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If you are looking to visit Willunga & McLaren Vale, try staying with us for an amazing experience. The Grape and Olive is a place to rest, enjoy and experience a great holiday package. Talk to us today to get quote on your desired travel dates.
27 Feb 2017
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5 Foods That Protect You from Prostate Cancer There is growing evidence that certain micronutrients, more specifically antioxidants, may help prevent some forms of cancer. It has also been shown that lycopene and other antioxidants reduce the risk of cancer. Antioxidants may help shield against cancer and heart disease by neutralizing harmful molecules known as oxygen free radicals. The potential importance of diverse antioxidants in prostate cancer development is further supported by recent results indicating decreased prostate cancer incidence among men with increased exposure to selenium and vitamin E supplements. More and more research shows that antioxidants in vegetables, particularly tomatoes and broccoli, can lower prostate cancer risk, while foods from animals may increase risk. One dietary supplement which seems to dramatically reduce prostate cancer risk is lycopene, especially found in diets heavy in cooked tomatoes. Lycopene is a phytochemical that is found in certain fruits and vegetables like tomatoes and grapefruits. Tomatoes also contain significant quantities of potassium, as well as some vitamin A and vitamin E. Also, tomatoes figure prominently in a Mediterranean type diet, which includes plenty of fruits and vegetables and olive oil, and lesser amounts of meats and animal fat. These findings suggest that intake of lycopene or other compounds in tomatoes may reduce prostate cancer risk, but other measured carotenoids are unrelated to risk. Some scientists believe that rates of cancer in the modern world are largely tied to the drastic imbalances in our diets between Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are found in salmon and other fatty fish, cold-water fish such as tuna, trout, striped bass, sardines, and herring, and are available in supplement capsules. Omega-3 enriched eggs from hens fed rations containing flaxseed are also very popular. Omega-6 fatty acids are concentrated in corn, sunflower and most oils in the
2 Mar 2017
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Myspace and Dazed & Confused Magazine have joined forces to support World AIDS Day, by encouraging the public to submit artwork and pledge their support to join the (RED) initiative alongside luminaries including Samantha Morton, Juliette Lewis, Rhys Ifans, Miquita Oliver, Helena Christensen and Bjork.
26 Dec 2006
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At choose Oliver for Best Bartender. Rate him on personality, cocktails, & looks at
1 Apr 2007
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Have you watched Massari's real love? Now you have the opportunity to watch Oliver bou eid's real love ... Enjoy it!
19 Mar 2007
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14 Mar 2007
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Most recent- Oliver Bou Eid's Real love videoclip2005-2007;If you have wached Massari real love video clip:you can now watch my-video clip-Imitating him in my special way...Directed by Oliver Emile Bou Eid-Location:" Lebanon-(beyrouth--Sabtieh)-Road75-Tel:01/686802-_-Cell:03/273939.My emails: &
31 Mar 2007
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Oliver doesn't like to be told what to do
22 May 2007
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Oliver bou eid Directions Illusions...
1 Aug 2007
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3:15 Thanks to the quick actions of Lawana at, Mari Ann Lisenbe from avoided substantial unauthorized credit card charges when her credit card was stolen online. Online credit card theft can be a real problem, because you may not even realize that your credit card has been stolen, since you still have the card in your possession. But, thanks to Lawana from Olive-Ewe online gifts and accessories, who went out of her way to contact me, I was able to cancel the card before too much damage had been done. So, if you need lotions, oils, sunglasses, t-shirts, or other accessories, I'd like to recommend you buy the lotions, oils, sunglasses, t-shirts, or other accessories from as a way of saying thanks to a woman who took extraordinary means to track me down! has an assortment of lotions, perfumes, oils, t-shirts, sunglasses and purses, all at very competetive prices. Thanks for your time, Mari Ann Lisenbe
9 Aug 2007
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now for all olive oil lovers
26 Aug 2007
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Another delicious simple dish! Pasta with leeks and black olives!! Easy and fast!! Try and eat........I want your comments!! Do it!!
18 Sep 2007
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Spring Asparagus Soup Gnocchi Olive Oil by Chef Peter Sherlock
3 Oct 2007
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Use an Ancient Greek Method to make really fresh,100% Pure Olive Oil
18 Oct 2007
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OLIVER MANDIC - pomagajte drugovi
31 Oct 2007
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Oliver's Southern Folk Art is a very cool gallery located in beautiful Hendersonville, North Carolina near Asheville. Oliver's has art work from the late Howard Finster and R.A. Miller to newcomer Michael Banks. The Owner Ted knows all about the artists and their art.
2 Nov 2007
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