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Video summary of the ALDE Conference Stop child sex tourism and the sexual exploitation of children Event date: 13/02/08 15:00 to 17:30 Location: Room ASP A3G3, European Parliament, Brussels The aim of the conference is to explore how the EU can contribute to stop child sex tourism and the sexual exploitation of children inside as well as outside the European continent. The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe together with Terre des Hommes will use this seminar to promote awareness of the thousands of children who fall victim to the sex industry in Europe and South East Asia. Experts from NGO's, the Commission, the Dutch Parliament, the European Parlaiment and the travelling industry are invited to explain their experiences and to reflect on possible solutions. PROGRAMME Opening remarks by Jules Maaten, MEP (ALDE) Speakers invited: Mrs. Amihan Abueva, President of ECPAT International, Philippines Mr. Fred Teeven, Member of Parliament in the Netherlands and former public prosecutor Mr. Seila Samleang, country director APLE, Cambodia Mrs. Mirela Shuteriqi, legal expert on South East Europe from Terre des Hommes Mrs. Geraldine Pauly, spokesperson department sustainable development, Accor Group [ALDE Events] [Language EN original]
22 Oct 2011
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Human Mobile Stage No. 51F, The Celebration of 36th anniversary of establishment and 37th Staffs Inauguration of Chung Oi Chau Biu Martial Art Sports Association and Chau Biu anniversary Banquet Party. Time: 27-04-2010 (Chinese Lunar date 14th March of each year, it was the day of the death of Master Chau Biu in 1961, other detail please refer to Human Mobile Stage 51E)。 This Video information: (1)Lion Eyes Dotting Ceremony (Eyes and Horn Opening)。Remark: Lions for Eyes Dotting Ceremony were donated by K-Tech Engineering Co. (A)Middle Lion _ MC by The President of Hong Kong Chinese Martial Arts Dragon and Lion Dance Association, Sifu Kong Pui Wai, who wore in a Black Suit. (B)Left hand side Lion MC By the chairman of Chau Biu Chinese Boxing Ltd, Sifu. Tsui Mi Lam. He wore in white Shirt. (C)Right hand side Lion MC by the chairman of Chung Oi Chau Tin Chinese Boxing Association. Sifu Law Cheuk. He Wore in Beige Jacket. (2) Lion Dancing Performance: By Chung Oi Chau Biu Martial Art Sports Association (Our School). (2.A) Saluted to Master Chau Biu Picture. (3) Continue to Issue Flags to our school’s honored Students (3.A) MC by:Our School Honorary Chairman Mr. Cham Ka Kit. Winners of: Hong Kong Kung Fu Festival- 2009 Kung Fu Hero Event was held by New Martial Hero Magazine ( below name as 2009 KFHE)。 Men’s Fist (1) Gold Medal, Mr. Leung Cheuk Man. (2) Gold Medal, Mr. Kwok Kit. (3.B) MC by:Our School Honorary Chairman Mr. Lee Hang Shun. Men’s Fist (1) Gold Medal, Mr. Au Chi Kwan. (2) Gold Medal, Mr. Chow Kwong. (3.C) MC by: Our school financial secretary Sifu Tsui Kim Wan. Winners of : 2009 KFHE. Men’s Fist. (1) Silver Medal, Mr. Shek Ka Kit. (2) Silver Medal, Mr. Ip Tak Ming. (3) Silver Medal, Mr. Lee Chin Ching. (4) Bronze Medal,Mr. Wong Yiu Lung. (5) Bronze Medal,Mr. Yeung Yuen Moa. (3.D) MC by:Our School Honorary Chairman Mr. Au Kit Yee, Tony. Winners of: 2009 KFHE Men’s Long Weapons (1) Gold Medal,Mr. Chow Wing Hoo. (2) Gold Medal,Mr. Choi Siu Kwan. (3) Gold Medal, Mr.Shek Ka Kit. (3.E) MC By:The chairman of Chau Biu Chinese Boxing Ltd,Sifu. Tsui Mi Lam. Winners of: 2009 KFHE Men’s Long Weapons (1) Gold Medal, Mr. Wong Chun Kit. (2) Silver Meda, Mr. Sun Hung Kwong. Men’s Short Weapons (3) Gold Meda,Mr. Chow Wing Hoo. (4) Bronze Medal, Mr. Cheung Wing Kit. (3.F) MC by: The Chairman of Chung Oi Chau Tin Martial Arts Association. Sifu Lam Kim Fat. Winners of : 2009 KFHE. Men’s Long Weapon Fighting Training. (1) Gold Medal, Mr. Chow Wing Hoo. (2) Gold Medal, Mr. Wong Chun Kit. (3) Gold Medal, Mr. Kwok Chun. (3.G) MC by:The chairman of Chung Oi Chau Tin Chinese Boxing Association. Sifu Law Cheuk. Winners of: 2009 KFHE. Men’s Long Weapon Fighting Training. (1) Gold Medal,Mr. Choi Siu Kwan (2) Gold Medal,Mr. Shek Ka Kit. (3) Gold Meda, Mr. Kwan Wing Lung. (4) Presentation of Souvenirs to the quests of master of ceremony. (4.A) MC By: The Chairman of DAB Southern Sub-branch of Hong Kong Island, Mr. Yeung Wai Foon. (1) Recd by: The councillor of Central and Western District of Hong Kong Island. Mr. Chung Yam Cheung. (2) Recd by: The President of Hong Kong Chinese Martial Arts Dragon and Lion Dance Association, Sifu Kong Pui Wai. (4.B) MC By: Mr. Chung Yam Cheung. Recd by: Mr. Yeung Wai Foon. (5) Assorted Colours Lion performed the Chin: Lion Head by (Our school) Mr.Chan Kwok Fai. (6) Kung Fu performance: By Our School. (A) Mr. Cheung Wing Kit _ Big Tiger. (B) Mr. Chiu Kam Wah _ Double Edges Staff. (C) Mr. Chan Chi Hey _ Small Tiger. (D) Mr. Wong Kwong Yick _ Double Edges Staff. (E) Mr. Chow Kwong Tim, Mr. Sun Hung Kwong, Mr. Wong Cheuk Men and Mr. Wong Yiu Lung – 4 persons group - Sai Ping Fist.
16 May 2010
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“In my view the [insurgents’] motivation for fighting the Afghan government, the Americans, and others is very locally based. And that is important to realize because it means in my view that the solutions are not just about a central government, they are also about working with and understanding local dimensions,” said Jones. He told the subcommittee that the U.S. should think “more concretely about bottom-up, rather than entirely top-down”, which is where the U.S. has focused. Another expert witness, Dr. Karin von Hippel, a scholar at the Center for Strategic and International Studies [CSIS], took a different stance by noting that although Afghanistan became a centralized state after the fall of the Taliban, there is nevertheless local involvement in politics. “They have a highly centralized form of government that may not be appropriate as you are saying to their very fragmented society, but that’s what they have agreed on in the Bonn process, that’s the constitution they agreed on. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a degree of a lot of local involvement at a number of different levels,” Hippel said. An example of such involvement was the National Solidarity Program - an effort by the government to reach rural communities across Afghanistan. Another example was the local councils, the shura, which can vote out the people who are in charge of certain local development projects, she said. In his opening remarks at the hearing, US Congressman Gary Ackerman, chairman of the HCFA Subcommittee on the Middle East and South Asia, called for a “coherent regional approach in particular, one that deals effectively with Iran and Pakistan.” He acknowledged that Iran had legitimate concerns regarding narcotics trafficking across its borders. But he added that there is significant evidence that Iran has armed the Taliban to gain leverage over the U.S. “While we seek their cooperation in Afghanistan, we should also insist they stop arms shipments to the Taliban in accordance with UN Security Council resolution 1390,” said Ackerman, the ranking Democrat on the subcommittee from New York. The UN resolution, adopted unanimously in January 2002, several months after the 11 September attacks, calls for the prevention of arms transfers from an UN member-nation’s territory to al-Qaida or the Taliban. Source: WashingtonTV correspondent in Washington © WashingtonTV 2009. All rights reserved.
7 Apr 2009
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Video summary of the ALDE workshop "The International Financial Crisis: Its causes and what to do about it?" Event date: 27/02/08 14:00 to 18:00 Location: Room ASP 5G2, European Parliament, Brussels This workshop will bring together Members of the European Parliament, economists, academics and journalists as well as representatives of the European Commission to discuss the lessons that have to be drawn from the recent financial crisis caused by the US sub-prime mortgage market. With the view of the informal ECOFIN meeting in April which will look at the financial sector supervision and crisis management mechanisms, this workshop aims at debating a wide range of topics including: - how to improve the existing supervisory framework, - how to combat the opacity of financial markets and improve transparency requirements, - how to address the rating agencies' performance and conflict of interest, - what regulatory lessons are to be learnt in order to avoid a repetition of the sub-prime and the resulting credit crunch. PROGRAMME 14:00 - 14:10 Opening remarks: Graham Watson, leader of the of the ALDE Group 14:10 - 14:25 Keynote speech by Charlie McCreevy, Commissioner for the Internal Market and Services, European Commission 14:25 - 14:40 Presentation by Daniel Daianu, MEP (ALDE) of his background paper 14:40 - 15:30 Panel I: Current features of the financial systems and the main causes of the current international crisis. -John Purvis, MEP EPP -Eric De Keuleneer, Solvay Business School, Free University of Brussels -Nigel Phipps, Head of European Regulatory Affairs Moody's -Wolfgang Munchau, journalist Financial Times -Robert Priester, European Banking Federation (EBF), Head of Department Banking Supervision and Financial Markets -Ray Kinsella, Director of the Centre for Insurance Studies University College Dublin -Servaas Deroose, Director ECFIN.C, Macroeconomy of the euro area and the EU, European Commission -Ieke Van den Burg, MEP PSE -David Smith, visiting Professor at Derby University and Chairman of the IEA's Shadow Monetary Policy Committee, UK -Bertrand Huet-Delaherse, Managing Director SIFMA, UK -Stanislaw Kluza, Chairman of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority Conclusions by Wolf Klinz, ALDE Group Coordinator Committee on Economic and Financial Affairs ALDE WEB Link: *******[tt_news]=9241 [ALDE Events] [Language EN original] 080227-ALDEEVENTS-The_International_Financial_Crisis
11 Jun 2008
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BOOK REVIEW CASES THAT CHANGED OUR LIVES General Editor: Ian McDougall ISBN: 978-1-4057-5588-7 BUTTERWORTHS LEXISNEXIS www.lexisnexis****** OUR FAMOUS COMMON LAW CASES An appreciation by Phillip Taylor MBE and Elizabeth Taylor of Richmond Green Chambers General Editor, Ian McDougall, was always going to have a problem with the selection of case law for this volume! It does not matter what you select, there will always be cases which are excluded although, inevitably, Donoghue –v- Stevenson must feature in the cover picture although Mrs Carlill is missing. Lord Neuberger sums the selection up well by saying that the cases provide a ‘great insight into the common law’. He goes on to describe the essays as drawing out the many different ways in which the common law shapes the world, demonstrating its great strength- its ability to adapt to change and experience. He then concludes that the essays provide ‘a truly informative and accessible contribution’ to our understanding of the common law and its legacy. McDougall’s Preface describes how the compilation took place and the structure of the book with its substantial number of eminent contributors. The aim of the book is simple and direct- all lawyers have an in-built need to revisit the great cases of the past. What is perhaps most noticeable from the essays are the insights into the people and the circumstances behind the decisions actually made in the past, and the human face which is presented ‘which is not always apparent from the law reports’. When we read the details of many of the cases set out here – mainly ones we were familiar with as students- it became obvious that this work has a much wider readership than lawyers and students. Recent TV programmes often refer to old cases which have a charm (or a concern) all of their own for the general public. The main cases are listed at the front although the index gives much help in tracking down the cases and the issues they cover. McDougall has structured the book of essays in 7 parts to reflect both the important substantive law areas and the ranging controversies of the time, namely: public law; land law; criminal law, civil law; the right to life; the state and terrorism in the twenty-first century (which is actually about liberty); and finally family law. Each part starts with some opening remarks and there are some extremely important conclusions which do reflect the orthodoxies of current judicial thinking although what Lord Denning and some early judges would make of judicial decision-making in some decades will forever remain unanswered although we could invite law students to surmise! The book is actually excellent for law students who, we are sure, will flick through to their own favourites- hopefully if they recognise the names. In the search for improvement in law, where issues are settled for good or sometimes not so good, Ian McDougall paraphrases Thomas Jefferson- ‘we now do that with the pen that we previously did with the sword’. When reviewing ‘famous’ cases, or cases of ‘celebrity’, we can also refer to another American, John Adams, whom Neuberger mentions and quotes- ‘we live in a world governed by laws not men’ probably hits the right note for the Foreword as we modernise our legal thoughts, although the charm and nature of our common law has, in our view, to take account of the men who made the decisions as well- it adds the essential human element to the human condition of case law!
3 Oct 2010
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In this demo with Adam Welc, Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist, Intel: As Justin Rattner emphasized in his Supercomputing 2009 keynote in November, the Internet is poised to transition from flat, 2D experiences to more immersive 3D experiences. Bringing real world physics to 3D graphics is essential to making these emerging online interactions true-to-life. For instance, realistic, physics-based cloth modeling could enable both virtual clothing design as well as virtual dressing rooms that allow you to “try out” clothes on your virtual body and see how they would actually fall on you and match your specific skin tone. Intel Labs have demonstrated JavaScript, the language used broadly to create interactive web pages, taken to new levels of capability. Although JavaScript is used in every browser, it’s mainly used to operate very simple tasks like processing web forms and has performance problems running more complicated activities. JavaScript has been underutilized until now due to the lack of programming environment. Intel Labs have worked on a programming model that allows better utilization, takes better advantage of newer and future high-core count processors, and can be immediately deployed without requiring any modifications to the underlying infrastructure. By treating the prototype chip as a “server farm” the chip is able to divide the work involved in calculating the motion of interactive cloth. Researchers use the “Actor” model, commonly used in server farms, which treats each core as an independent worker to own and process one piece of the cloth. Leveraging the standard HTTP web protocol, the browser distributes pieces of the cloth across the actor server farm, allows them to calculate the location of their piece of the cloth at the next time step, collects the results, and displays the combined image. This podcast is from the live webcast at the Clift Hotel in San Francisco on December 2, 2009. This demo followed Intel CTO, Justin Rattner’s opening remarks on the Single-Chip Cloud Computer, the latest Intel Labs milestone in the Intel Tera-scale Computing Research Program.
4 Dec 2009
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Senator John McCain, a 2008 presidential candidate answers question in an onstage fireside chat concerning his campaign. Watch the conference in it's entirety at: www.alwayson.goingon**** Including Senator McCain's opening remarks and questions from the audience. --Sent via *******heyspread**** : One shot video uploader
9 Aug 2007
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late show dave letterman monologue opening remarks
29 Aug 2009
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In this demo with Jonathan Ross, Software Architect, Microsoft: Bringing parallel programming to mainstream software developers is one of the main goals of Intel’s Tera-scale research program. Microsoft Visual Studio is a widely popular software development environment that can also be used for developing parallel applications to run on the SCC many-core platform. Visual Studio 2008 is demonstrated working together with Intel’s research SCC message passing environment. This allows programmers to directly take advantage of the cloud-like message passing architecture of SCC. Proves how easy it is for a programmer to setup a project, edit, compile and run applications that take advantage of the unique features of the experimental SCC. This podcast is from the live webcast at the Clift Hotel in San Francisco on December 2, 2009. This demo followed Intel CTO, Justin Rattner’s opening remarks on the Single-Chip Cloud Computer, the latest Intel Labs milestone in the Intel Tera-scale Computing Research Program.
4 Dec 2009
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House of Judiciary Committee Hearing on Internet Gaming on 11/14/2007.(Part 1 of 22). For complete details on the hearing go to
15 Nov 2007
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*******SupremeMasterTV**** – World Vegan, World Peace: A Conscious Choice - P3/10 Chicago, Illinois, USA August 11, 2001. Episode: 1812, Air Date: 31 August 2011. Commissioner Avila (m): Thank you for those kind remarks. And you know, you mentioned the Chicago stockyards. Well,the effect that the Chicago stockyards had here in Chicago, the area,we call it Bubbly Creek, and Bubbly Creek, it still is contaminated. The bottom of Bubbly Creek is all toxic. (Supreme Master Ching Hai: Still?) Commissioner Avila (m): Still,in Bubbly Creek. Supreme Master Ching Hai: My God. Commissioner Avila (m): And we had trouble in Bubbly Creek in dissolved oxygen, because you know, we as human beings, we need air to breathe; well,the aquatic life under the water, they need dissolved oxygen to survive also, and it is contaminated, and we have to increase dissolved oxygen in Bubbly Creek. (Supreme Master Ching Hai: Gosh!) Commissioner Avila (m): And also, Supreme Master Ching Hai, what we do here in the Chicago land area, the way we treat wastewater, and we discharge our effluent,our liquid,into our channels; it flows southwest into the Des Plaines River. From the Des Plaines River, it flows into the Illinois River, from the Illinois River, it flows into the Mississippi, and it flows down into the Gulf of Mexico. So we, the people living here in Chicago, have an environmental effect all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico. Supreme Master Ching Hai: Geez! Yes. Commissioner Avila (m): And that's why we have to be considerate about our water environment here in the Chicago greater area. Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes sir,you see just Chicago alone is like that. (Commissioner Avila (m): Yes.) Supreme Master Ching Hai: Can we imagine uh around the world, everywhere? Even worse than Chicago, some places. Commissioner Avila (m): And,and we live in God's country as I mentioned,because we have wastewater plant to treat our wastewater. Supreme Master Ching Hai: Right. Commissioner Avila (m): So this is God's country. Supreme Master Ching Hai: Right. We are really harming ourselves by harming the animals. Commissioner Avila (m): Yes,because God created creatures and creatures is everyone,including us. We are creatures of God. Supreme Master Ching Hai: Right. Commissioner Avila (m): A cow,cattle,pig, they're creatures of God, and we should all love each other. Supreme Master Ching Hai: You're right,sir. Commissioner Avila (m): And again,thank you for taking time from your very busy schedule to be with us and sharing some life changing information. Supreme Master Ching Hai: My pleasure,sir. Commissioner Avila (m): I am thrilled that you are here. From just hearing your opening remarks,I see we're in for a special night filled with stimulating, challenging,and inspiring wisdom and truth. So at this time, we are going to start our interview, our question-and-answer session. I will ask the first question, but in the meantime, I'd like to introduce: David Maloney is present here and Vincent is present here also, to our conference, 『World Vegan, World Peace.』 Supreme Master Ching Hai: Thanks for coming. Commissioner Avila (m): Supreme Master, in the Bible, the first sentence says, 『In the beginning, God created the Heaven and the Earth.』 If one reads through the chapter,it says that God made humans and made them the stewards of the Earth. If God made us the stewards of the Earth, we have to protect our planet. (Supreme Master Ching Hai: Right.) Supreme Master, how do we protect our planet at this time in 2011? Supreme Master Ching Hai:Yes,anytime,sir, not just at this time, but you're right,we are in a more urgent situation right now. And thanks for your question. I'm very honored to meet such a genuinely noble government leader as yourself,sir. First,I want to say that. You have been recognized many times for your honest, selfless leadership and whole-hearted service for your fellow citizens. You even worked extra hard to produce hundreds of television shows with your beloved wife, Ms. Sherry, about the environment, health,as well as culture and music on Chicago Access Network TV, one of the country's largest and widely used television networks. This is amazing! Commissioner Avila (m): Thank you. Supreme Master Ching Hai: And the shows can be watched on television and internet as well. You didn't do this for financial gain or for fame; it was out of your pure care and concern for others' health and happiness. I salute you, and thank you and congratulate you. Commissioner Avila (m): Thank you. Thank you. Supreme Master Ching Hai: In response to your question,sir, from all info and evidence gathered up to date, we can protect the planet best at this moment by adopting the organic vegan diet, by going green, and by doing good deeds, just as you are doing up till now,and continue. In addition to instructing humankind to be stewards of the Earth, the Bible,God, also describes exactly how we should do this. In the first chapter, God said,『Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, and over every living creature that moves on the ground.』 Then God also said, 『I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole Earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it; they will be yours for food.』 In other words, we humans have been given the entire plant kingdom to enjoy as vegans,while we care for our animal co-inhabitants peacefully. God said 『rule over all animals;』 God did not say 『eat all the animals.』 Mark this in the Bible, it's very clear we should follow the Bible,God's instruction. Supreme Master Ching Hai: That is how to be the stewards who protect and maintain an Eden planet. As this has been true since even before biblical times, the vegan way is more urgently needed now than ever before. Thank you, Commissioner Avila, and by the way,we also thank you for your work to reduce chemical pesticides in your district land. (Commissioner Avila (m): Yes.) The way you are always watching out for people and the environment's safety is also protecting the planet. We thank you wholeheartedly. Commissioner Avila (m): Thank you for your answer, and I'm glad that you mentioned toxic chemicals,because that is one of the problems that we're facing today, especially among our kids that are being born. Our kids are being born with diseases that adults have, and our kids are having it right now. Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes,because chemicals are poison. (Commissioner Avila (m): Yes.) In the water and in the environment, affect their health and their formation, even as a fetus already, in the womb already. It's a disaster. Commissioner Avila (m): And that's why I love you because you're concerned about the kids. Supreme Master Ching Hai: Well,we all are,sir. We all are. I am sure everyone on this planet who are parents or not even parents, we all love children, and we're all concerned about children. The question is, what are we going to do for them? (Commissioner Avila (m): Yes.) Supreme Master Ching Hai: Love in action. We all want the children to grow up healthy and be happy; not just wanting, make it happen. Do whatever we can. That's how we love the children, the parents,parental love. Action,do something. Commissioner Avila (m): Well,I have the next question, Supreme Master. Supreme Master Ching Hai: Please,sir. Commissioner Avila (m): Your disciples and I have been going out to talk about saving the planet, but in the long term, who will be around to protect our planet? It is our kids. Supreme Master, you are a supreme teacher, how does the supreme teacher teach the teachers to teach the children so that when they grow up, they already know how to protect our planet? Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes,sir, Commissioner Avila. Actually all of us have to be teachers. We are all supreme teachers,we have the Supreme Power within us. Our Father,God, is the Supreme Teacher. We inherit this name, we are the children of God, so we all have to be the supreme teachers on this planet and anywhere else. For the children's sake And for them to learn from us,and for us to learn from the sages of old and new about the ideal lifestyle for humankind, so that we can pass it on to our children, we can draw from the exemplary lives of the sages who practiced the compassionate way of life. They never killed or harmed animals, they lived a vegan lifestyle that protects humans,animals, and the environment. They also taught about the power of being virtuous in saving the planet from any threat of harm. For example- we can talk forever, there are so many examples, but I'm just citing a few- like Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher, said,『For as long as man massacres animals, they will kill each other. Indeed,he who sows the seed of murder and pain, cannot reap joy and love.』 The Russian philosopher Leo Tolstoy commented, 『It is horrible,man, without any need for so doing, crushes his lofty feeling of sympathy and mercy for living creatures,and does violence to himself that he may be cruel. The first element of moral life is abstinence.』 He means abstinence from violence, from animal meat. Now Prophet Mohammad, Peace Be Upon Him, also said,『Allah will not give mercy to anyone except those who give mercy to other creatures.』 Buddha advised all his disciples to be vegetarian; so did Mahavira, Guru Nanak,Lao Tzu, Confucius,Jesus Christ, and many more,sir. Very simple to live a noble life. There are 5 universal peace principles that are inherent in all religious orders of this world that should be taught by parents and teachers to the children from a young age, and all ages,any time. Number 1,never harm or kill others, but protect and save lives. Number 2,never lie but always tell the truth. Number 3,never steal but give whatever can to the needy. Number 4,never commit sexual misconduct outside your loving partnership with your wife, your husband, your partner, your life partner,but to honor your relationship with loyalty and love and sincerity. Number 5, never use intoxicants including tobacco,alcohol, and addictive drugs, but contemplate on the holy God quality. You see, children are naturally pure and can easily adopt such concepts from an early age. In Âu Lạc (Vietnam), we have a saying that, if you want to teach, then you teach the children since young age. All school curricula must,therefore,include these uplifting moral values,(Yes.) values about living a life of loving kindness, of a noble human standard, loving kindness to all around us; then it will reflect back to us. Then we'll be happy,and we will have true peace. Meanwhile we can teach the children by being an example ourselves of loving kindness, like what you do. You are the example for your children. An example speaks more than thousands of volumes of words. Thank you, Commissioner Avila, for your vegan example as well. Commissioner Avila (m): And thank you for your kind remarks. And we just had our first granddaughter, and she's four,five months old, so... (Mrs. Sherry Avila (f): Seven months.) - my wife - seven months now,And, we would like her to grow up in a planet that has love and is passionate and caring, (Supreme Master Ching Hai: Amen,sir.) as you just mentioned. (Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes.) Thank you very much for such an inspiring answer. And now my fellow commissioner, Patricia Horton, will ask the next question. Commissioner Horton (f): Well,first of all, thank you, Supreme Master, for giving me this opportunity to ask you a few questions. Supreme Master Ching Hai: Hi ma'am! Commissioner Horton (f): I consider it an honor to sit here before you. (Supreme Master Ching Hai: My honor.) I have learned so much, I've learned so much, even by my colleague and his wife, and I've just learned to grow. I'm not a vegan yet, (Supreme Master Ching Hai: You will be.) but I'm moving towards there, and I'm happy to say that, because before I used to harm our animals by eating them, and now I've changed, (Supreme Master Ching Hai: You did not know. ) and I'm still moving forward. Supreme Master Ching Hai: You did not know. Thank you. Thank you. You're making my day. Commissioner Horton (f): Thank you. Supreme Master Ching Hai: And you are so beautiful. Commissioner Horton (f): Thank you. Supreme Master Ching Hai: Lovely smile you have. Commissioner Horton (f): And you as well. Supreme Master Ching Hai: So kind. You are very kind. Commissioner Horton (f): I just thank God for you because you've given us so much insight and so much direction and information that we can live by and we can not only live by, but we can share this message with others. (Supreme Master Ching Hai: Thank you.) Thank you. Commissioner Horton (f): Thank you. Supreme Master Ching Hai: God bless you. Commissioner Horton (f): Thank you. Well, my first question is this: We all know how precious our water is. As a commissioner of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago, I am pleased to see in your book, 『From Crisis to Peace: The Organic Vegan Way is the Answer』, you have a section on water shortage and use; and we have identified the livestock industry as the biggest threat. Supreme Master, can you elaborate on this issue? Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes,Commissioner Horton. Gladly,gladly. And I'm also honored to know you as well. You're a very kindly lady. Commissioner Horton (f): Thank you. Supreme Master Ching Hai: Thank you for asking for the sake of others, as surely everyone here and you yourself are already aware about this urgent issue, especially you, Commissioner Horton. It is estimated that about half of all the water used in the United States alone goes to raising animals for food. It takes at least 20 times as much water to produce meat and dairy products, compared to plant-based products, for the same amount of calories. Several studies have found that beef requires a hundred times more water to produce than grain. Just to get an idea of quantity: it takes,like,2500 gallons, or nearly 9500 liters of water to produce just one pound of meat, but it only takes 25 gallons to produce a pound of wheat. Madam Commissioner, I heard that you traveled all the way to Bangladesh, even,to learn how to help impoverished people and to enhance your own noble work. You must have witnessed firsthand,while traveling, what life is like for people who don't have enough safe water to drink, to apply to their crops, or even to keep themselves clean and not sick, for their children even. Children are even more vulnerable, more sensitive,to the unhygienic environment and unclean water. But most of the water used in the livestock industry is to grow the grains and soya beans,again, to feed the animals, not humans. So,while this staggering waste of water, of both water and food, is occurring, one billion people in our world lack access to safe drinking water and go hungry. We all know about the current starvation crisis in Somalia, in the Horn of Africa. Such tragedies could be minimized or even averted if everyone became vegan, because the vegan diet saves nearly 70% of our precious water resources. 70%. The livestock industry is becoming a bigger and bigger threat to our water supplies, which scientists warn are shrinking worldwide, fast,due to climate change. Also what causes climate change? Animal industry as well. So we are in a devil's cycle here. Also,animal raising is the top cause of water pollution worldwide. You know that. In the US alone, livestock produces 130 times the excrement of the whole US human population, 130 times more than the whole US population,yes! That is 87,000 pounds generated per second! These excrement,this polluted waste,however, is not really treated at all, despite the fact that animal waste contains about 160 times the bacteria and pollutants more than human sewage even. Commissioner Horton (f): That's right. Supreme Master Ching Hai: So in the US, according to the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA,runoff from both animal manure and fertilizer for growing animal feed is the number one source of pollution in rivers and lakes. Now we are drinking this water. Just imagine we're drinking these things,all inside our beautiful『temple,』 we're taking all this pollution in,every day. And if we treat it,then it has more chemicals into our water; that is also not good for our body either. No wonder we're sick, we're ill,and the healthcare problem in America is also a very burden for the government to take care. Just look at the Mississippi River, whose runoff is known to be the source of the gigantic dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico - Commissioner Horton (f): (That's right.) Supreme Master Ching Hai: Uh Commissioner Avila has just mentioned that; you see, the things from one district, from America are running through,and then go to elsewhere also, not just stay there- which scientists just announced is currently 3,300 square miles in size- the dead zone, in the Gulf of Mexico- but forecast that it could exceed 9,000 square miles this year. That is four months from now. It could triple the size, the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico; And then,I don't think it will stop there. We can imagine it will grow and grow and grow, and then we will have nothing but dead zone in the future. Dead planet. To make a comparison, Madam,the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago, which you are in charge, does a wondrous job of treating the wastewater, to maintain the health and safety of over 5 million people in Cook County. 5 million people! (Yes.) The lucky 5 million. Through impressive engineering… Yes. Go ahead. They deserve it,yes. Through impressive engineering, high class facilities, and diligent management, hard work. Meanwhile, the Food and Water Watch organization,which Commissioner Avila honored with his 2010 Excellence in Protecting Our Water Environment Award, stated that factory farms, with 812,000 pigs in the North Carolina USA County alone,produce as much untreated manure as the sewage from almost 15 million people,equivalent to the Chicago and Atlanta, Georgia Metro areas combined,(Commissioner Horton (f): That's right.) Supreme Master Ching Hai: and all of this waste, worldwide,is untreated - not just there- directly entering our environment; rivers,lakes, streams,oceans, polluting our drinking water sources and creating dead zones as well. By the way,I salute you, Commissioner Horton, not only for your wholehearted dedication to bring people safe water but for all you have done to help improve less fortunate people's lives. I heard that your work won national recognitions, the Presidential Award for poverty alleviation for helping disadvantaged women in Chicago,(Commissioner Horton (f): Yes.) yes,through the Women's Self-Employment Project. Commissioner Horton (f): Yes. (Supreme Master Ching Hai: Thank you.) Thank you. Yes,it was called the Women's Self-Employment Project. We helped over 5000 women start their own business. We used a Grameen Bank Model in Bangladesh. (Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes.) We won the President's Award for helping to alleviate poverty, and I did research, along with Professor Muhammad Yunus,(Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes.) who won the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize (Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes.) for what we did. Thank you. Supreme Master Ching Hai: I am so honored and grateful (Commissioner Horton (f): Thank you,thank you, Supreme Master.) to hear about your loving, dedicated hard work, Madam. May God bless you for all the hope,as well as practical help you give to those most in need. We can surely be inspired by your caring example toward fellow humans and stop the livestock industry from destroying our precious water supplies. Thank you for your question, Madam Commissioner. Commissioner Horton (f): Thank you. Supreme Master Ching Hai: God bless you. Commissioner Horton (f): And that's where I receive my passion, to fight every day for our environment and for our water. Thank you. Supreme Master Ching Hai: But you look so sweet. You don't look like a fighter, but you fight all right! Commissioner Horton (f): Thank you. Supreme Master Ching Hai: God bless you. Commissioner Horton (f): Okay. You gave us a lot to think about. It's really wonderful; and thank you for sharing the truth. (Supreme Master Ching Hai: I'm glad you accept it.)
2 Dec 2011
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Raymond Jefferson, while serving as Assistant Secretary for Veterans' Employment and Training Service (VETS), provides the opening remarks at the 2009 Annual Salute to Veterans. Raymond Jefferson graduated from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point with a major in leadership. He also served as an Army Officer with the infantry, Rangers and Special Forces, with leadership positions in the U.S. Presidential Honor Guard, 3rd Ranger Battalion and 1st Special Forces Group.
17 Oct 2012
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