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*******www.tekbuz****/worst-old-man-fight-ever/103184 A couple of drunk old dudes get involved in one of the most ridiculous fights in history. They probably don’t even know what they’re arguing about!
13 Aug 2011
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old man fight
21 Jul 2012
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30 Nov 2011
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67 year old man kicks young gangsta's butt on bus in Oakland California. YOUNG GUY GET HIS ASS WHOOPED BY OLD WHITE GUY bu thatsJUNK****
6 Sep 2012
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A disrespectful punk gets served by a 67 year old bearded man.
16 Apr 2013
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18 Oct 2011
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old man fighting a young man
11 Jan 2009
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first time i saw an old man still can fight... i caught live fighting using my handphone..... it's very rare to catch videos of an old man fighting.... coz they are already slow but stil can fight.... for most of the time in buses and train i give my sit to the old people as a respect... but see now what are they doing.... HAHAHA SO FUNNY.... "".... by: jose...
17 Jul 2012
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