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Biography Born in Salinas, California, John Steinbeck would go on to win a Nobel Prize in 1962. His works include Of Mice and Men and The Grapes of Wrath, and both have been adapted for the stage and screen.
20 Dec 2013
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Okay, this is the first version I made for this song, and I just have to say one thing: This will never be replaced in my list
27 Apr 2009
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Poker Face, but better
3 Jun 2009
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I really wanted to make a vid for this for the longest time and now I can, and I think it's unlike anything I have ever made. Not because it's for Lennie. Not because it's for a classic song. Not because it's chalk full of super awesome special effects, because it isn't. Simply because a good 3/4 of this video is in slow motion. Now, I happen to adore slowmo with live action because I think it's awesome, so this is in high ranks in my favourites list, and not only that, it reduced a new English teacher to tears, so I'm very proud of that as well. Story: PS-Ex, Lennie seems happy, but behind his blue eyes (which are really kinda brown but we'll overlook that...) he's not very happy at all. Now this is a very emotional video for Lennie, so please be nice that he doesn't have blue eyes (and George does, which kinda bugs me because this could also kinda work for him, only I don't reuse songs for the same show/movie. Ever.) I hope you all enjoy like the others who got to see this first ^-^ THIS VIDEO IS PURELY FAN-MADE AND IS IN NO WAY ASSOCIATED WITH THE MUSICAL ARTIST OR FILM COMPANY IN ANY WAY.
6 Nov 2009
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Watch Tyler Carter and Kevin Hanson of Woe, Is Me perform an acoustic rendition of their new single "Fame Over Demise" exclusively for BVTV! Check them out at: *******www.Facebook****/WoeIs BVTV Links: MERCH: *******www.ShopBVTV**** TWITTER: *******www.Twitter****/ak99superstar FACEBOOK: *******www.Facebook****/BVTVRocks
29 Aug 2011
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From Punk Goes Pop vol. 3 Cover of "My Love" Originally recorded by Justin Timberlake ft. T.I. I do NOT own this song ALL credit goes to Fearless Records and We Came as Romans
9 Jan 2012
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Luke Holland, 18 years old, from Peoria, Arizona! My cover of OG Loko by Of Mice & Men. This was my 1st take. Filmed by Joey Hargett, edited by Greg Mitchell, audio edited by Paul Vickery. Using my custom Luke Holland Seven Drumworks snare in this, and my personal PDP FS Series kit. I do not take lessons, but I now give online, live lessons via BANDHAPPY! BANDHAPPY account - *******www.bandhappy****/profile/LukeHolland I proudly endorse SEVEN DRUMWORKS and MEINL CYMBALS. Seven Drumworks - www.facebook****/sevendrumworks Check out my Meinl Cymbals Artist Profile and cymbal setup! *******meinlcymbals****/artists/artist/ARTIST/luke_holland/ Go like my fan page on Facebook, lets keep in touch on there! *******www.facebook****/HollandDrums Twitter! - LukeHollandd
15 Apr 2012
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***********/us/album/the-depths-single/id537029313 And here we go... Now listen up I'll say a thing or two, I bet I know something about you, That you don't even know, You don't wanna believe, I know you're down for anything. That's not what you're looking for, There's not a reason to walk out that door, And I don't even want you to sing, I just want you to jump with me. (I'm screaming) My body's failing, I think I've hit the floor, I cannot feel anything anymore. My body's failing, I think I've hit the floor, I can't remember anything, anymore. And I'm gonna miss your face, for a long long time (for a long long time) And I can't escape this place, it's in my mind (cause its in my mind) And now that you don't even care, I've got you inside the palm of my hand. You don't really wanna get inside my head, let's leave out all our skeletons. The dead just like you will rise, So come on life your voices towards the sky, Now I want you to jump, I want you to sing, Now I want you to scream with me... I've been put down for way too long, You'll never be good enough. All they told me was just give up, You'll never be good enough. (^^^ Repeated twice^^^) Pushing me, pushing me, shut up. Shut up. I'm gonna miss your face, I'm gonna miss your taste, I'm gonna miss your face, It's in my mind... My body's failing, I think I've hit the floor, I cannot feel anything anymore. My body's failing, I think I've hit the floor, I can't remember anything, anymore. Video by: Michael Colasardo
24 Jun 2012
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Saturday Night Live Head writer/SNL anchor Seth Meyers talks about how he leads the team, input from Lorne Michaels, and censorship.
27 Oct 2012
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Let me know what you think about this video. :o) ________________________________________ There is something about the movies directed by David Lynch that fascinates me everytime I watch them. The atmosphere, the twisted plots - there's just nothing left to wish for... :-D That being said, this "Lost Highway" video is the first in a row of tributes to Lynch movies that I'm planning on making. "The Straight Story" (Lynch's least typical) is up, too - more to come soon. Enjoy the video, and please leave a comment letting me know why you did or didn't like it. That way you will either make me very happy (I love reading comments), or help me improve my editing skills. :o) Music: Robbie Robertson - Unbound Cast: Bill Pullman (Independence Day, Brokedown Palace, Grudge) Patricia Arquette (Bringing out the Dead, True Romance, Medium) Robert Blake (In Cold Blood, Of Mice and Men) Balthazar Getty (Brothers & Sisters, Alias, Charmed)
7 Sep 2009
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This is a video I made for an English pre-reading activity of the book Of Mice And Men by John Steinbeck (Awesome book by the way. It features photos from the Great Depression and The Dust Bowl. It's a little emotional, at least to me, and I just wanted to share it with the rest of the world. The Great Depression and The Dust Bowl were 2 tragic events that occurred in the 1930's and this is just a little piece of the history of that time. I don't own neither the photos nor the music. I found the pictures on different online sources and if their information is correct, they all date back to the 30's and 40's.
9 Jan 2011
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Watch the bloopers: ***********/watch?v=Y5M4_pYec6M Become a Facebook Fan! *******www.facebook****/FineBros

 Time for a whole new way to be educated! Novels and books beware, TheFineBros continue their mission to SPOIL THE PLANET this time by ruining the endings of 50 classic novels. Watch all the Spoiler Videos! ***********/view_play_list?p=07A6569823EE9310 
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 Written and Performed by Benny & Rafi Fine: *******www.thefinebrothers****

 Novels and Books Spoiled In This Video: All the King's Men, Uncle Tom's Cabin, Tom Sawyer , Huck Finn, Of Mice and Men, Grapes of Wrath, 1984, Lord of the Flies, Catch 22, Twilight, Twilight: New Moon, Twilight: Eclipse, Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Catcher in the Rye, The Great Gatsby, To Kill a Mockingbird, Animal Farm, The odyssey, A Tale of 2 Two Cities, Great Expectations, Brave New World, On the Road, A Separate Peace, Fahrenheit 451, The Cat in the Hat, Babysitter's Club #79, The Giving Tree, Are You My Mother?, A Wrinkle in Time, Anne of Green Gables, The Awakening, The Crucible, The Old Man and the Sea, A Raisin in the Sun, Moby Dick, Ethan Frome, And Then There Were None, All Quiet on the Western Front, For Whom The Bell Tolls, The Scarlet Letter, Stranger in a Strange Land, War and Peace, The Postman Always Rings Twice, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix, Harry potter and the Half Blood Prince, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

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10 Sep 2011
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The clip end of the line from Johnny Was (2006) Best laid plans of mice and men. All Julio was gonna do with the money was buy more bling. I was gonna restart the war against the Brits and the cops and the Jimmy Nolans of this world. Some list you got there, Flynn. Who are you really fighting for? I do it for myself and for the craic. I can't let the Jews, Pakies and fuckin' Yanks have all the fun and glory. I do it... I wanna be the last man standing. I do it for myself. Funny that. What? That's what I've been trying to get away from. Do you remember the girl that was painting before the bomb? She looked up and smiled straight in my eyes. I don't remember that girl. It pays not to think in this game. That's why I always come out on top. It wasn't just her, anyway. It was all of them. All the ones before. All the ones after. All the ones on their side. All the ones on our side. Don't you feel it? Feel? Feel what? All that weight. All those wasted lives. For what? That's why it's gotta stop. I'll tell ya what's a fucking waste. It's letting these fuckin' cops get the money. At least you could've given it to your girl.
25 Nov 2011
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***********/us/preorder/the-flood-deluxe-reissue/id544059662 *******riserecords.merchnow****/products/145196/the-flood-reissue-and-2-tank-tops-bundle-of-mice-and-men ********www.facebook****/ofmice It's all been said, I'm a nightmare and I'm going crazy! You're going nowhere so I'm taking you with me, myself, and I, Is all I've got and I don't give a.. . What you say this time! You think you know about me? Well I think you're nothing! False words fall dead, I won't pretend. I wish you were dead! I won't pretend. I wish you were dead! It just might be me out of line, You know that I'm a nightmare and I'm going crazy! You're going nowhere so I'm taking you with me, taking you with me! This is what you get when you fuck with a classic roundabout. But it just might be me out of line. [x2] Feel the weight on my shoulders, your legs are giving out. Can't scream, can't make a sound, I'm dying just to keep sane. You'd give up before you let me live. You'd give up before you let me live. You know that I, I'm not better off dead. I'm here alive and I'm relentless! I'm relentless! I'm relentless! I'm relentless! This is what you get when you fuck with a classic roundabout. But it just might be me out of line. [x2] I'm relentless! I'm relentless! I'm relentless!
10 Nov 2012
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Hey everyone! I really hope you enjoyed this drum cover! These drum covers are purely for fun and that's how I approach everything I do. If you like my videos feel free to SUBSCRIBE so you know when I post a new video. Thanks for taking your time to watch =) - Ricky Be sure to pick up their awesome album here! ************/album/still-ydgn/id441152744 Of Mice and Men -- Still YDG'n from the 2011 release: The Flood is the copyrighted property of its owner(s). (External) Drums by Ricky Ficarelli RJF0811aol**** Twitter: *******twitter****/rickyficarelli Facebook: *******facebook****/officialrickyficarelli Tumblr: *******rickyficarelli.tumblr**** **Copyright Statement** This video is not intended to infringe any copyright laws in any way. This is for the sole purpose of entertainment; no profit is gained from this. It is the copyrighted property of its respective owner(s).
20 Feb 2013
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9 Jun 2013
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