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This video is actually a preview of my upcoming Marshall Arts Video which i will be uploading soon. These days i am trying my hands on video/audio editing, so i promise my next videos will be better in all aspects. please rate my video, thats the only way you can appreciate me. Thanks for your comments.
20 Aug 2007
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Food Allergies Mean Back-to-School Jitters for Millions of Students and Their Parents Life-Altering Epidemic Now Afflicts One in 25 Americans The incidence of food allergy has skyrocketed, doubling in the last 10 years, and scientists aren't sure why. More than 12 million Americans – one in 25 – are caught up in this life-altering epidemic. Among them are 2.2 million school-age children. For them, as well as for their parents, back-to-school is an especially anxious time. That's because food allergy is not the harmless, whimsical condition some people still seem to think it is. "Food allergy is serious, and it's life-threatening," says Anne Muñoz-Furlong, founder and CEO of the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN). "Just one bite of the wrong food can bring on anaphylaxis – a severe allergic reaction that can cause death. Even trace amounts can be enough to cause problems – sometimes just through skin contact, or from inhalation when food is being cooked." Food allergy is the leading cause of anaphylaxis outside the hospital setting in the U.S. and results in 150-200 deaths and more than 30,000 emergency room visits each year. There is no known cure; strict avoidance is the only way to prevent a reaction.
20 Aug 2007
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We like to save money for people by avoiding debt consolidation or bankruptcy. Debt consolidation and credit consolidation are not the only ways to eliminate debt.
27 Aug 2007
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This is a video about the petition to get Monster Rancher on DVD. Digiview Entertainment has only released the first 8 episodes on DVD, even though they have the rights (and BKN International AG told me so) for the entire series in the U.S. and Canada. What we need to do is get them to release all the episodes in the U.S. and Canada, so we can all buy them LEGALLY. And the only way I can think of them doing so is if we show them that we really want them.
2 Sep 2007
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Want to understand how your ANTI-virus program works ?The program is made in perl.Just reverse the process that I describe in this video,everybody speaks about computer security,what programs you should get ,like firewalls or antiviruses but nobody teaches you how to think like a researcher.Reverse ingineering is the only way you will understand these processes.This video is for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSESS ONLY !
8 Sep 2007
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This is the opening number of my live concert. My vision is to show the beauty of various cultures. I am deeply moved by the artistry, costumes & rhythms of the world, & believe we are part of a human tapestry whose threads are woven into my music and being. As a long time fan of Deep Forest and the profoundly moving work they do, capturing the beautiful sounds and songs of indigenous people all over the world, I felt that the only way to honor this beautiful piece of music was to stage and "choreograph" a gathering of "humanity" on stage. The dove is of course symbolic of peace, eminating from my heart and the flags which unite us all, are the prayer flags that carry messages of peace and hope "into the wind"
19 Sep 2007
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*******www.cafepress****/ideoproductions Buy "Microwave" merchandise from our store! Experiment #10: Christmas Lights - Tis the season to warm and toasty... Jory decides to light up his decorative holiday lights the only way he knows how - in his Sharp microwave! So, you're probably wondering, Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This? Tune in to find out. Each week, microwave specialist Jory Caron tests the effects of radiation on different objects... so you don't have to! The Jory Caron Microwave Laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility equipped with tinfoil shielding, a proper ventilation system, a safety poking arm, and of course - a Sharp microwave recovered from the trash. ** New Episodes Every Monday & Friday! ** Starring: Jory Caron Filmed & Edited by: Jonathan Paula An ideo Production.
24 Sep 2007
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15 Oct 2007
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Riddled with guilt over the loss of his rock star older brother, 16 year old David Forrester (Ricky Ullman) becomes obsessed with death, leading his misguided parents to send him to Driftwood, an "Attitude Adjustment Camp for Troubled Youths" run by the sadistic Captain Doug Kennedy (Diamond Dallas Page) and his brutal young henchman, Yates (Talan Torriero). Once there, David becomes haunted by the spirit of Jonathan (Connor Ross), a former inmate who met a mysterious end; a mystery whose resolution could very well be David's only way out. DVD available November 13th from Image Entertainment.
7 Nov 2007
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This is the only and only way to acquire credits from xpango. Sign up as an administrator and steal max credits. That's not a joke. This has been tested and proved by programmers. try it, u'll not regret. From HackPR
14 Nov 2007
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*******www.jobfreein30**** The fact is, knowledge is only potential power. The only way you can obtain the power and become successful is through the application of knowledge. You must put that knowledge into ACTION.
15 Nov 2007
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Zero G flight, he only way possible without going to space to experience zero gravity. A movie by Zero Gravity Corporation.
3 Dec 2007
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This is how I painted Night of Nights. This is of no were in particular but more of a place I can go in my mind. One of the good things about painting is you can escape the problems and reality's of life. Some times tomorrows dreams are better than yesterdays reality's. So get some paint and some board and have ago. The only way we can learn new things is to try new things. If any one would like to try this Style of painting and you have some questions please ask. Regards Barry.
18 Dec 2007
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Sometimes when a man starts talking the only way to shut him up is to tell him exactly what you think.
19 Dec 2007
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The only way to hack any World of Warcraft account!
20 Dec 2007
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Excellent! is the only way to describe Jeff Dunham and his puppet; Ahmed!
1 Jan 2008
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