock. More information about its composition and structure are expected from radar and chemical studies as it passes by Earth. For your doomsdayers out there, no YU55 will not hit Earth. We're safe for at least the next 100 years from this particular asteroid. It also won't be hitting our moon, so lets put that rumor to bed as well. This is just a great chance to see something awesome in the night sky. One other fun thing to watch right before YU55 will be the launch of Phobos-Grunt which will takeoff on November 8th at 20:16 UTC. Phobos-Grunt is a Roscosmos mission to get samples from Phobos and return them to Earth. Phobos is the largest moon of Mars. This is to be the first interplanetary mission for Roscosmos since the failed Mars 96 in 1996. It's looking to be a fun couple of days! Make sure to tweet your star gazing and rocket watching pictures to spacevidcast so we can share the awesomeness with other space geeks!
27 May 2013
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This SpacePod was researched and written by Jeffrey Alles Space weather in the palm of your hand, a new use for forty year old Russian rocket engines, and our moon is AWESOME! I'm Benjamin Higginbotham and this is your Spacevidcast SpacePod for December 22nd, 2010. Orbital Sciences Corporation on Sunday executed a successful test of their AJ26 rocket engine at the NASA Stennis Space Center in Mississippi. The kerosene based engine is the first stage of the Taurus II rocket in development by Orbital to launch the Cygnus robotic resupply spacecraft to the International Space Station. The test lasted 55 seconds while the AJ26 engine was pushed to 108% of it's baseline thrust. Sunday was the first time the thrust vector control system was tested, a system vital for spacecraft steering during the four minute first stage burn. According to Orbital Sciences, all primary objectives were met successfully. Two AJ26 engines, which are modified Russian NK-33 engines originally designed for the Soviet Union's N1 moon rocket, will be used on each Taurus II. How do you make an NK-33 into an AJ26? Aerojet, the company behind the AJ26, test fires an NK-33 in Russia and if cleared for use, removes some of the original equipment, replaces the electronics and gimbal system, and clears the engine to use kerosene. Orbital will be test firing an AJ26 again in mid-January to check engine control valve tuning. The maiden voyage of Taurus II is scheduled to take place in the second half of 2011, from Wallops Island, Virginia. Yesterday we talked about a great app for iPhone users called MissionClock. But what about a space geek app for the millions of Android users out there, like me? A company in Colorado has released an app for Android phones that allows users to see near real time images from the sun through the Solar Dynamics Observatory. The application was commissioned by NASA and developed by Atmospheric and Space Technology Research Associates, or ASTRA. According to the head of ASTRA, not only are scientists using it but amateurs and novices with an interest in space weather can also download and use the app. No stranger to space weather software, ASTRA also develops an Android application, aptly called SpaceWeather, that accesses ASTRA's network, and models space weather conditions, right in the palm of your hand. Look for both applications in the Android Marketplace. Yesterday we covered the use of LRO's LOLA instrument to create maps of the moon with unprecedented accuracy. Well, another map release was made; this time by the European Space Agency or ESA. GlobCover 2009 is an improvement upon the same effort from five years ago, called GlobCover 2005. Using a years worth of data from the Medium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer on ESA's Envisat satellite, ESA and Université catholique de Louvain created the sharpest global land cover map ever created. The data was captured between Janurary 1st and December 31st 2009. These maps, which are freely available from ESA's website, can be used in any number of applications ranging from environmental studies to managing natural resources. And speaking of the moon, I can't think of a better way to end this SpacePod than with the Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse. If you missed this one, your next viewing opportunity for a Lunar Eclipse that happens on Winter Solstice will be December 21st, 2094. Enjoy.
26 May 2013
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Satellite retirement, Solar Eclipse and SDO is Lego on your SpacePod for July 14th, 2010.-----If you've ever seen an older Apollo landing or even the movie Apollo 13 you may remember a point when the spacecraft was re-entering the atmosphere, mission control would lose communication. This was because the radio signals could not penetrate the massive plasma and ionization blast occurring under the vehicle. This blackout phenomenon happened until 1988 when the first part of the TDRS or Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System came online. Since then the re-entry signals have been sent back up to space, away from the plasma and ionization layer to the TDRS satellites and from there relayed back down to Earth. This satellite network serves many other uses as well, and is a key element in constant and flawless communications for human space flight. Part of the TDRS legacy has retired. TDRS-1 which was the first of these space to ground communications satellites in the network has been removed from service as of late last month. Living well past its expected 7 year lifespan, this little 27 year old bird was instrumental in many key communication milestones. This was one of the satellites that helped send the first tweet from space as well as the first globally broadcast event at the South Pole for new years eve at the turn of the Millennium. Ahhh TDRS-1, how we'll miss you.Changing gears slightly, did you have a chance to see the total solar eclipse that happened on July 11th? Yeah, me neither. Problem was that this eclipse was a narrow column that was visible from the South Pacific Ocean. Here's a map that shows the path of totality. That's a whole lot of water on that map. Should have booked a eclipse cruise! That would have been awesome! If you missed this one, fret not you'll have another chance to view a total solar eclipse on November 13th. 2012.Lets close out this SpacePod with a little geekery. Well, more geekery than normal at least. Lego has released their Shuttle Adventure pack. For $100.00 you get this set of Awesome. The external tank and solid rocket boosters all separate and the landing gear works. It is the awesome! Oh, speaking of Legos, we have an SDO Lego kit too! I've been trying to find a place to buy this online but as of yet have been unsucessful. I really only bring this up because I wanted to use the line "SDO is LeGO". Make sure to tweet that to NASA_SDO so they know you watch the show.Well, I can't end the Pod on a bad pun, so here's a shot from the REAL SDO. This is our own sun as shown in extreme ultraviolet light from the Solar Dynamics Observatory. Enjoy!
14 May 2013
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המצפה התת ימי באילת חוויה מרהיבה לכל המשפחה
18 Apr 2013
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The Observatory -- designed by award-winning architects Silvio Rech and Lesley Carstens -- is a masterpiece, ideal for couples or for families.
16 Apr 2013
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Welcome To Leobo Private Reserve - Check out the Leobo Lodge, which sleeps 17 and offers a classic African experience, or at The Observatory -- a state-of-the-art private house.
16 Apr 2013
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*******www.globehunters****/Flights/Dubai-Flights.htm Burj Khalifa, the tallest structure in the world has become the most prominent attraction in Dubai. The skyscraper features the highest viewing platform in the world in addition to the observatory which is considered as the best in the entire Middle East. With 163 floors, its height is 829.8 meters. The observation deck is known as the At the Top is located at 124th floor. The building consists of hotels, malls, restaurants and several entertainment options. All in all, Burj Khalifa has everything to be on your itinerary while booking Dubai flights.
9 Apr 2013
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The Ghost Club, an ancient organization of ghost explorers that included Charles Dickens and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle continue there brand in a prime time ghost show. A transmedia story told across augmented reality games, webisodes, web sites, and alternate reality games the first episode of the movie series: The Ghost Club: Spirits Never Die is the episode that rocked the old club in new ways. William Forsythe as the caretaker takes the crew on a sexy thrill ride they didn't expect.
10 Mar 2013
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*******www.popuppicnic****.au/picnic-party You Will Find Tranquil Ornamental Lakes Dotted With Waterbirds, A Herbarium And An Observatory Plus Conservatories And Glasshouses Filled With Exotic Blooms. There Are Winding Pathways Past Fern Gullies And Eucalyptus Or Join Melbourne's Joggers Running Rings Around The Tan The Gardens' Running Track Before Your Picnic Activiites.
10 Nov 2012
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