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******* Grab your grillz and your Air Force Ones. Nelly's back baby! The iconic rap star with such hits as "Shake Ya Tail Feather" and "Hot in Herre" has returned...reinvented. Carbonated TV was on set of the star's new video "Just a Dream" in beautiful Playa del Rey, California and learned that the MC genius has much more than sick rhymes stacked in his back pocket. "Just a Dream" is a track off Nelly's new album"5.0," which is set for release on November 16th. Expect mad collaborations with T.I., T-Pain, and returnee Kelly Rowland, who collaborated with him on the hit "Dilemma." He admits she is totally taking the world by storm and is happy to have her in his life. For an individual known to upstart parties with his club beats, "Just a Dream" definitely sets a more demure tempo from the Nelly we've come to know. Nelly considers the jam "timeless" and relatable to his fan base: gaining love and losing love. Nelly, now entering the rap game ten years later, seems to be more connected to his heart and soul than before. A man devoted to a cause, Nelly is temporarily hosting a radio show in his home of St. Louis on Hot 104.1 and donating all the money from the gig. He admits that he has always been deeply appreciative of his city St. Louis and has wanted a way to truly show his gratitude and give back to the community. While Nelly will not be making money off his new stint, he knows music artists are salivating at the mouth wishing they had thought of radio hosting. Instant self promotion on the radio? What could be better with a new album on the horizon! Of course, the album release date will prevent this from being a permanent job for Nelly, but he understands how much music has changed, and how he must stay true to his roots as an artist in order to survive. Music has become immediate, and Nelly knows he can easily upload a song he recorded and tweet it the next day. The amount of music readily available is growing at a steady incline, but Nelly thinks people aren't necessarily quick absorbent sponges for tunes and are still selective, seeking true artistry and creativity in the end. The true artists will be the ones to survive this new media craze. What can you expect from the video? A true musician never reveals all his secrets, but what Carbonated TV can tell you is involves a Mustang dangling from a crane! Nelly swished back and forth over the sandy beaches of Playa del Rey yesterday in a new black Ford Mustang. He was dressed in a loose white satin shirt buttoned only slightly for the ladies! By his side was Vampire Diaries' star Katerina Graham who is apparently managed by Perez Hilton...who knew! Expect to see beautiful sunset shots and many dream references, i.e. playing with the idea of white, throughout the video. Be on the lookout for Nelly's new video "Just a Dream" and his album "5.0" set for release on November 16th. Until then, you can download the above jam and his other simultaneous release "Tippin in Da Club" on iTunes!
27 Aug 2010
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There is something off about that Modern Family clan. Cast members are always seen together on the red carpet as if they "truly are a family." Carbonated.TV doesn't buy it. Something's up and Carbonated.TV is on a mission to find some dirt and find the bully on set of the hit ABC show. Come join the search party! The quest should be relatively easy -- Carbonated.TV is here at the Beverly Hills Hotel for the Respect Awards, and of course the cast of Modern Family has completely covered the red carpet in size. Here are our targets for questioning, including their alias names: Jesse Tyler Ferguson (aka "Mitch"), Rico Rodriguez (aka "Manny"), Ariel Winter (aka "Alex"), Nolan Gould (aka "Luke"), and Sofia Vergara (aka "Gloria"). Luckily, Carbonated.TV will easily retrieve the information from the show's child stars who will tell nothing but the truth right? Wrong! Rico and Nolan were of no help in getting the scoop. Rico said that they are just one big happy multicultural traditional family, and Nolan said there was really no bully to be found. Ariel confessed that she was the bully, but I know deep down she's covering someone. And indeed she was! To Carbonated TV's surprise, Rico Rodriguez is the bully and apparently makes Sophia Vergara cough up five dollars every time she swears like a sailor. Who knew! The bullies on Modern Family aren't the adults, but the sweet innocent children. Let's be honest though, there really is no bully on set. Carbonated.TV quickly found out our efforts were fruitless, and we were being played. Serves us right since the cast of Modern Family is sweet, genuine, and good in its entirety. Sorry to have failed you, but this family's clean and free to go. Case closed. This has been a fun game to play on the carpet, but it's important to highlight that bullying is currently affecting our youth and is not something that should be taken lightly. Celebrities are banding together to address this crisis, and Florence Henderson from Dancing with the Stars along with dance partner Corky stressed the importance of believing in yourself and cutting outside negativity. Rob Reiner did a wonderful job in explaining how interminable the struggle has been for gay rights and how a show like Modern Family exemplifies gays positively in the media. Be sure to check out Modern Family Wednesdays 9/8C on ABC! *******
21 Oct 2010
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Playmate Kimberly Phillips has a slight slip-up while on set for her Playboy photo shoot—and we caught it all on tape. Check out the crazy video, and don’t forget to check Playboy**** on 10/26/10.
26 Oct 2010
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Since we just spotted Christian Bale driving while on set, we looked back at some of the others we've seen too.
6 Jun 2012
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We caught up to Kristen Chenoweth in New York City where she chatted about her on-set accident.
14 Aug 2012
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Micheal J. Fox is in New York City on set filming his upcoming new series, The Michael J. Fox Project.
1 Feb 2013
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Action man Taylor Lautner shows off his toned body as he works-up a sweat on set of new film in New York City.
19 Jun 2013
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Amanda Seyfried showed off her sexy legs while on set in Brooklyn, New York.
25 Sep 2013
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Johnny Depp drops his pants and flashes his underwear on set of Mortdecai in London.
10 Dec 2013
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video taking by amateur
22 Jun 2007
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*******www.mrpaparazzi**** Jamie Oliver and Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall shooting an advert for Channel 4 in London with a Gordon Ramsay lookalike. Jamie can be seen chatting to the camera while Hugh walks around behind him with a 'Hugh Rocks' sign. They then try and climb over an obstacle course.
2 Jan 2008
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Tim Allen and Chiwetel Ejiofor star in writer/director David Mamet's martial arts drama concerning a jujitsu master who becomes corrupted by the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. When a respected jujitsu master (Ejiofor) eschews a lucrative prizefighting career in favor of opening a self-defense dojo, it appears that he has chosen a peaceful path in life. The dedicated martial artist's fate takes an unanticipated turn, however, when he is manipulated into participating in ultimate fighting championships by a group of unscrupulous actors and fight promoters.
8 Aug 2008
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*******www.lukeford**** Jenny Hendrix, Evelyn Lin, Faye Runaway, Alexis Love, Sindee Coxx
29 Apr 2009
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InArtMedia presents CELEBRITY POP with Clinton H. Wallace "Celebrities are people too." from on the Red Carpet and Behind the Scenes, CELEBRITY POP is virally distributed exclusively on broadband and mobile channels.
2 Oct 2008
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John checks in from the set of a commercial shoot in Dallas.
26 Oct 2008
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Watch Jeremy Donaldson, the brains behind the story, make his on-screen debut while seeing his idea become a reality.
30 Dec 2008
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