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“Where Do We Go” from the album Dark Fades Into the Light BOTH AVAILABLE ON iTUNES AND AMAZON NOW! Sandrine’s melodies incorporate elements of classic sixties pop with a dreamy sort of contemporary neo-soul. She makes even her most confessional of songs instantly hummable by embedding them with subtle yet addictive little hooks. She sings in the upbeat “Where Do We Go,” which has already gained considerable exposure in France as part of a TV ad for the FNAC music chain, “I made a U-turn/And I’m still alive.” *******www.myspace****/sandrinetunes *******www.sandrinetunes****
11 Jun 2008
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I Go Crazy Hit Single Off The New Mixtape From Corrupted 1's Comming Soon Starring Contajis & Yung Heff
16 Aug 2008
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this is the theme song for my channel i made to entertain people besides just subbing to people and being their friend CREDITS: sung by: Hamachirules Music video By: fudgeleg lyrics by: iwilsubscribe rap in the middle by: hamachirules special thanx to: mikeykool97, hamachirules, megamike345 and fudgeleg LYRICS: will subscribe I will subscribe I will subscribe I will subscribe to you No matter what you dooooooo I will subscribe I got these vids to view I hope u make some new Cuz u r obviously due I will subscribe As long as I'm alive But if I do not last I will revive Yo guys, see here now, HamachiRules gonna break it down. Dude cmon its just one click, Click click clickity, click click click. Simple right? TOLD YA! Cmon guys just view my channel, One free subscribe, come and get it "My fingers hurt." Dude dont sweat it Alright now, bring it back home At first I was unidentified But now I am renowned I will subscribe I do not need a bribe I will subscribe Just post your wants on my channel And I'll look into that panel And sub to all of u I will subscribe I will subscribe I WILL SUBSCRIBE
7 Sep 2008
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ooh banana the official music vid LYrics: Bananas Ooooooh bananananananana Hey anna Go Chek dat banana Is it ripe If not put it down da waste pipe Ooooooooooh banananananana I love those bananas They look cute in pajamas Or u could put um in bandanas Ooooooooooooh banananana Ooh guys my cribs in Indiana But they don't got no 'nanas So went to flo rida but he no 'nanas But he had some Tropicana Ooooooooohhhhhh banananana Oooooooooohhhhh banananana Oooooooooohhhhh banananana All rite guys its da banana rap here I go I love dem bananas cuz de r so brite They'd be so much better if they were da color white I go to shop rite I steal their 'nanas in the middle of the night for those bananas I would put up a fight It doesn't matter how u eat dem bananas Left or rite It quite alrite Don't leave dem bananas in the sun light Cuz when u come back ull have such a fright DA NANA'S TURNED GREEN HOW MEAN OH SEEN they aren't ripe yet Oooooooohhhhh banananananana Oooooooohhhhh banananananana OOOOOOHHH BANANANANANA YA BANANA
24 Dec 2008
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The hot new video for Just.Live's single SO GHETTO!
21 Oct 2008
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iDotster**** "Domains For Less"! iDotster has established itself among the world's largest domain name registrars with more than 1 million domain holdings under management and servicing hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide. At iDotster, our mission is to provide a range of innovative, reliable and easy-to-use Internet solutions to our customers and to support them with unprecedented, personalized support. Leveraging a strong market position within the domain name registration industry, iDotster has carefully nurtured relationships with its customer base and built a feature-rich line of value-added services around its core domain name product offering. By bundling services and providing one-stop shopping, iDotster has successfully grown and enjoyed increased breadth and loyalty of its customer base.
4 Sep 2009
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Dont forget Darfur
1 Dec 2008
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Download the mp3 and Ringtone at: *******www.musicbebop.blogspot****/ Music Bebop is an Internationally Well-Known Blog where music lovers from all over the world come together to enjoy and get free user generated downloadable music for their personal use. Free Mp3 Downloads and Customazible ringtones all for your personal satisfaction! check it out now! *******www.musicbebop.blogspot****/ Please Subscribe To My videos To Keep Awesome Videos Like This One Coming! Thanks For Watching!
17 Jan 2009
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Im in love with food, pizza burgers too hot pockets rule, microwave me two!
30 Dec 2008
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cold winter in calgary
27 Jul 2011
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9 Jan 2009
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28 Feb 2009
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23 Jan 2009
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Daticpietje productions All instruments played by pwat Pieter Waterborg Jason Mraz I'm yours cover
8 Aug 2009
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Wannabe celeb Dan Power is releasing the world’s first ever ‘anti-eco’ single ‘Energy Wasting Day’ Dan Power attempts to knock Lady Gaga and Oasis out of the Top 10 and become the UK’s number one in time for April 1 2009. In his debut music video, Dan Power (a self-confessed carbon junkie and Jeremy Clarkson fan) is seen cavorting with a group of girls pole dancing around patio heaters, riding a gas guzzling motorbike and advocating all kinds of ways to needlessly waste energy. Check out www.energywastingday**** to download the track, buy collectible T-shirts, and become friends via his Facebook, MySpace and Twitter pages.
18 May 2009
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This is the 1st music video from Leeds band TheMoff. Please leave a comment. *******www.myspace****/grandmofftarkin see ***********/mmace for more videos
1 Apr 2009
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