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For the first time, a 2yrs. old baby came accross a Full-Scape Mirror. It's just fun to observe the innocent behaviour.
27 Nov 2006
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The New World Order has taken over the media and the Government. Clyde Lewis explains his observations at Dantes. Political Black Magic used all the time by the media and the spin machine to keep you uninformed and abiding by their will. "Ground Zero Radio is a unique radio experience. Combining Talk Radio, Music, and Soundscapes, Ground Zero radio applies the idea that theater of the mind can create an entertaining three hours of the most compelling radio broadcast on the air today. Hosted by radio veteran Clyde Lewis, Ground Zero Radio is a show that commands an impressive audience locally and nationally. Ground Zero radio has been heard all over the world and is recognized as the most entertaining talk shows by industry magazines like Radio & Records and Rolling Stone. Ground Zero Radio has been a dominant radio force for more than a decade."
20 Jun 2007
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Step into the world of Proenza Schouler with STYLE.COM. Observe keenly their use of contrast, as they define one by it's opposite. Blending the artificial with the natural, this collection was inspired in part by vintage skateboards; it's rock and roll, eclectic, sexy and aims to redefine the women that wear it. For more on this collection and the hottest trends out, go deeper at and get connected.
27 Nov 2006
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Lead(II) nitrate readily dissolves in water to give a clear colourless solution This solution reacts with soluble iodides such as potassium iodide to produce a precipitate of the bright orange-yellow lead(II) iodide. This reaction is often used to demonstrate precipitation, because of the striking colour change observed. Pb(NO3)2(aq) + 2KI(aq) → PbI2(s) + 2 KNO3(aq) Apart from lead(II) nitrate, lead(II) acetate is the only other common soluble lead compound. All other lead compounds are insoluble in water, even commonly very soluble chloride and sulfate salts such as lead(II) chloride and lead(II) sulfate. This means that lead(II) nitrate has particular importance as a starting point for the production of insoluble lead compounds via double decomposition.
8 Dec 2006
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Observe the Security Features on the Canadian 50 dollar bill and the Mexican 100 peso bill. These features stop counterfeters.
14 Jan 2007
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A really scared independent car test observer in scare tactics speecar.
13 Jan 2007
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A cemetery is a place in which dead and cremated remains are buried. The term cemetery (from Greek sleeping place) implies that the land is specifically designated as a burying ground. Cemeteries in the Western world are the place where the final ceremonies of death are observed. These ceremonies or rites differ according to cultural practice and religious belief. Cemeteries are distinguished from other burial grounds by their location; they are usually not adjoined to a church.
29 Jan 2007
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We are all born mad; some remain so for our best counselors are the dead; those who've awakened to the unity of All That Is through the greater reality of the dream. Look below the surface of these images and sounds and you will find your self, i.e. when the observer and the observed can separate and say this is the observed and this is the observer, parallel universe awareness is no longer a dream.
1 Feb 2007
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Guggi and Guppi are two simpletons. Observe how they go through daily life with their own 'fresh' take on things! Their take on what life throws at them is full of naivete and this leads them into hilarious situations! Enjoy! Here Guppi sometimes follows intructions too literally - and Guggi is on the receiving end!
5 Mar 2007
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Some people do not realize that Jesus was Jewish, and that he and his early followers, the Judeo-Christians, upheld many facets of the Jewish faith, including observing the Sabbath. Simcha Jacobovici, filmmaker of The Lost Tomb of Jesus, talks about the first followers of Jesus: how this early Christian sect was persecuted and when they moved underground. See the movie on Discovery Channel and Vision TV. The Lost Tomb of Jesus takes you on a journey through time back to the life of Jesus, Mary Mother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Join Simcha Jacobovici as he unravels one of the oldest mysteries of the Christian religion, the quest for the tomb of Jesus. A tomb is found but with other bone boxes inside. Once deciphered, we learn that this might be the tomb of the Holy Family. With compelling scientific proof and tests, the mystery is solved but with monumental discoveries that could change Christianity. This captivating movie is produced by award-winning documentary filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici and co-produced by James Cameron. The book, The Jesus Family Tomb, is co-written by Simcha Jacobovici and Charles Pellegrino. It is published by HarperCollins. The book and the movie will be interesting to those who love the bible, spirituality, religious symbols, archaeology, history, the da vinci code, the Holy Land and, above all, a good adventure!
27 Feb 2007
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*This is olnly for portuguese speakers!But here is the translation-I know that they observe me.I know that all looks directly to me.Millions are watching my show.Every week 100 thousands of people wait for the unexpected.The press analize every move I make.The defense analize my plays.I know that all looks directly to me.They follow my number,Follow my feet,And you what do you do when everyone looks at you?You make them look to another direction.
27 Feb 2007
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I have become an unintentional observer of this on my last weekend. Only here in Russia people are able to hit upon an idea like this. "You will never byte this people" - my friend says.
11 Jul 2007
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Whether probably to make of a figure with the certain sides a figure without the certain side? In the world a lot of prophetic so simple that we do not notice it. The result of complex actions and calculations becomes swept up. All can therefore idle time it is genious as result of simple observation
8 Mar 2007
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All Civilizations attribute their genesis to the gods. All of the great religions speak of contact with beings who come from elsewhere. Is there a connection between these accounts and the modern day UFO phenomenon? Can accounts of flying beings from the Bible shed light on the identity of UFOs? Are they mere observers or participants on the world stage? UFOs Angels & Gods begins where other documentaries end, bringing a new perspective to an ongoing debate, and asks the critical question: Does the modern UFO phenomenon fall within the scope of biblical prophecy?
11 Mar 2007
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This is the final (willing or not) say about ET existence in the Universe. No more lies or speculations. NASA control room with big screen and Crew of Shuttle Discovery confirms what’s real. These historical words; “…Houston, this is Discovery, we still have the ALIEN SPACECRAFT under observance…” are unrevealing more than 50 years of lies and deceiving. NASA and SETI have nothing to look for anymore. There are many Intelligences present in the Universe and more than one in our Solar System alone (we are plus the others). Close this chapter. Go for real scientific study on this subject by WHOLE WORLD SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY. Inquisition died hundreds of years ago; THERE IS NOTHING TO BE AFRAID OF ANYMORE. Video-searched and assembled by Copernicus2 Music-part of title “Rainy Ballad” performed and composed by Copernicus2 in 2005 year WE ARE NOT ALONE IN THE UNIVERSE ANYMORE
13 Mar 2007
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A photo montage dedicated to all the singers who had the courage to sing this song of fantasy, disillusionment about a mock love relationship. It was originally sung by Nat King Cole. The character explores the confusing observation while singing, "If you were you, I would love me." The singer finally gives up on himself by trying to wake up from his dream of wealthy materialism. The song's deceptively simple but potent ending is profoundly downhearted in yet a very humorous way.
22 Mar 2007
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