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Bree is all about transformation. His life is more than what meets the eye and his career is more than rap music. In fact, he is more than a rapper. He is a storyteller and his stories are non-fiction. Brought up by his father and grandmother, Bree grew up the youngest of five children in the Crosstown section of Lawrenceville, GA. He was considered an avid athlete and overall sports fan and a general good kid. But things began to change for him during his teenage years. It became difficult for Bree to separate himself from his neighborhood surroundings. While he always maintained bright paths for his future, the long road ahead carried many detours. While a fan of hip-hop music since adolescence, influenced by the works of OutKast and Tupac, Bree began heavily considering the art of rhyme as a career path at age 17. The career path became clear when Bree was arrested two weeks before his high school graduation on a felony drug charge. Even with such a hindrance, Bree remained focused on the future ahead of him. The year spent incarcerated led Bree to develop his art, define his flow and begin his transformation. Bree set out to change himself through his music. Upon his release, Bree immediately begin hitting the studios to work on his demo, which he distributed to anyone willing to listen. It's a unique blend of raw Southern street rap with hints of pop all orchestrated by Bree's very distinct voice. Yet this was not like the Southern music coming out of Atlanta like he was used to. Since releasing his demo, Bree has done a host of mixtapes. He has worked with Shawty Redd, Killer Mike, Drumma Boy and Marvelous J. His song "Check Ya Swag" gained over 10,000 downloads and has been a radio and club favorite for Atlantans. Currently, Bree is busy working on his debut release with Drift City Media which will be available later this Fall. Bree feels that there are no limits to his musical creativity. As he has already transformed from a rapper into an artist, Bree leaves anyone questioning his music with this: "My music has no identity, I could be from anywhere. All you have to do is listen and appreciate."