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Today in the national headlines: An initial settlement was reached for the massive oil spill in San Francisco, plus do we really have the first RAY GUN? Hi everyone and welcome to get the daily****. I'm Andrea Rene and I've got a look at some top national stories. It was announced yesterday that the city of San Francisco will receive $2 million dollars for damage caused by a 54,000 gallon oil spill from last November. The 2 million is only the inital payment from Hudson Marine Managment Services and will help cover the cost of the crash of their 900 foot cargo ship, the Cosco Busan. The ship sideswiped the Bay Bridge and dumped thousands of gallons of oil into the water, devasting beaches and killing thousands of birds. No word yet on when the settlement will be finalized or for how much. Last night on 60 minutes the Pentagon debuted one of its newest weapons, straight from a sci-fi series, its the RAY GUN. I know it sounds cool but apparently it feels pretty HOT. The gun blasts a 100,000 watt beam of light into anything in its path, but it doesn't kill, or even permanently injure anyone. Instead, volunteers who stood in from of the gun said it feels like scalding hot water is being thrown on you. Sounds painful to me! BUt when you step out of the beam, the pain is instantly gone. The Pentagon hopes to use this weapon for crowd control in Iraq and as a defense weapon on Embassy for riots like the one in Belgrade last week. But the problem is, the Defense department isn't really giving any funding to this new weapon, because, insiders say, it doesn't kill anything! But despite financial setbacks, developers are hoping to have it Iraq sometime soon. If you want to learn more about the ray gun head over to cbsnews****. You just heard some top stories from get the daily****. I'm Andrea Rene reminding you to check back later in the week because I'll have all the details from Tuesday's primaries!
6 Feb 2009
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Coast Guard oil pollution crews continue their work with other agencies to clean a 100-mile stretch of the Mississippi River after an oil spill. US Coast Guard Report via the Pentagon Channel
26 Jul 2008
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*******CoastGuardNews**** August 7th Updates on the cleanup of an oil spill in Baltimore and the New Orleans barge collision cleanup.
8 Aug 2008
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*******CoastGuardNews**** The Pentagon Channel airs a final wrap-up to the oil spill on the Mississippi River, Aug. 11, 2008. Over 400,000 gallons of oil were spilled in the Mississippi River near New Orleans.
12 Aug 2008
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the description of the oil spill removal from railway tracks in Latvia
15 Jul 2009
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Oil spills Part one (the little problem) and oil stain removal clearly illustrates the effects of what happens after an oil spill and will open your eyes. Part shows you the big problem.
12 Apr 2010
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******* The oil spill in New Orleans has mostly losers, but 2 winners.
1 May 2010
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The Daily Energy Report for Monday May 3, 2010 discusses discusses BP & the Obama Administration efforts to minimize the impact of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Colorado passes a new geothermal law and Sam's Club installs micro-wind turbines.
3 May 2010
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The Obama administration faces criticism about the delay on sending federal aid to Gulf Coast oil spill.
4 May 2010
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Competitive Enterprise Institute Senior Fellow Christopher C. Horner debates the impact and media coverage of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill caused by an explosion at BP's Deepwater Horizon offshore drilling platform.
6 May 2010
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Oil Spills Clean up Fraud *******oillift****/Lift-Super-Absorbent.html The following video proves that oil spill cleanup is designed to make as much money as possible. For over 20 yrs solidifiers/super absorbents have being available to quickly clean up the oil
19 May 2010
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Welcome to Blue Seals. We are a non-profit organization and rapid-response team of conservation experts that provide direct action, intervention, and exposure to environmental crimes around the world. The Blue Seals’ mission to Stop Oil Spills the Gulf of Mexico marks the first time in history that this newly-formed team will take their training into the air and sea in a courageous effort to help raise awareness about the horrific toll that crude oil can have on marine ecosystems. Blue Seals’ Founder Peter Brown is long-time collaborator of Captain Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (made famous by Animal Planet's “Whale Wars”). The Blue Seals urge that the American public take a strong stand against offshore drilling along our nation’s coasts. For more information go to ********blueseals****
20 May 2010
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