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ARTISTS RECORDING COLLECTIVE (ARC) is an internationally recognized brand and professional recording label that emphasizes promoting and facilitating the distribution and utilization of the works created by our members. ARC provides a viable 21st Century Music Industry Platform for world-class talent! Based in the Kansas City metropolitan area with its main office located in the City of Leavenworth, Kansas, ARC serves artists-producers and boutique record labels who require a dynamic and multi-dimensional platform to present their works and services in an environment that is not under compulsion or creative restraint.
This car is nothing like you have ever seen on the streets, maybe in a circus. How this man is operating, is really astonishing.
10 Nov 2017
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NuVision Spray Foam Insulation, Inc. Harrisburg, SD, 57032 (605) 212-8247 We provide the highest quality spray foam insulation for commercial, residential, and any other types of buildings you may desire. We operate in Harrisburg, SD. Make the right move by choosing our professionals! Foam Insulation Service, Basement Insulation Service, Residential Insulation Service, Commercial Insulation Service, Basement Insulation Company, Residential Insulation Company, Commercial Insulation Company, Slab Jacking, Waterproofing Service, Fiberglass Insulation Tea,SD;Worthing,SD;Lennox,SD;Chancellor,SD;Parker,SD Foam Insulation, Spray Foam Insulation, Basement Insulation, Residential Insulation, Commercial Insulation
20 Oct 2017
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Adjuno develops, delivers and supports supply chain software that will improve business processes. We specialise in Supply Chain Visibility and PLM solutions in retail, insurance and consumer product industries and revolutionise the way our customers operate. We believe that Adjuno SCM Solutions will help your entire trading community become more successful.
20 Oct 2017
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What is an Asset Register?  An asset register stores vital information about a company’s assets.  It records all types of tangible and intangible assets.  An asset register also records movable and immovable assets.  It helps industrial owners in short term and long term planning. Asset registers record general asset information which includes  Product description  Date of purchase  Cost of product  Product installation charges  Estimated lifetime  Warranty coverage  Resale value  Periodic maintenance cost They record tangible assets such as  Land  Building  Industrial machinery  Vehicles  Furniture They record intangible assets which include  Software licenses  License agreements  Brand names  Patents  Copyrights Benefits of Maintaining an Asset Register  An asset register helps business insure claims.  It helps them pay taxes on time.  It helps them perform scheduled maintenance operations.  Clients can use asset registers as a mortgage in applying for bank loans.  It also helps them gauge the resale value of their assets easily.  Maintaining an asset register helps prevent fraud.  It eases the auditing procedure.  It helps them keep a check on their assets and prevents loss.  It also helps them organize their assets accordingly. Visit yellowpages-uae com to contact Asset Register Services in UAE i e at http://www yellowpages-uae com/uae/asset-register
21 Oct 2017
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Office 365 Software developed by Microsoft can be operated on any operating systems like Windows, Android, macOS, iOS. It offers service plans providing e-mail and social networking services and also access to Microsoft Office software. If you come across any issue while accessing Office365 you can get assistance from our support team. Contact Microsoft Office 365 Support Number 61-283206008. The team of this service will provide the informative solution and will clear your every single doubt about the issue. All the Office 365 problems are tackled by the highly experienced technicians, give a call and get them fixed by our experts.
23 Oct 2017
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We mostly prepare half day off road tour package whereby you will trail along the rocky terrains and will be assisted by our excellent tour operators. Get in touch with us to learn about the price quote.
23 Oct 2017
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Phil Wombwell has a proven track record of raising capital for funds and venture capital. He has also worked for Barclays in Abu Dhabi, managing UHNW clients including a Royal Family office. Phil has also owned and operated his own successful financial brokerage in Dubai which he started from scratch and took a team of 45 staff. This man is a perfect ideal for all business and finance advisors. Phil wombwell is a part of lots of high organization for providing funds and better investment deals for more profit.
24 Oct 2017
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Kibbles and Klips Charlotte, NC, 28216 (704) 393-8944 Kibbles & Klips is a locally-owned pet grooming salon that offers all of your pet’s styling needs in a safe and comfortable environment. We do dog grooming, bathing, ears and nails. We will also bath and groom cats. We are local family owned and operated. When you bring your dog or cat to our salon, we want you to feel good knowing that we provide a clean, safe, and stress-free grooming experience. Contact us today for more information! dog Grooming service, cat Grooming service, pet grooming, dog bathing, dog nail trimming, Oakdale South Charlotte, NC;Oakdale North Charlotte, NC;Coulwood East Charlotte, NC;Coulwood West Charlotte, NC;Woodford Green NC; Dog Groomer, Professional Dog Grooming, Professional Cat Grooming, Affordable Dog Grooming , Professional Dog treatments
27 Oct 2017
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Ray Business Technologies Private Limited is a Global Information Technology (IT) Services and Solutions company. Our strong systems and processes; CMMI Level 3, ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001:2013 Certified; enable our excellent team of Technology Professionals to provide cutting-edge IT Solutions to Enterprises worldwide, empowering them to utilize available resources and manage their operations effectively by improving efficiency, optimizing services, securing information and reducing costs in North America, Australia, Canada, Europe, Middle East and Asia.
2 Nov 2017
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Vacuum ladle Vacuum ladle is mainly composed of suctorial aluminum tube, jet exhauster, gearing, and heat insulation layer. The ladle is designed into detachable headed column and structure just like teapot ladle, with input and output on both sides. Making the ladle lift and transport convenient, and the heat loses slowly. It can be operated by manual or electrically-operated. The two modes can be interconvertibled with a clutch, which assure the liquid aluminum can be poured out in emergency.
8 Nov 2017
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Info from Licensor: "This was an accident during a rally. The car crashed near a camera operator. Fortunately, no one was hurt."
9 Nov 2017
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Sony Vaio computer and laptop are amassed with the most recent operating system and helpful software applications to execute a different task. Distinctive sorts of clients like family units and business clients all work with various sorts of utility applications which can demonstrate different specialized issues while working on Sony devices.
14 Nov 2017
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