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12 Apr 2007
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In 1936 a German unit was created in secret to search the world for prized paranormal antiquities, ancient objects of ritual and occult power. Battling these tireless forces of darkness were a select group of soldiers. Tales of the First Occult war is the first time their stories are being told.
3 May 2009
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******* Thinking of a Occult Tattoo? Here are samples of Occult Tattoo's you will find on the website.
17 Nov 2008
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Compilation of Occult downing all WotLK content. Music by Linkin Park.
25 Jun 2009
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Magic, Magic Spells, Black Magic, Love Spells, Tantra, Protection Spells, Witchcraft, Conjuring Spirits, Occult, Magical Talismans, Amulets
17 Feb 2010
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On 16th May beginning 3.30pm. to 5.30 p.m. depending on location, people in India can notice Lunar Occultation of Planet Venus in the skies. In which view of Planet Venus is obscured by Moon during its course of journey around earth. i.e. Moon will come in between Venus and Earth such a way that Venus for brief time will not be visible.Occultation of Major planet like Venus is only such event for year 2010 notable from India, north Africa, Middle east and South East Asia. For details visit www.ournewplanets**** N.Sri Raghunandan Kumar
13 Jun 2010
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www.joseph-medium**** Over the last 30 years Joseph Scriffignano has been solicited by a great number of people, companies and personalities because of his outstanding medium gift. Joseph has been the personal spiritual counselor of stars, princes and businessmen in Europe. You also can trust Joseph and will have the choice between: Clairvoyance, office or house harmonization, tarot divination, occult work, initiation to voodoo… With confidence and sincerity the solution is at hand. Contact Joseph, happiness is waiting for you.
30 Jun 2013
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checked out higbee beach got a little wierd check it out *******imgur****/a/ePo65 ---Original Photos ******* ---Skip to Wierd Stuff --------------------- i went back to the spot, the place was completely empty not one person on the beach... i thought i saw someone but it was just trash. at some point after recording the first 2 trees, i realized that my tape was not recording although it said record on screen both times... i had to refilm those areas, not sure how i lost the footage. anyway, after passing the 3rd "tree", i entered a nearby path that was down pretty far by Davey's Lake. i had strange feelings immediately upon entering the path. before too long, i heard what sounded almost like wind howling, but it sounded like it was MOVING from a single spot... if that makes sense? i walked pretty far down the path, presumably towards the old cemetery and i believe i felt a presence. i didnt hear anything at the time but it sounds almost like someone is breathing? on the tape? anyway at this point, i had been attacked by swarms of horseflys and bees and was pretty freaked out so i began running then, towards the middle of the wooded area, i thought i heard a distinct growl of some sort? but it didn't sound like any animals i ever heard before. i am totally convinced something beyond ordinary is going on up there. --------------------- after having a personal experience, i am much more convinced much of the stories concerning the area are true. i found some more information on the ghost stories on this page: *******www.craigmcmanus****/20110901.htm McManus, a well known psychic and author, encountered some of those spirits when he and friends were hiking along an abandoned trail in Higbee, deep in the forest. He says he suddenly felt he was walking on "sacred land" and felt the presence of a group of Native American spirits, possibly from the Delaware tribe. The message, he said, was clear. Leave. the area of cape may new jersey has many old victorian type hotels and businesses so it is a hotbed of documented paranormal activity. many reports of sightings and hearing things, seeing things move, etc... this particular spot is a reported native american indian burial ground, loaded with arrowheads and a few reported grave sites. there is an abandoned old church hidden in the woods near davey's lake... (manmade freshwater lake) with many reported sightings of a man in a black coat near the ocean or in the many trails through the extensive wooded areas. this is the ghost of thomas higbee, former owner of the area slave plantation. he is commonly seen after you have approached his former grave in the graveyard of the old cemetary. (his grave was excavated about a decade ago) some believe he is a restless spirit because he built a plantation, church and graveyard there in an effort to keep his family from selling the land. (which they did anyway, this could be part of why the spirits are not happy) sometimes reportedly with a large dog or chasing a former slave through the trails. he was a slave owner and this again, was a dark area of history so these ghosts are reported to be malicious spirits. i think this may have contributed to why whoever put these items here may have chosen this area. my guess for the reason these precariously placed items havent yet washed away or been destroyed by other means (natural or human) is the recent supermoon. there was a carved voodoo tree on the beach but it appears to have been destroyed/removed around 2009. alot of area to explore, very desolate area with some strange vibes Comments from reddit, describing items from the area: erick_discordia 23 is a number holy to Discordians and represents the the Law of 5's (2+3=5) which is one of the main philosophies of Discordianism. 93 is the gematric shorthand for Aleister Crowley's maxim "Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole of the Law. Love is the Law, Love Under Will." It used to greet fellow Thelemites (Thelema is the occult religion founded by Crowley). The All-Seeing Eye is a common symbol among conspiracy-tinged occult circles but it's modern origins can be found in Masonic symbolism as the "Eye of the Architect". Robert Anton Wilson uses it extensively in his Illuminatus! Trilogy which has much cross-over appeal between Discordians and occultists due to it's combination of themes from both. MrTinkels Guys, look at the comments OP is leaving. I feel like this is a creepypasta in the making. Like we're watching the live version of it. OP's gonna get straight up haunted. upxa The number 93 and to a lesser extent 23 are connected to Thelema, an occult religion founded by Aleister Crowley. The eye in the triangle is also a common occult symbol. nobmiR The 23/93 means it is probably chaos magick using Thelemic elements. Kilaya Obviously there are some symbols here to work with. Stone and Water, offerings, boundaries..altar...snake. But what do they culminate in? No clue.
1 Jul 2013
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SUBSCRIBE for more on the ILLUMINATI , OCCULT RITUAL & WORSHIP , ROTHSCHILD FAMILY , ELITE , NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA and more - ***********/OfficialUnseenforces ILLUMINATI RITUAL & OCCULT WORSHIP on Display at ROTHSCHILD Masquerade Photos gathered from a high-society "surrealist ball" recall more of the same type of strange debauchery Alex Jones encountered when he successfully infiltrated the Bohemian Grove. This fascination with the occult is of the same persuasion Alex Jones encountered when he snuck into the private Bohemian Grove club hidden deep within California's redwood forest. Each year, hundreds of the world's most powerful men, from politicians to journalists to entertainment industry insiders, convene there to conduct bizarre ceremonial rites and rituals, like the sacrificing of human effigies to mock owl gods. Watch Alex's seminal work Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove below. The elite social gathering's eerily awkward theme -- "Black tie, long dresses & Surrealists heads" -- is also reminiscent of scenes out of director Stanley Kubrick's 1999 film Eyes Wide Shut, in which the main character is persuaded into attending a gathering that required a costume, mask and secret password and in which bizarre sexual orgies and pseudo-religious rituals were taking place. A recent appointment of Rothschild as "financial advisor" by the Board of Directors of gold exploration company Spanish Mountain Gold is yet another unmistakable indication that the ancient family is moving the world's gold supply to both "emerging markets" and Central Banks worldwide, strengthening the family's monopoly position when the fiat-based house of cards comes crashing down in the West. Indeed, this recent appointment of Rothschild's financial expertise (from centuries worth of experience) has increased the value of this company somewhat, propelling the gold-producing company into newer heights (or depths), depending on what end of the gold bar you find yourself. It also is a sure sign that the family is tightening its grip on gold, in both the excavation, the producing and the trading phase. In the beginning of this century there were signs that Rothschild was starting to pull back from gold. With the announcement of Lord Jacob Rothschild that his "investment vehicle" RIT Capital Partners "has ridden the rally in gold prices but will now incrementally sell down" many observers were led to believe the ancient house was abandoning the precious stuff. Jacob Rothschild stated in 2011: Already in 2004 Rothschild blew the horn, announcing with a loud voice (that tends to carry far and wide throughout the world's financial community) that the family was withdrawing from its gold-based assets. In April of 2004 theTelegraph reported: illuminati rothschild rothchilds banker bankers banking bank occult "country estate" ritual masquerade life secret gathering event ball pictures invitation "black magic" personality costume symbol symbolism power 666 devil "bird cage" bondage painting history art diamond wealth rich money usd economy collapse fertility 2013 2014 truth agenda globe earth "new world order" reality dreams movie television music fashion society "secret society" fantasy artist forces u.s. "united states" usa america 829speedy skull and bones bohemian grove magic mk ultra programming In 2011, an analysis makes clear how and why Rothschild manipulates the price of gold downward: More than two centuries after his Frankfurt-based ancestor Mayer Amschel Rothschild sent his sons to Paris, London, Naples and Vienna to create what became known as "the world's banker", Baron David de Rothschild is set to close the final chapter in the reunification of his sprawling family dynasty. The move will mark the last step in a process that started a decade ago of integrating the French banking operations with NM Rothschild, the UK-based investment bank that rose to fame in 1815 when Amschel's son Nathan Meyer Rothschild made a fortune buying British government bonds in anticipation of Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo. RIT Capital Partners is to buy a 37 per cent stake in the Rockefeller's wealth advisory and asset management group for an undisclosed sum, giving Lord Rothschild's London-listed trust a much sought-after foothold in the US. RIT Capital Partners will concentrate "on setting up investment funds, eyeing joint acquisitions of wealth and asset managers and granting each other non-executive directorships." The deal was agreed upon two years ago when Rockefeller introduced Rothschild to Reuben Jeffrey, the CEO of Rockefeller & Co, and a former United States Under Secretary of State for Economic, Business, and Agricultural Affairs, having been appointed to that position by Bush in June 2007, ans also sat on the National Security Council. He enter the revolving door between government and business after working at Goldman Sachs.
18 Nov 2014
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The process of attracting money occult
4 Oct 2016
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Don't see it alone
24 Jul 2007
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If you feel well.give me high mark, to Scare eatch other.
24 Jul 2007
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This interview features the same parapsychologist fourteen days later after having scrutinized "The Prophecy of Oriuagor". The poor man is scared to hell...
12 Sep 2007
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Conference sur l'occultisme: Temoignage d'un initie - Allan Rich le 23 fevrier 2008 a Geneve en Suisse. Toutes les infos sur www***nferenceallanrich****. (esoterisme, spiritisme, magie blanche et noire, ouverture du troisieme oeil etc.)
6 Jan 2008
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Hunchbacks, vampires, and hammy acting! Dead Men Walking is nothing short of phenomenal “bad” cinema. From its outrageously camp overacting to its cleverly used low budget, this film is a sidesplitting faux macabre tale that relishes in the ridiculous. Where to begin in describing the spectacular ludicrousness? For starters, the leading man George Zucco plays the two main characters in the film: brothers who are physicians who want to kill each other. And one brother becomes a vampire. And there’s a hunchbacked assistant. The god fearing townspeople are kind enough to form a lynch mob to elevate this classic even further. Dead Men Walking is priceless entertainment.
18 Mar 2008
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6 Oct 2009
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