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Hey I'm Ollie Wren I make videos as a hobby and hope to become big on the internet. So far I've got a youtube account with over 700 subscribers and over 45,000 total views. And hopefully a metacafe aacount can boost my popularity :) thanks for stopping by.
Great skills this guy has
26 Dec 2008
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Check out the first tech deck vid: *******www.metacafe****/watch/513648/tech_deck_skate_vid/ Teck Deck Skate Vid 3 comming soon!!!
7 Apr 2007
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some of the most insane tricks you will ever see on a skateboard
8 Dec 2006
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A skateboarder ollies off a ramp over a moving car that crushes his ramp. Very dangerous!!!!! Crazy!
13 Feb 2008
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Check out a couple awesome tricks: half-flip to casper stall varial out, roll-up to primo heel flip. Also see a huge shopping cart ollie and my 2-week old son on a skateboard.
29 Nov 2006
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Compilation of some amazing trick,this is part two(for idiots,Kick El toro,and 3flip down Wallenberg are in first part),and these are also best ever,it's a:Stair Section: Corey Duffel-ollie double set 9 stairs flat 10 stairs Gareth Stehr-ollie a 21 stairset Josh Casper-ollie gap(15 feet high) Jeremy Wray-ollie water tower gap(18 feet long) Bastien Salabanzi-backside ollie down 20set Ryan Dannettelle-bs ollie el toro(20 stairs) Jeremy wray-bs ollie,almost 30 feet gap Andrew reynolds-caballerial down wilshire 15 Ryan Sheckler-huge kickflip Andrew reynolds-huge shifty flip down 12(4 block) Lindsey Robertson-huge heelflip down wallenberg four Grant Patterson-nollie flip down wilshire 15 Kevin Romar-amazing nollie hell down wilshire Jeff Mikut-hardflip wilshire 15 Jimmy Carlin-hardflip down 14 stairs Brandon Tirner-huge ss hardflip down Carlsbad Chris Cole-bs flip down wilshire 15(I know reynolds bs flip down wallenberg 4 is biggest,but I can't find it) Andrew Reynolds-massive fs flip down wallenberg four.. Jim Greco-ss fs flip down wilshire 15 Paul Rodriguez-ss fs heel down 14 set All 4 360 flips down Macba: Chris Cole-normal Johny Layton-switchstance Felix May-fakie(better,cleaner,stylish than Koston) Tony Tave-nollie Jerry Hsu-nollie backside heel down big 13 set Bastien Salabanzi:cab flip down Barcelona's euro gap rail section: Bastien Salabanzi-360 flip to fs noseblunt grant Patterson-nollie flip bs crook on hubba 9 Chris Kendall-hardflip bs lipslide down 10 Billy Marks-flip to fs lipslide down 12 Bastien Salabanzi-kickflip backlip down huge 10 set(same high rail as Wilshire,so Bastien could do down wilshire) Eric Koston-gap flip backlip Eric Koston-bs tailslide flip out to fakie Healt Kirchart-bs tailslide flip out to fakie on rail 7! Koston-360 flip to fs nosebluntslide down 8 Wade Desarmo-ss kickflip to ss fs feeble!! Stafan Janoski-ss kickflip to ss bs crook down rail(tampa Pro 07 bestrick,everybody know,I know He do that down rail 9 in Nothink but the true!) third best trick ever: Andrew Reynolds-fs flip down 18!!!!!!!!! Check Part one...... Song:Guns and roses Don't Cry I miss reynold's bs flip wallenberg and Willow's bs bigspin wallenberg,that's definetily best trick...
22 Sep 2008
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Olly is an 'ordinary geezer' but dreams of making it big. Does he have The X Factor? I do not own any copyrighted materail. All copyright owned by ITV and Fremantle Media Inc.
24 Sep 2009
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David Spates is trying to warn people not to watch this video so what happened to him (thanks to Jaymes Brevard & John Ollie)doesn't happen to anyone else! This Video is not for kids. Check out David's many other videos like "Talking With Dave 7", "That's Messed Up", "St Patricks Day Leprechaun", and many others with more to come! Don't forget to add me as a friend and subscribe. :-) My vlog channel is at****/vlogdavidspates Also if you have a Myspace, Facebook, or tagged account, please add me there too. Just search for my name. David Spates :-) P.S. You can buy David Spates Internet Videos #1 (1 hour long) at www.myspace****/davidspates
10 Jun 2009
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guy does gnarly shit on a skateboard no one would ever think up
12 Jun 2007
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If you watch closely the skateboard hits the kid in the butt and it causes him to flip. this was after he landed the stair and was trying to 180 it. This poor kid was 6.
30 Mar 2007
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More *******www.failfunnies**** When this skateboarder tries to ollie over a rather large curb, a funny fail occurs. The skater eventually lands & crashes into a pole, groin first. Laugh as this accident is so bad that it even knocks this skaters shoe off. You allright? lol. If your still bored, check out/add my profile if you like 'fails' or are into that sort of thing.
30 Jan 2009
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tips video I did for a class project back in highschool - Filmed/Edited/Voice over - by Brett Novak - Starring Eric Kopecky and Paul Ingram. Download this to your iPod! - all the comments saying that Rodney Mullen didnt invent the ollie and that Alan Gelfand did: Alan Gelfand was the first to scoop his tail on vert, it was more of a really low 180 allowing him to get a little air. Rodney Mullen invented the Flatground Ollie in which you snap the tail to the ground and roll your ankle forward and so on. You can find this information on Wikipedia, Rodney talks all about it in his autobiography and on the ON WINTER VIDEO there is a biography of Rodney in which pros like Hawk and Mike V. talk about it - you can find that here: (About 6 and a half minutes in)
6 Jan 2009
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