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NOT FOR STRIKE ANYWHERE MATCHES, AND BE CAREFUL IF YOU ARE MAKING THIS! People have said like 15 times something like "that's stupid it can blow up in your hand" It's really unlikely with matches we have here in finnland. Even throwing it hard on the ground doesn't make it blow up usually. But still caution is needed, don't be stupid ;) Here is a video tutorial how to make simple but fun "bomb". It doesn't look like much, but it is loud! You can throw it or step on it. Always good way to pull pranks ;) This took exactly 10 minutes and 12 seconds.
27 Oct 2007
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Once upon a time there was a green little man called the Little Green Man. One day the little green man found something on the ground...
2 Nov 2007
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A message from new home builder Shea Home's president Bert Selva. Each new home built by Shea Homes is built on the grounds of integrity, dedication and honesty, and it shows. Find the perfect new home today by visiting www.SheaHomes****.
3 Nov 2007
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We took off from 27K in the Enstrom 280C and I was just playing with the camera. After we got back I watched the video and noticed the really cool shadow on the ground. The shadow gets smaller as we gain altitude. Stay tuned for more great helicopter and aviation videos.
20 Nov 2007
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If that had been a football player (soccer) he would have been rolling around on the ground for half an hour. This chick get straight back up
21 Nov 2007
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The Fillmore Heritage Center is located at the corner of Fillmore and Eddy Streets in the heart of San Francisco's Historic Fillmore Jazz District. Eighty-one-, two- and three-bedroom condominiums are available in this unique thirteen-story building (including 68 Market-Rate & 12 Affordable Homes). A wide variety of restaurants, a vibrant shopping district and world-class entertainment are all within walking distance - including the world-famous Yoshi's San Francisco Jazz Club and Japanese Restaurant located on the ground level. A 24-hour doorman, private parking, the Jazz Heritage Center art gallery, screening room and historical display, and a 10,000 square-foot private outdoor terrace are included in the amenities. Please visit *******www.fillmoreheritage**** for more information.
30 Nov 2007
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Hubble cast 06: A battle of giants - telescopes in space and on the ground Have you ever wondered why some telescopes are launched into space while others are built on remote mountain tops? What is actually the best for astronomy? Here we provide a ringside view of the fight for the elusive photons from deep space - is it a battle of the telescope giants? Credit: ESA/Hubble (M. Kornmesser
12 Dec 2007
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A missile falls on the ground. Cool!
25 Dec 2007
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Sebasten wasn't used to video cameras so when I first started filming he posed for a minute or two laying still on the ground waiting for the flash. After realizing he could see himself and he was making a movie he was so drawn to it that he filled up the hard drive on my camera.
30 Dec 2007
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This documentary chronicles the history of the little known and secretive US Military Unit that worked behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War. The United States Military Liaison Mission collected intelligence on the Soviet and East German miltary 'on the ground' and contributed to the the fall of the Soviet Empire in ways few people know about. A fascinating look at the brave soldiers who worked behind enemy lines In Plain Sight.
2 Jan 2008
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A church with a strange aura, with lot of burial epitaph, underground. On the ground floor the church looks majestic, an Italian admiring the same with astonishment.
3 Jan 2008
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Dirt bike crashes can happen anytime, anywhere. You can see them coming and be powerless to stop it (like a train wreck about to happen) or they can be out of the blue (like a hand from middle earth grabbing your front wheel) and before you know it you're on the ground.
7 Jan 2008
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Watch how to make a pretty loud "firecracker" from two matchboxes, and some ducttape. Throw on the ground hard to make it explode. (Sorry for the crappy filming, used an ice-cream box as a camera stand.)
13 Jan 2008
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This is what happens when you blow bubbles when its -5 degress F outside. They freeze on the ground, on the wand, and in the air. Its dark and the camera isn't very good but you can still see what's happening.
20 Jan 2008
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more info at *******www.theuptake**** The UpTake’s Chuck Olsen is embarking on a road trip through the Southern United States, visiting Super Duper Tuesday states in search of real stories on the ground. Watch for live coverage from the road at *******theuptake.or
1 Feb 2008
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My friend Ikaika doing a sit up free throw shot, followed by a sit up three point shot. A sit up shot is where you do a sit up and shoot the ball, while still laying on the ground. My first video outside magic. Enjoyed my video(s)? Even if it was just a bit help out by subscribing (click the subscribe link below). :-)
6 Feb 2008
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