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All floral arrangements at Andrew flower shop are artistically designed and hand-delivered for any day or same day flower delivery. Voted as Tulsa’s Favorite florist, we are proud to offer the freshest and most beautiful flowers for Tulsa flower delivery. Order flowers online from Same Day Flower Delivery Tulsa and experience the difference. Address : 5422 S 108th E Ave, Tulsa, OK 74146 Phone : (918) 992-7012
3 Oct 2017
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Taylor Swift - Blank Space Mental Manadhil (Vidya Vox Mashup Cover)
29 Sep 2017
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part 21 for neko swirls map.
7 Oct 2017
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Shawn's Small Engine and Equipment Repair LLC Tulsa, OK, 74116 (918) 734-1565 Shawn's Small Engine and Equipment Repair LLC is the best small engine and equipment repair service provider in Tulsa, OK. Make the right move by choosing our professionals and get the service you deserve. Just give us a call! Boat Repair, Equipment Repair, Professional Small Engine Repair, Small Engine Repair Service, Professional Equipment Repair Tower Heights, OK; Small Engine Repair, Professional Small Engine Repair, Engine Repair Service, Boat Repair Service, Boat Engine Repair
18 Sep 2017
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THIS is a full description of the hour and timed not in mans maths but GODS MATHS easily understood the LORD clearly said with his own words that no one knows the hour or the time other then the father not even him only the father knows: next cosmos salvation blessing healing perfection will come about that is the purpose also to why now i been born also as a human being in order to accomplish it and telling you the truth it has come about accomplished already but you all will not know until you all do now to explain this i am just a normal human being you might say how do you know the hour and time then? when JESUS CHRIST said only the father knows well he did not say the father will not reveal it to someone as he did to me to reveal to all just like JESUS CHRIST dwells in out hearts well GOD the trinity dwells in my heart not just his son so the father in my heart revealed it to me to reveal to all I AM 1 WITH THE TRINITY GOD because people miss treated me before not excepting me as a Christian or the work i do been excepted as the word of GOD this is GOD'S way of letting you all know that i am a Christian also a child of GOD like other Christians are and all i do like the work he gives me is off GOD INSPIRED BY HIM. So as then so there is no confusion to the video above when i say things relating to like the father of all is here now i mean GOD is here now dwelling in my heart and singing this song by my voice so when i say things like like GOD will return that is me speaking to back GOD up and he is returned in my heart right here just like actors will play the part of others but i am one with the trinity GOD because the 3 in 1 GOD chose my body to dwell in but i myself am just a person OK
21 Sep 2017
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AAA Heating Air and Refrigeration Spencer, OK, 73084 (405) 254-0301 Will Scott have 10 years experience serving the Spencer's OK and area HVAC market. Fast efficient 24 hr service is the key to keeping customers HVAC systems running smoothly. Commercial and Residential customers can relax knowing that their equipment is in good hands. Do not hesitate to contact us today! Air Conditioning;Cooling Service;Cooling Repair;AC Repair;Cooling;Air Conditioning Repair;Air Conditioning Service;Refrigeration Service;Refrigeration;HVAC Service Midwest City Ok;Nicoma Park OK;Jones OK;Harrah OK;Forest Park OK HVAC Contractor, Heating Service, Heating Contractor, HVAC Repair, Refrigeration Repair
22 Sep 2017
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Sexy Jodie Sweetin was showing off her nice legs in a hot tight dress! This was on my local channel so quality is ok but not 100% great
26 Sep 2017
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The video here is self explainable Although if not shown you can spend a long time try ING to find a way to put the string dead center through the tennis bull and never get it right until you work it out and then say o o o that easy why did ent i think of that before? this video shows you how the easy quick way also what is not shown on the video is you can also make a roof to floor speed bull for you self defense practice the way it is done get a soccer bull or foot-bull or basket bull and about 3 sake's or bags like the ones 25 k bird seed for chickens you place the bull in the 3 bags in center of them having the 3 bags inside of each other you tie the rubber lacker band rope 1 on each side then make a hook on the sealing with a big nail and one on the floor or drill a hole and place the hooks alternative for the floor you can tie it on some heavy waits you then a just it to the height desired and you got yourself a roof to floor speed bull OK.
28 Sep 2017
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This video teaches basic ways to make or catch birds by traps or even hand unless you are a good shot or and trapper it will be difficult to catch birds in a survival situation UNLESS YOU KNOW HOW if you need to know how i show you how the most impotent thing to know about birds here is that most birds but not all will not leave there nests even if disturbed thus: find there nests and collect eggs and meet is the easy way when they are laying be careful though of bin bitten by the big mother bird OK in some birds even the big father OK
28 Sep 2017
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THIS IS A SELF DEFENSE TRAINING VIDEO there will be more videos much more to come stay tuned OK and subscribe
29 Sep 2017
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We are having a large team to repair service for your front loaded washing machine, top loaded washing machine repair, combination unit and compact washing machine. Our skilled Washing Machine repairing engineers are adept at solving any kind of problem associated with washing machines including automatic draining of water, no draining of water, loud sounds coming out of the machine, automatic door lock, water leakage, broken drum, spinning ok but no wash or wash ok but no spinning. Even if your machine is dead or stuck in standby mode we can fix it.
5 Oct 2017
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In all my years of gaming I have never played anything as lovely as this. Read on please. Short Trip by Alexander Perrin. All aboard the cat tram for this exquisite journey through catsville where you drive the cat tram on an endless journey and pick and drop of cats going through their daily choirs. Absolutely amazing Hello! It's your turn to operate the scenic railway. The local town cats would love to join you for the ride too, if that's ok. Short Trip is the first instalment in a collection of interactive illustrations created for the web. It has been created as a study into capturing the essence of graphite on paper within a digital context, and to learn more about web-based graphics technologies. Short Trip will run on most devices supporting WebGL, including mobile devices. Due to the current limitations of both WebGL technologies and my understanding of them, there’s bound to be issues found here and there. If you’ve found something particularly odd and have a spare few minutes it would be greatly appreciated if you tell me about it either via itch or here. At the moment there’s a few known issues particularly relating to Android support. I hope that these will improve with time. Regardless, I hope that you enjoy your journey. Desktop Controls: Left Key: Move left Right Key: Move right Space bar: Ring the bell Mobile Controls: Hold left side of screen: Move left Hold right side of screen: Move right Tap on the tram: Ring the bell Thank you to my family, friends, and cat.
6 Oct 2017
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