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*******dessouserotic**** *********** Exlusive video of the famous club Amnesia Ibiza Amnesia was the first and remains the favoured club of the people who live on the island. Of that number, 90% are the indiginous Spanish, or more accurately Ibicencos, so this is a club that is always full - whether the tourists turn up or not. Since most of the clubs began opening over Christmas and the New Year, Amnesia have reinforced their reputation of 'being there' for the people. Typically, on the night of the millennium celebrations they were the last to announce their prices - the rest more or less agreed on 10.000 ptas per head. Amnesia advertised the fact that anyone who lived on the island could enter 'gratis'. In the end it cost 2.000 ptas on the door, but everybody was happy to pay and the venue was rammed. Nobody can remember what time on New Years Day they finally locked the door and went home, but anyone lucky enough to have been there will take the memory of that night to their grave. The finca that eventually became Amnesia was unable to obtain an 'entertainment' license because it was the first disco on the island, so there had been no need for such a license before. In true Ibiza clubbing tradition, bits were added on to the finca here and there to expand capacity and satisfy demand. It was largely an 'outdoor' club in the 'good old days' with a huge outdoor 'terrace'. Over the years the business changed hands several times and for a period was actually owned by Ku, but they found that as one club become more succesful, the other suffered. In the meantime Brasilio, from Brazil (where they like to party...), was opening a Brazilian bar called 'Manaca' in the Calle de la Virgen on Ibiza's port stretch. It was the original 'coco loco' bar on the island and, snuggled in between the many Eastern influenced hippy bars on the stretch in those days, it soon gained popularity through novelty. Members of the Franco family and royalty were amongst the clientelle of this quirky little bar. In 1979 Brasilio relocated his bar to the San Rafael swimming pool where there was more room for his growing band of customers. The swimming pool that soon became famous worldwide as Ku. Years later when the original Ku partnership fell apart, Brasilio moved to Amnesia and set up his bar there. Even then he still gave away drinks at his 'coco loco' bar under certain circumstances. In those days surviving on the island was hard work, tourism hadn't really arrived yet and the average survivor earned 1.000 ptas a day. Nonetheless Brasilio knew that these people were essential to kick off the party vibe, particularly after a lethal welcoming 'coco loco'! The Coco Loco bar that still resides inside Amnesia still maintains the traditional spirit of the original Ibiza, but don't expect free drinks unless you can prove that you earn less than 1.000 ptas for an 8 hour day at work. In addition to his own bar, Brasilio ran Ku in the days before it became Privilege and may well one day run both clubs again. A man clearly undaunted by running two of the largest clubs in Europe, yet one of the pioneers who put ibiza on the global music map. He's seen some changes over the 20 + years that he's been running night clubs on the island, but hasn't lost any enthusiasm for the challenge. He attributes his success to the team that he has had around him throughout his illustrious career. That team now numbers over 150 in the day to day running of Amnesia. To keep the team spirit together during the winter months when Amnesia is in hibernation, they go on tour. 'La Troya Asesina' do 30 parties worldwide, but insist that their team organise and supervise these parties. This ensures that these parties are authentic and do not jeopardise the reputation that they have earned over time. It's not just going to be a sign over the door of your local club. It also keeps the many otherwise talented seasonal workers in practise, whilst ensuring their ability to survive the artistically creative winter. To return to the club today, which is never difficult, the terrace (now covered, soundproofed and bigger than almost any single night club in Britain) has traditionally played 'old skool' rhythms and Latin classics carefully hidden amongst funkier vibes. The main room (on your right as you enter) tends towards harder house, but still with a Spanish influence - or is it just the crowd that you're rubbing shoulders with? This is a very big club and on a good night you need to be there 'early' as the car park fills up quickly after 3 am in the morning. Otherwise you can find yourself parking nearer to Ibiza town than your destination - reminiscent of the days when hill parties were still allowed. As the oldest club on the island it classes as a sort of historical site, you could justifiably explain away a visit here to your mother in law... *******www.jizz13****
29 May 2010
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On A Good Night by Wade Hayes
16 Nov 2008
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The clip prank calls from I Could Never Be Your Woman (2007) with Saoirse Ronan We can still be friends can't we? Yeah you know I was there for you. Matthew Perry has no sense of humor. Ok, this one. Hello (Together) Ehhhhh. No it's much slower. Ehhhhh. (Together) Ehhhhh. You are so grounded. Hello! I'm home! What are you guys up to? Nothing. How come you're home so early? Where's Adam? I decided we shouldn't go out anymore. Why? I like him. I'm trying to be mature. That's not really your style. Yeah, I know. At what age do you stop going out on dates? Don't be an idiot. What? Old people don't go out on dates. Good night. (Together) Good night. Quit it. I told her the truth.
28 Nov 2011
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The clip discussing the past from The Chamber (1996) with Faye Dunaway Don't forget we have the museum on Thursday. Good night, Adam. Good night. Good luck. Phelps lives in town. Oh, it's okay. We have a very active romantic life. Just not with each other. Why stay married? Good for a banker to have someone acceptable for social occasions. And it's good for you to have a banker. Done pretty well for poor white trash. Don't you think? Not bad. Not bad at all. Of course, how acceptable I'm gonna be... when the world finds out I'm Hitler's daughter is another question. It's all right. It's under control. Nobody knows? Well, I was speakin' of my drinkin'. But no. No one knows. I left home when I was 18, changed my name, met Phelps, eloped. We told his family my father was dead. Soon that won't be a lie. You talk about Sam like he means nothing to you. Well, occasionally, if I'm havin' a good day... and the sun is shinin', I might think of him and remember some small, pleasant moment from my earliest days. The way he'd call me sweet baby girl. But mostly I remember how he destroyed absolutely everyone... who made the mistake of getting close to him. He'll do it to you too, you know. Be very careful dredging the past, Adam. You might not like what comes up.
27 Nov 2011
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Larry Boone and Wade Hayes performing "On a good night" at the Glencoe All-Star Celebration in Glencoe, Alabama. See more on www.myGadsden**** or www.GlencoeASC****
16 Oct 2009
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