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Catherine Bell Office Sex
17 Apr 2010
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i love the body...
12 May 2010
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Times are tough and Jarryd is still looking for a job. CLICK TO TWEET: *******clicktotweet****/o2sPN Follow me: *******twitter****/samsero Directed & Shot by Sam Sero Written by Sam Sero & Jarryd Meyer Produced by Poopdog Entertainment *******www.funnyordie****/oresmas ***********/BonerBuddies Starring: Jarryd Meyer as Himself ***********/MrJarrydMeyer Jen Harper as the Human Resources Lady Edited by Jarryd Meyer Special thanks to Shawn Becker
7 Aug 2011
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BY GARY COTTON A New Mexico police officer is in some hot water after a video surfaced that caught him in a compromising position. “Security cameras set up to catch vandals, captured the officer in full uniform having sex with a woman on the hood of a car. The incident took place at a county owned ranch in Santa Fe... ANCHOR1: “You have the right to remain horizontal...” ANCHOR2: “Unfortunately we can’t show you the complete photo” ANCHOR1: “No we can’t, look for it on Cinemax.” (Video: ABC News) His name is Bert Lopez and as expected, media jokesters have had a field day with the cop’s story, but KOB interviewed several locals who aren’t laughing. “Commenter1: ”It’s an inappropriate use of time” Commenter2: ”An inappropriate use of our tax money if I had to say--we pay these guys” Commenter3: “With that kind of judgment, you don’t want him carrying a weapon...” Others are showing a little more compassion for Lopez. The Santa Fe New Mexican says it’s a shame--he’s actually not a bad cop. “Bert Lopez was honored … as the New Mexico State Police District 1 Officer of the Year...In July, he received a Challenge Coin, a select commendation his department bestows on officers identified as having gone above and beyond the call of duty.” So, he may be getting punished for going “above and beyond” this time, but no harm no foul right? The police haven’t filed criminal charges against Lopez because no one saw the act, which made it a victimless crime, but they are punishing him for something else--violating the police code of conduct. “ now reportedly on paid administrative leave and facing possible disciplinary action for an incident that has caused embarrassment to the department.” (CBS News) But not so fast, CNN reports there might have been that one key witness at the crime scene. ANCHOR: Do you see anything else odd about his picture? COMMENTER: A very voyeuristic animal? COMMENTER: “Look at the animal watching them” ANCHOR: “The only eye witness was variously described as a prairie dog, ‘small mammal pervert,’” ANCHOR:”What is the creature watching, is it a chihuahua? Is it a prairie dog? What is it? POLICE COMMENTER: “If I was to say what kind of dog, it looks like a little chihuahua.” ANCHOR: ”Either it belongs to one of the participants, or it stumbled on the scene. Some even said they recognized the chihuahua.”
3 Sep 2011
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WasGij: Pub patrons encouraged a couple who had sex in the office on the street with lights Christchurch sexual romp Marsh Ltd couple in office gets them in hot water Its fun was filmed and photographed by revelers Carlton Bar and Eatery who posted pictures on Facebook and Twitter Some customers said that the band stopped playing, while most of the bar seen through the window "They should have turned the lights off," said a bar patron man and woman had been identified and an investigation was underway employment A couple who was doing more to catch up on his paper work in an insurance office Christchurch unintentionally also gave employers a nearby bar adequate evening entertainment for adults. The sexual romp office took place on Friday evening at the offices of Marsh Ltd when the two employees left the lights on in the building in Papanui Road, while became known better. Unfortunately for them their fun was filmed and photographed by revelers Carlton Bar and Eatery across the street who posted pictures on Facebook and Twitter. Stuff***.nz reported that the pictures have attracted thousands of likes and hundreds of actions. 'Everyone knew pub and was watching while they were oblivious to it. And after celebrating with wine, 'one man published. "They should have turned the lights off," said another. Some clients even said that the band stopped playing, while most of the bar seen through the windows. Marsh Ltd CEO Grant Milne said the company was taking the matter seriously. The man and woman had been identified and an investigation was ongoing employment. 'We know who is involved. It is obvious from the photos, Milne said. Milne declined to say whether the man and the woman had returned to work, but they were taking the matter very seriously and may lose their jobs. "Not the kind of behavior that advises us. It's very disappointing," he said. All online advertising junk was also embarrassing for the company and this was not how they wanted to be portrayed. One of the challenges of social media is the inability to control things, "he said Owner Carlton James Murdoch said the bar had been in contact with Marsh Ltd "Obviously that are clients and we are working through it with them," he said The couple could still escape with a warning if a disciplinary considers that the meeting did not amount to gross misconduct New Zealand Couple'S Office Sex Romp Caught On Camera (VIDEO) New Zealand Couple'S Office Sex Romp Caught On Camera (VIDEO)
6 May 2015
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Ever get involved with somebody at work? Did a night of passion ruin your work relationship or did it cause problems with other co-workers? Let us know if having sex with co-workers has caused you grief in the past
24 May 2009
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In the midst of the firm's harassment lawsuit and accusations made against Will, he and Alicia discuss their previous sexual relationship.
21 Oct 2013
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3 May 2015
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Watch Lance's new show, Free Radio on Vh1! A true cubical whack fast from The Lance Krall Show
24 May 2009
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What if microsoft asks for a password just before ...
24 Jun 2011
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8 Feb 2014
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