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Ridiculous! We agree you got a gun and license too, but this was a useless reason to show off your gun in front of your 7-year-old son.
1 May 2017
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We offer a variety of TV and Home Theater Services like TV wall mounting, Home Theater Installations ,Moving Services, TV Component Relocation and much more.
3 May 2017
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Ohio Prep Stars traveled to the North Coast Saturday afternoon to the Cleveland Browns stadium. To witness, not Lebron James but Glenville and Mentor play an exciting game of high school football. This is what Ohio football is all about, the crowd was loud, the band was playing, and the pads were popping. Here are some of the sights and sounds from this great match-up in which Mentor won 15 - 13.
26 Oct 2006
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Soprano's Opening, shot in Cleveland, Ohio
13 Nov 2006
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Best Game of football ever. ohio state vs michigan #1 vs #2
11 Dec 2006
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Since the start of the basketball season, Stacey Freyer, a sophomore at Ohio State University and Jennifer Hanson, a senior out of Georgetown University, have been rooting for their teams to reach the national championship. They never dreamed that days before, they would be the ones to actually make the big shot. Today, Freyer and Hanson made history when each successfully hit the world's longest basketball shot. Freyer and Hanson each hit a 100 foot hoop target with a regulation basketball...from the gondola of the Goodyear blimp, 500 feet above the goal, winning the Goodyear Get There Blimp Shot Contest. A total of four contestants representing each school in the Mens Division I college basketball semifinals participated in the contest. I thought it looked makeable, said Freyer. When I shot it, we were way past the target, but it looked like it started out dead on. When it was good, we all started cheering. Everyone was excited even the pilots. Hanson said, I thought I missed it by a mile. And then, while the ball was falling, it looked like it changed direction. I saw it hit that target and bounce up and then I knew I made it. I was surprised, but it was a good surprise. At first, when The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company informed Freyer and Hanson that they had been selected to participate in the Goodyear Get There Blimp Shot Contest, it seemed easy. Shoot a regulation size basketball through a giant hoop target measuring 100 feet across. Then nearly impossible make the shot from 500 feet away while flying in the Goodyear Blimp. For their amazing feats, both earned the Goodyear Get There prize package which includes travel, accommodations and tickets for two to attend one of the sporting events where the Goodyear blimp will provide aerial coverage over the next 12 months. In addition, video of Freyers and Hansons winning shots and the balls they used will be sent to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Mass. for display and historical purposes. Freyer and Hanson were part of a group of students representing each of the final four teams in the Mens Division I college basketball tournament, and they were the only ones to successfully make the once in a lifetime shot. Also participating were Chris Smith, a senior from South Lake Tahoe, California, for UCLA and Alex Perez, a senior from Miami, Florida for the University of Florida. Freyer, a sophomore from Woodville, Ohio, has served for the past two years in the Athletic Communications department as the student assistant covering the men's basketball team. The communications major, who dreamed of attending Ohio State since she was a young girl, has attended every home game this season in addition to witnessing the teams exciting victory in the Big 10 Championship. Hanson, a senior out of Turtle Lake, North Dakota, is a four-year cheerleader with Georgetown and she has been to every home mens basketball game this year. In addition to cheering for the men's basketball team, she also cheers for the football and womens basketball teams. The contest was conducted in support of Goodyears new advertising campaign, which is built upon the theme of Get There. Aided by the Goodyear blimp, one of the world's most familiar and popular corporate icons, the campaign features the blimp pilots who represent Goodyears eyes from above, looking ahead to help drivers find a better way to get there to their destinations. Additionally, as the exclusive aerial coverage provider for CBS broadcast of the 2007 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, Goodyear is providing views from above for more than 30 tournament games in eight cities across the country, including the Final Four and Championship. Not since the Olympic Games has Goodyear dedicated as many aerial assets over so many days to cover one event. Goodyears Get There campaign will be seen throughout the year in key magazines, online and during high profile sporting events and prime time programming. Goodyear is one of the worlds largest tire companies. The company manufactures tires, engineered rubber products and chemicals in more than 90 facilities in 28 countries around the world. Goodyear employs more than 75,000 people worldwide. For more information on Goodyears tires, go to www.goodyeartires****.
4 Apr 2007
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The Ohio State Buckeye Wretling Team won the first annual Student Atlete Talent show. Among the judges were head football coach Jim Tressel and Athletic Director Gene Smith
12 Apr 2007
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Jimmy Kimmel gives LeBron James some friendly ribbing over Ohio State's National Champsionship dissappointment at the hands of Florida this year.
26 Jun 2007
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United Way of Central Ohio is unique in its focus on community impact. We no longer simply raise and distribute money to non-profits. Today's complex problems require proactive, permanent solutions. Our history of leadership enables us to spearhead comprehensive, community-wide change. We are a catalyst, a convener, a collaborator and a change agent. Our work brings people together to determine the root causes of our community's most challenging problems and to do whatever it takes to achieve lasting results.
26 Jul 2007
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College Football fans perform their end zone dances at the Ohio State 2007 home opener.
13 Sep 2007
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Members of the Ohio Tomonokai perform an Eisa Drum dance from Okinawa. Check out more great videos from and about Okinawa at agileh****/okinawa.html
24 Sep 2007
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Members of the Ohio Tomonokai learn Okinawan Folk Dancing from Chibana-sensei. Check out www.agileh****/okinawa.html to see a video about visiting Okinawa during the Uchinanchu Festival.
24 Sep 2007
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You can learn more about our trip to Okinawa by watching my video at... www.agileh****/okinawa.html. Yoko Snodgrass, Tomiko Fifer & Karl Kortlandt perform the song "Mukashino Wakasa" at the Okinawa Tomonokai of Ohio's 2007 Spring Gathering. (I was alerted that the name of this song might be "mutunu wakasa". Does anybody know for sure?) The instrument they are playing is known as the Sanshin, which is a traditional, okinawan, three-string, guitar-like instrument.
25 Sep 2007
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Dark Figure Productions Co-Producer talks about ghost stories in Ohio and filmmaking.
1 Oct 2007
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vato man Q and A if wins govenor of ohio
15 Oct 2007
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A collection of clips from True Ghost Stories from Ohio Volume 1.
24 Oct 2007
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