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The Hottie Pilates Online Video Library brings the benefits of Janice Nichols’ in studio mat classes to the comfort and convenience of your own home or hotel room. This library features a diverse selection of Hottie Pilates mat workouts, lead by Janice Nichols herself, giving you the ability to workout anytime, 27/7. You can purchase a Hottie Pilates Video Membership by visiting www.hottie-pilates**** Hottie Pilates Online Video Membership: * Just $19.99 per month * Unlimited access to our online video workouts * New workouts added frequently * Absolutely no advertisements This Hotel Workout is a nice workout for travelers and does not use any weighted equipment. Typical videos from the Library will utilize weighted balls and bars, as well as other personal fitness equipment. The videos are between 12-15 minutes in length and are meant to be repeated or combined with other workouts from the Library. Join today and see a difference tomorrow!
10 Apr 2010
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*******www.ignitetech****/ Jim Janicki, President & CEO highlights Ignite's Delivery Technologies.
30 Apr 2011
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Take a look at this data converters reference design for PMOD DC connectors from Avnet Electronis. Find out more about the PMOD connector at *******www.avnetondemand****
5 Jan 2012
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Take a look at this data converters reference design for PMOD ACL connectors from Avnet Electronis. Find out more about the PMOD connector at *******www.avnetondemand****
5 Jan 2012
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**All Airsoft guns require 1/4" orange tips** *******www.airsplat****/Items/GP-KSC-USP-MK23.htm Jake and Kristen Review the KWA MK 23 Socom Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol. This newest offering from KWA includes the efficient NS2 gas system, which provides a crisp recoil and blowback action, while at the same time increasing gas efficiency even in cooler temperatures. Great features like full HK trades, functional Decocker, and tactical rail make this a beast of a sidearm. Shooting test and chrono are provided
11 Jan 2012
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*******www.sweetstrategies**** Restaurant Owner uses Push Notifications to his Mobile App to drive business to his restaurant when HE needs it most. Push Notifications have a 97% Read Rate and are delivered within 15 seconds. What could your business do with that kind of Advertising Attention?
16 Jan 2012
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*******www.airsplat****/Items/ERM-JM-M4-BKMBA.htm In this Episode of AOD Jake and Kristen Review the Javelin Black Mamba Electric Blowback AEG Rifle. This All in one package comes with an ACE Stlye fixed CQB Combat Stock, LMT sights, Full metal Gearbox and Body, Electric Blowback, and a Suppressor Style Tracer Unit. All this makes for a very appealing kit for the price, moreso than other high end AEG rifles like KWA or Classic Army. Shooting course, chrono, and features review is provided
20 Jan 2012
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Take a look at the latest Avnet Technology Solutions as the Avnet Electronics Marketing Technology Director, Joe Tillison gives a sneak peek of the Smart Energy Forum, an Avnet virtual conference and training about home and building automation, metering, infrastructure and energy generation and conversion. For more information on Avnet Electronics Marketing's Smart Energy Forum, visit *******www.em.avnet****/smartenergy or *******www.avnetondemand**** today.
29 May 2012
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Bring your dream into real life with the most promising online booking script - Airfinch. Attract more hosts and make them signup with your online venture to list their space and accommodations. Avail offers for the guests at the time of first booking to make them visit your site at regular basis. Earn more profit for every booking from the guests and hosts before the payment with Commission based revenue model. Airfinch supports you as an all-rounder for making your dream come true. Feel free to contact
22 Feb 2018
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*******www.e-dod****/ E-DOD is a web-based on-demand software development solution
1 Aug 2007
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The latest commercial from Vehix**** that's now airing - featuring WheelsTV Video Test Drives on Comcast On Demand.
21 Dec 2007
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How to watch video on demand for example from fox**** if you are living outside the USA.. (Works everywhere/ for every country) (perfect for germans how want to watch Prison Break)
4 Feb 2008
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