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The clip putting mido in prison building from Oldboy (2003) with Hye-jeong Kang, Min-sik Choi We're not open yet Please come back in an hour Someone who got six gold teeth recommended this place Mr. Park? I had to move because of you As a commemoration I installed a new TV Do you like it? There are so many channels Great, huh? There are even some who prefer to stay here You lived in a place like this for 15 years? It felt like home after 11 years though Come on I don't need money An enemy's enemy is a friend We threw away the hand 'cause it rotted Damn sons of bitches I'll kick their asses So why'd you bring me here? Huh? Let me go! If I don't return after July 5th then let her go While I was locked up here I remember someone visiting me What did that person do? Was it three times? I put a hypnosis inducing drug in your water Sodium Barbiturate? TV Man knows it all Hey Mr.!
27 Nov 2011
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