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Warning - this video has little or no commentary. This is just another cruise video. No scenery in this video, since it's at night. The guy in front of me really knows how to leave me in the dust, as he does some really high speed turns.
13 Feb 2008
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1:30am, Honolulu, Hawaii, at the Punahou Onramp
12 Nov 2008
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Second gear pull to third, traffic :(
2 May 2007
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Cologate-Palmolive uses Lotus products to drive innovation and keep over 20,000 knowledge workers connected. By utilizing powerful enterprise collaboration and messaging tools such Lotus Notes and Domino, Lotus Connections and Sametime, employees can find subject matter experts, shorten product cycles and empower end-users to collaborate. MITCH COHEN: I’m Mitch Cohen with Colgate-Palmolive and I’m the manager of Messaging and Collaboration Systems. We have 300 locations across over 117 countries with 20,000 knowledge workers spread throughout the world. We’ve been a Lotus customer for many years now and we use the core Lotus Notes and Domino Suite, that is our e-mail messaging platform, and we’re in the midst of a global rollout of Notes 8.0.2. We’re about 60 percent complete there and we intend to finish that this year. We’ve also, over the last few years, implemented Sametime, Quickr and now we’re in the middle of implementing Lotus Connections. So, there’s so many advantages to using Notes for calendaring, scheduling, and messaging, but we’re starting to see so much more as that client evolves into a collaboration onramp, not just an e-mail platform. With 20,000 knowledge workers spread geographically around the world one of our challenges is how do we connect all these people and Sametime was the beginning of that and we’ve actually created a culture in the company where part of being at work is being online. That enables people to actually find people and actually connect with them very easily on Sametime. Sametime is really a part of my daily life. I work within my group. We’re spread on any given day over three or four locations within the New York City area, so we don’t sit together. We interact a lot through Sametime itself. Social software is really changing the way we work as a company. As we implement some of the newer tools, we’re actually giving people the ability to stop finding a person by name and actually start finding a subject matter expert. So, when we started looking at the Connections package, what became obvious to us was that Profiles is the foundation to build around in Connections. By starting to have a richer Profile, and really when you look up a person, whether you find them by person or some other piece of information, you start to get a real picture of that person in terms of their formal reporting structure, but also they're very informal who’ve they’ve selected as their colleagues, what their social network is within the company. As we look to what’s coming next, we look at tools like Connections and then even further ahead to things like mashups as a way to reduce the workload on IT and there’s no way we have the resources to do every last request the business puts to us. Using the Lotus tools really helps us work more efficiently as a company. As we take the tools they integrate together nicely and what they’ve really let us do is let our people work situationally. So, by putting Quickr access in an e-mail client people are not pivoting and saying no, I need this document, I need to leave this environment and go get something else. If you look at Activities and Connections, it’s the same idea. I can work from where I am. If I’m in Activities, I can work there. If I’m in e-mail, I can work there. So part of that is actually making people work more efficient and not having them change tools ten times a day to be able to accomplish simple tasks that they need to, to get through their day. Lotus knows I have no idea how to make toothpaste, but I help people do it every day with collaboration tools.
13 Mar 2010
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สาธิตอย่างละเอียดโดยวีดีโอทุกขั้นตอน เพื่อให้สามารถขายของบน Internet ได้ทั่วโลก ไม่มีบัตรเครดิต! ก็สมัครได้ เผยเทคนิคการขายของใน eBay และเทคนิคการหาลูกค้าโดยไม่ต้องรอให้ลูกค้ามาหาเราเอง โดย จีระพล ไชยมงคล (OnRamp Program จากบริษัทอีเบย์) หนังสือ + 3 CD-Rom ราคาพิเศษ 170 บาท สั่งซื้อและดูรายละเอียดเพิ่มเติมที่ *******tinyurl****/663xeu หรือ *******www.pramool****/cgi-bin/auction.cgi?Mrmarketing&&un
26 Dec 2008
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Conway talks to Shannon about finding the onramp to route zero.
12 Jan 2013
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Police Brutality At Its Finest: California Highway Patrol Officer Beats A Black Woman Senseless On The Side Of The Freeway Unnecessary and excessive: That's what one man is calling a fierce encounter he captured on video between a CHP officer and a woman two days ago. The video starts rolling right around 6:30 p.m. Tuesday. A woman walking on the eastbound 10 Freeway near the La Brea onramp is tackled on the roadside shoulder by a CHP officer. The officer unleashes a barrage of punches to her face. California Highway Patrol Officer Beats A Black Woman Senseless On The Side Of The Freeway Police Officer Beats Black Woman On The Side Of The Freeway CHP Answers Excessive Force Charge In Beating Of Woman On Side Of Freeway LOS ANGELES (CBSLA****) — The California Highway Patrol responded Thursday to a YouTube video showing an officer punching a woman along the side of the freeway. The CHP officer is shown punching the woman on the ground more than 11 times in the face. She doesn't appear in the video clip to resist. On Thursday, the CHP issued a statement that said: "The California Highway Patrol (CHP) is aware of the video and we are looking into the incident. As a matter of policy, every time there is a use of force by our officers, there is a review conducted to determine whether the use of force was appropriate. That will be done in this case, however, since there is an ongoing investigation, it would be premature to comment on this specific video segment without reviewing the entire incident." The confrontation was caught on cellphone video by a man driving by. On the YouTube video, he seems shocked that the officer is hitting the woman. What started the confrontation and what triggered the rough takedown and arrest is unclear. The video was shot along the 10 Freeway near La Brea Avenue early Tuesday evening. When the video starts, the officer is seen trying to detain the woman. She gets a few steps away from him, but he gets her to the ground. He briefly struggles with her before repeatedly punching her in the face. After a few moments, a plainclothes officer enters the picture and helps the CHP officer put the woman in handcuffs. The man who shot the video identifies himself as a music producer who lives in Los Angeles. David Diaz told CBS2′s Rachel Kim he was horrified to have witnessed the confrontation. He called it a definite case of police brutality. Diaz said he saw the barefoot woman walking around the off-ramp when he noticed a CHP officer chase her around a truck. He said the punches were "excessive and brutal." "He just pounded her," Diaz said. "If you look at the video, there are 15 hits. To the head, and not just simple jabs. These are blows to the head. Blows. Really serious blows. And this is ridiculous to me." He added, "I find it hard to believe there [was] no other remedy in this situation." Video shows California officer punching woman The woman had been walking on Interstate 10 west of downtown Los Angeles, endangering herself and people in traffic, and the officer was trying to restrain her, CHP Assistant Chief Chris O'Quinn said at a news conference. O'Quinn said the woman had begun walking off the freeway but returned when the confrontation occurred. The video shows the woman struggling and trying to sit up while the officer punches her in the face and head until an off-duty law enforcement officer appears and helps him handcuff her. Passing Driver David Diaz recorded the Tuesday incident and provided it to media outlets including The Associated Press. He told the AP in a phone interview Friday that he arrived as the woman was walking off the freeway. He said she turned around only after the officer shouted something to her. Video: Officer beats woman on LA freeway California Highway Patrol promises investigation after trooper is taped 'brutally beating a great-grandmother in broad daylight' Motorist David Diaz filmed a California Highway Patrol officer punching a woman least 11 times in the head on Tuesday She puts up her hands to protect herself but does not appear to resist CHP Assistant Chief Chris O'Quinn said the woman had been walking on the highway endangering herself and people in traffic, and the officer was trying to restrain her Lawyer Caree Harper, representing the woman's family, said they want authorities held accountable
5 Dec 2014
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