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*******suprememastertv****/ - HEALTHY LIVING Dying for a Smoke? Clear the Cloud of Tobacco. Episode: 991, Air Date: 31 - May - 2009.
14 Jun 2009
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This Chekhov monologue is about the world's most hen-pecked husband. It has nothing to do with smoking or tobacco!
17 Dec 2007
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Dog smoking tobacco (cigaretes)
22 Sep 2008
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Up in Smoke is a comedic skewering of the tobacco industry. “The Boss” is the head of the Humbar tobacco cigarette company who goes ballistic when his profits stop climbing or anyone is able to stop smoking. He sends his marketing team out to blitz the American public with dishonest messages about tobacco in order to encourage more people to take up the deadly habit, not providing honest facts about smoking. In particular, the marketers are told to get everyone to smoke: men, women, and children (this is a very early film to address teen smoking). The greedy executive's son, an athlete and an all-around good guy, comes to the office to see his dad and gets Shanghai’d by the marketing executives who want to make him a selling point. Dad sees the error of his ways and gets a newfound respect for the value of human lives and the harmful effects of smoking with a little help from his goody-two-shoes son. Up in Smoke was made by Brigham Young University to dramatize the evils of smoking, which it does, but unintentionally provides big laughs and entertainment with kooky dialogue and cartoonish characters. The history of cigarette smoking and side effects has never been as enjoyable as in this anti-smoking movie.
18 Nov 2008
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How tobacco (तमा + खू = तमाखू) originated? What is it and How Tobacco is a Hindrance in Achieving God? *******www.jagatgururampalji****
14 May 2010
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Check out *******GoSmokelessCigarette**** For Free E Cigarette Trial Packs and E-Cigarette Trial Reviews. We talk about everything in the Ecigarette world, and find the Best Free Ecigarette trials!
26 Apr 2011
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View the brief history on tobacco smoking and cigarette manufacturing.
17 Jan 2013
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This is me growin my own stash of tobacco seen as the price of it is now thru the roof here in england...thanks for that gordon brown you tit! Its supposed to be a cheap and tacky video thats kinda funny, really to get across the point that im not bothered about the tax rise and we as ppl will always find a way round such crimes!! Keep watchin till the last second...thats my fav touch! Enjoy!
1 Jun 2009
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6 Sep 2008
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Hookah Pipe is applicable to various kinds of tobacco for use with legal herbs and tobacco onlyThis Coppery Smoking Filter fits in the palm of your handThis Metal Smoking Pipe Tobacco Filter can filtrate cigarette tar greatly so as to reduce hazard of tar and nicotine to human ...
20 Sep 2008
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The Sixth Sense details cigarette manufacturing and quality control before the link between cancer and cigarettes was confirmed. There are some good shots of tobacco farms and workers plowing and harvesting. Then the film shows the inner workings of the cigarette industry, with nice footage of cigarette manufacture, mostly Lucky Strikes. The most interesting part of the film, however, is the footage of the American Tobacco Company’s research lab, which is the “sixth sense” of the title that lets them develop the finest product on the market. The narrator comments that the researchers are always developing new ways to improve cigarettes and it is even revealed that they were working with the University of Virginia’s medical school. Fantastically relevant given today's hostile climate towards tobacco companies, The Sixth Sense is a pertinent and important film.
30 Oct 2008
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Grandad dumped his spitoon in the yard, and along comes a squirrel looking for a snack. The unsuspecting rodent eats a big mouthful of tobacco and gets wasted. Then he comes back for seconds, and thirds, etc.
17 Feb 2009
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This electronic cigarette helps smokers get off of tobacco. No fire, no foul odor, no secondhand smoke. This simulated smoking experience will sell millions .
17 Mar 2009
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*******smoke51****/291.html *******greensmokes.blogspot**** The Fifty-One™ e-cigarette is a revolutionary, innovative electronic smoking device which offers the smoking community a healthier smoking alternative to the traditional tobacco cigarettes. Using advanced technology, the Fifty-One™ e-cig allows for a smoking experience without the flame, ash, tobacco, tar, carbon monoxide, or horrible and offensive smell found in traditional cigarettes. As the Fifty-One™ electronic cigarette is free of tobacco, this product does not contain the thousands of harmful carcinogens typically found in tobacco products. With no offensive second-hand smoke, the Fifty-One™ offers a safer, healthier environment to both you and the non-smoking community. Simply put, there is no longer a need for anyone to breathe the unwanted, dangerous second-hand smoke produced by traditional tobacco cigarettes. *******smoke51****/idevaffiliate/idev... -- For the interactive 3D presentation of this video! *******smoke51****/signup-291.html -- To start selling Smoke Fifty-One electronic cigarettes!
25 Mar 2009
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Follow this link for discount 12% off ..Go to Green Smoke Website Now ! Discount Code will appear at top of this page ******* Greensmoke will help you to quit smoking. Save your life, smoke anywhere without inhaling smoke or chemicals. Green Smoke allows you to breathe again. It contains no carcinogens, tar, carbon monoxide or other dangerous toxins. There is nothing in it to clog and blacken your lungs. Green Smoke™ contains mainly water, nicotine and propylene glycol (a common additive in food coloring and cake mixes). The Green Smoke electric cigarette gives you your nicotine, without taking a toll on your lungs and heart. Green Smoke™ is independently tested for safe ingredients The Green Smoke electric cigarette is dramatically cost effective for smokers. A cartridge costs $3 and is comparable to a pack and a half of tobacco cigarettes. Tobacco cigarettes cost an average of $5 per pack, and in some states, they are as high as $10 -$12. Over the course of a year you can save hundreds of dollars by switching to Green Smoke™. You can save your lungs while saving your greenbacks too.
18 Oct 2009
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*******smokeitout****/ My friend smoking the Green Smoke electronic cigarette under some artsy red light (for fun). He used to be a 2 pack a day smoker of tobacco cigarettes, but now since I opened his eyes to electronic cigarettes he smokes a tobacco cig once in a blue moon. The nicotine and flavor is enough to satisfy the big guy, and he buzzed good after this video! Go visit: *******smokeitout****/ Music: Time Release (thanks Ruben!)
29 Nov 2009
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