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This is much hilarious than I thought. Watch what this little kitty is doing to this guy. The kitty must be wondering why it's not working!
21 Jul 2017
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Hot Flexible Girl
23 Jul 2017
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Why I am proud. It took a while, wants to share my joy
31 Jul 2017
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OMG!, this guy here is crazy. How come he make that jump into the water from that height? That was one insane jump, seriously!
8 Aug 2017
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OMG! This guy here is kissing the subway window like he is kissing himself. God, how can I unsee this?
28 Jul 2017
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OMG! I can't imagine how these people are traveling during the rush hour. There are that much people there.
3 Aug 2017
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Flirty Text Messages For Her Hey guys, here's the situation; Chris just met a hot chick at his local club and he plans on sending her a text message the next day. Chris: I just sent a text message to Lisa who I just met last night. The message said "Hey it's Chris, it was good meeting you last night. How are you doing? Lisa: Yes, I just got this text from this guy last night and I'm not texting him back. These are dull, personality less text messages. I have other guys texting me with flirty messages which I enjoy texting them back. Text Opener/starters *I found a place for you to take me to! *Tag, you’re it! *Here I am, what are your other 2 wishes? *If I ever need (some product or advice related to her work), I know who to call =) *Just so you don’t stalk me tonight, I’ll be at (location) – hopefully you can control yourself… *OMG I just met your twin! *I just made you open your phone for no reason…looks like I got you in check =) *Made you look! *I just saw something that reminded me of you *Bad Girl! I found Magnetic Messaging online and learned how to text flirt the right way. I also found some text flirt openers to get me started. Here they are. Lisa: Finally Chris has sent me some flirty messages which now I really want to meet him and I'm now getting ready to send him this flirty message back, I found a place for you to take me to! Chris: Lisa just texted me back with this message; I found a place for you to tame me to! I will text her back tomorrow using this message; Here I am, what are your other 2 wishes?
6 Aug 2017
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The biggest OMG moments from Monday Night Raw.
27 Feb 2008
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FUNNY CATS pt 3 (omg LOL i cant take it)
10 Jun 2009
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This is just plain crazy! Most amazing table football trick in history! OMG!
24 May 2008
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OMG Pennsylvania and good Woman
26 Nov 2008
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**READ ME!** OMG! It passed? Is this reality? What the f*ck? Same-sex marriage has just been banned. Where's the equality wish people? Opinions about this? Let me know. More info who voted YES and NO on Prop 8: vote was 52.2% in favor of proposition 8 and 47.8% against"
17 Feb 2010
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