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That's why it's important to drive an SUV... the bigger, the safer. I had a friend who drove himself to work in an old school bus and he didn't die ONCE! Distributed by Tubemogul.
25 Oct 2008
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I saw “Pastor Robus” (Rich N. Kucharski) in his bright colored old school bus while parked, engaging various peoples of Skid Row, I wanted to know more about him and what he was about, he graciously agreed to an interview. His email contact is: thelastmessage2009yahoo**** Blaze-Out
28 Oct 2009
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Cooking Up A Story Season: 5 Episode: 2 It’s a fitting way to honor an old school bus.A 1968 Bluebird Midwest, a 50 seat occupancy bus manufactured in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, sits out across an open field of red peppers precisely 377 feet from a pointed cannon. Pumpkins are fired at the bus.
4 Nov 2010
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The Partridge Family Opening Theme Song. In the pilot episode this group of musical siblings convinces their mother to help them out by singing with them as they record a pop song in their garage. Through the efforts of the 10-year-old son Danny, they find a manager who helps make the song a Top-40 hit. After some more convincing, Mom finally agrees that the family can go on tour. They acquire an old school bus, paint it and depart to Las Vegas for their first live gig at Caesars Palace. Each subsequent episode features the band performing in various locations and types of venues. The shows would often contrast their suburban life with the adventures of a show-biz family "on the road". After the first season the show focused more on the "at home" themes and less on their touring. The series originally ran from September 25, 1970 until August 31, 1974 on the ABC television network, as part of the Friday night lineup following The Brady Bunch. It had a few subsequent runs in syndication. Created by Bernard Slade, the series was inspired by and loosely based on The Cowsills, a real pop music family famous in the late Sixties. In fact, in its early development, the Cowsill children were actually approached by the producers to be featured on The Partridge Family, though the children rejected the offer when they learned their real-life mother and band member Barbara would not be included in the cast. Shirley Jones had already been signed as mother Shirley Partridge and star of the show. The remaining Partridge children were played by David Cassidy (Jones' real-life stepson) as her eldest son Keith, Susan Dey as Laurie, Danny Bonaduce as Danny, Jeremy Gelbwaks as Chris and Suzanne Crough as Tracy. Dave Madden played Reuben Kincaid, who was their manager and family friend. After the first season, the dark-haired Gelbwaks was replaced by a blond actor, Brian Forster. It was reported by teen magazines in 1971 that this was because his family simply moved away.
22 Jan 2011
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Bus drives through river fully loaded with passengers in Nicaragua. When flooding turns a roadway into a raging river and waterfall it doesn't affect this bus route. An old school bus full of people fjords a river in Nicaragua.
30 Jul 2013
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Tough Mudder Tampa Full Race Sunday December 4 After completing the Warrior Dash and the 8 mile Super Spartan Race, I considered doing Tough Mudder but was hesitant because of the 12 mile distance and the fact that it is such a hardcore event. Tough Mudder is advertised as being "Probably the toughest event on the planet. Finally, I decided just to go for it and although I'm feeling a pain in my legs like I've never felt before, I'm happy to say that I earned my orange head band. My favorite obstacles were Mt Everest (the vert ramp/half pipe0 and Funky Monkey (The monkey bars). My least favorite obstacle was the electroshock therapy. There are 3 Tough Mudder events in Florida in 2012. Tough Mudder Jacksonville, Tough Mudder Miami, and Tough Mudder Tampa. I'm sure I will probably do at least two of them. Other Mud runs's I have completed The Warrior Dash The Super Spartan Race The Savage Race The Highlander II The Hog Wild Mud Run Superhero Scramble Tough Mudder Pledge: "As a Tough Mudder I pledge that... I understand that Tough Mudder is not a race but a challenge. I put teamwork and camaraderie before my course time. I do not whine -- kids whine. I help my fellow Mudders complete the course I overcome all fears" Tough Mudder Obstacles Ball Shrinker - traverse ropes stretched across a pond Berlin Walls - climb over walls made of wooden planks Boa Constrictor - crawl through dark tunnels Braveheart Charge - participants run down the mountain Cliff Hanger - a rocky climb up the top of the mountain Death March - steep climb up one of the ski slopes Devil's Beard - crawl through low cargo nets Electroshock Therapy - run through live electric wires Fire Walker - Run through flaming bales of hay Funky Monkey - swing across monkey bars over cold water Greased Lightning - slide down a steep hill into the pond and swim back out Hold Your Wood - participants pick up and run with heavy wooden logs Jocks on the Rocks - jump into a pit of mud and ice Killa Gorilla - run up and down a steep hill ten times Kiss o'Mud - participants crawl on their bellies through mud under low wire School of Tough Knocks - climb up and over an old school bus with ropes stretched across it Swamp Stomp - run through deep mud Sweaty Yeti - scramble through snow Texas Smokehouse - run through a wooden structure filled with smoke and mud The Gauntlet - Go up a steep ski slope while being sprayed by high-pressure hoses Twinkle Toes - walk across a narrow board over a river or pond Underwater Tunnels - swim underneath barrels held on the surface of the water Walk the Plank - jump off planks into a pond Monster Chase - participants run after a monster truck for each start wave Chernobyl Jacuzzi - participants climb into and out of one of three lined dumpsters containing icy water and colored dye Hay Bale Pyramid/Texas Bale Bonds - Climb over mounds of straw Everest - run up a steep, slick ¼ pipe structure covered in oil Chain Gang - a hill approximately 30' tall by which the participants are forced to create a human chain to ascend a steep muddy slope with a low sloped downgrade exit. Nature's Pocket - descend into 25' of underground tunnels Smoke Chute - Climb 15' to a 5' free fall into a 1/4 pipe slide. Other Mud Run Events *******www.WarriorDash**** Warrior Dash *******www.championsmudbash**** Champions Mud Bash *******www.TheDirtyDash**** The Dirty Dash *******www.RuggedManiac**** Rugged Maniac *******www.ToughMudder**** Tough Mudder *******www.gladiatorrocknrun****/ Gladiator Rock n Run *******www.MetroDash**** Metro Dash *******www.savagerace**** Savage Race *******www.IronCrusader****/ Iron Crusader *******www.greaturbanrace****/ Great Urban Race *******www.BeachPalooza****/ BeachPalooza *******www.TarzansCup**** Tarzans Cup *******www.RunaMuckFestival**** Run a Muck *******www.Primalchallenge**** Primal Challenge *******www.rockonadventures**** The Highlander *******www.runforyourlives**** Run For Your Lives Zombie Run 5k *******www.Goruck**** The Goruck Challenge *******www.TheDirtyDash**** The Dirty Dash, World's Muddiest Race *******www.MudCrusade**** Mud Crusade *******www.swampdash**** Swamp Dash & Bash *******www.downanddirtymudrun**** Down & Dirty Mud Run *******survivormudrun**** Survivor Mud Run *******www.ToughBlokeChallenge****.au The Tough Bloke Challenge *******www.ToughGuy****** Tough Guy/Nettle Warrior *******www.herorush****/ Hero Rush - Firefiighter themed obstacle course Tags: Tough Mudder Tampa Full Race 12 miles The Warrior Dash Super Spartan Savage Highlander II Hog Wild Mud Run Superhero Scramble For Your Lives Zombie 5kThe Tough Bloke Challenge Australia Tough Guy Competition UK Nettle Warrior UK The Color Run Challenge Adventure Hero Rush Firefiighter themed obstacle course Race Muddiest Race Mud obstacles
1 Oct 2013
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