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Interop means networking and Extreme Networks, an international networking solutions provider, had a number of interesting secure open source solutions. Interop is held at Makuhari Messe in Tokyo Japan and regularly has over 150,000 visitors from around the world.
20 Sep 2006
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Examination of the Internet's Effect on Entertainment and News Gathering in the Participation Age SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- November 29, 2006 /PRNewswire/ -- Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ:SUNW), the creator of the open source Solaris(TM) Operating System (Solaris OS), today announced the launch of The Big Mashup (at www.sun****/thebigmashup), a unique online experience examining how the world of entertainment and news gathering is rapidly changing as the network blurs the line between audience and entertainer, viewer and newscaster, fan and producer. With Internet technology—music and movies, broadcast news and blogs, entertainers and audiences—can all converge and mix online. The Big Mashup will feature a documentary with media and entertainment thought leaders, a community blog discussing the impact of changes brought on by the network, and Snapp Radio, an online music and photo application mashup developed by Sun Labs and featuring and RadioParadise streams paired with Flickr images. "The Internet today is all about participation, collaboration, and community — we all see this every day by the rise of citizen journalism, blogs, podcasts, online videos, and mashups of all kinds," said Ingrid Van den Hoogen, senior vice president of brand and global communications. "Our Big Mashup brings together leading innovators across various new media sectors to address the future of entertainment and the growth in the network which is fueled by community and collaboration." Chris Melissinos, Sun Microsystems' chief technology officer for Web 2.0 and a self-proclaimed video game addict, hosts the documentary video showcasing entertainment and media thought leaders such as Andrew Baron, founder, and Joanne Colan, host of Rocketboom; Gillian Caldwell, executive director of WITNESS; Joel Hyatt, Current TV's CEO and co-founder; Douglas Rushkoff, writer and lecturer on technology, pop culture and media; Paul D. Miller/DJ Spooky, artist, writer, musician and producer; and Martin Stiksel,'s CCO. These industry pundits will give their perception of how the network has changed for businesses and the way entertainers perform. Another key component to The Big Mashup is Web 2.0 music application, Snapp Radio, which streams music from or Radio Paradise and weaves in Flickr photos tagged with keywords or emotionally evocative tags corresponding to the song. Links to related communities and websites that explore the new realm of entertainment online will also be included on the site.
8 Dec 2006
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Graph - a software that allows you to easily solve equations, it can visualize functions, you can even derivate a function by a simple mouse-click, and much more. And best part is, that it's completely free. (GNU GPL so basically open-source)
14 Jan 2007
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Although it looks like one of the hardest captchas ever on first sight because it is animated, it can easily be solved with open source software... Yes, this is done by a quite simple & ugly bash script, but I will not release it. [Music: Kevin MacLeod]
21 Feb 2007
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Learn how you can download free website templates - open source temlates
1 Mar 2007
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Paint.NET is an open source graphics program that can do practically anything the commercial Photoshop can do... best of all it's FREE!!!
17 Mar 2007
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You don't need expensive software to make your pictures look cool. With the Gimp you can make this cool effect in just a few steps. The Gimp is Open Source and Free for download Software. Get it at *******gimp****/
2 May 2007
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This the same as my first vid of Fedora Linux on the PS3, but for all those with questions, I decided to do a version of the video with full voiceover explanations. And Ebay believes installing open source software on an open platform (as is stated on Sony's site) is a "copyright violation". Apparently they don't understand open my auction of this unit was cancelled without notification. Thanks, Ebay
4 Jul 2007
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Our goal is to create an open source Internet platform for multi-user, interactive, distributed, high-quality 3D graphics and audio for home, public and personal use. The platform will support high-quality 3D-graphics as well as high-quality 3D-audio and acoustic simulation. The foundation of the platform is "Verse", a lightweight, low latency, general-purpose network protocol for 3D data, which lets multiple applications act together as one large system by sharing data over the network.
2 Aug 2007
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Songibrd is an open-source media player based on Firefox, so it's also a browser. The software lets you play music from the web as easy as if it was on your computer. It's a new project so it doesnt even support tabbed browsing at the moment but I cant wait for the final result. Go, this link for the original high quality video *******www.songbirdnest****/screencast/ Note I did not make this video, I'm just spreading the word
27 Aug 2007
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*******mix.jetsetshow**** - MIX - the jetset community, we need to know what you think -- please take our survey!, apple's new ipods, new wi-fi music store, new ringtones, steve jobs's keynote, steve jobs's "apology" letter, itoner, sendsong, nullriver iphone haxxorz, hackint0sh forums, banned from x-box live for 8,000 years, master chief vs. dinosaur, keanu reeves vs. teddy bear, chuck norris vs. kitten, pandora, pandorajam,, statetris thread on MIX, internet people!, the meth minute 39 by dan meth!, shitdisco, EAT.JETSET with eric rey!, open source food, suckadelic
11 Sep 2007
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Video usage on how to compile (with gcc) and run OpenWebSpider (open source web spider and search engine) v0.7 under linux
20 Sep 2007
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Open source products are more reliable than commercial software. This bug belongs to Ms Office 2007 only (earlier versions do not have it)
25 Sep 2007
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Intel software guru Renee James celebrates the many communities that influence her team of software engineers, from Open Source, to higher education to the lively discussions and live learning on ***********
28 Sep 2007
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*******live.pirillo**** - Ponzi learned a valuable lesson this week. Never buy software before you try it. If there's no free trial available, stay away from it! Always check to see if you can find a comparable open-source or free software. You might actually find one that's better than its paid counterpart.
11 Nov 2007
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A 3D room created using Blender the open source 3D modeling software.
19 Oct 2007
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