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*This is for Educational Use Onlly, I do not take any credit for making this video, or providiing you with the program below* Here is the crack to get the full version: Download Link File: *******filesaveok****/DoloresPena6205475/use
18 Oct 2010
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A simple and short video that describes how to recover your windows xp or vista password if your lost it. Have fun with it :) Download link: *******ophcrack.sourceforge****/
19 Mar 2009
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This tutorial shows how easily you can hack Windows XP or Vista password using Ophcrack..... Please rate and comment my videos!!!
24 Jun 2008
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0.001 Ophcrack v1.1.4, boot on usb ;-) Hacking is a state of minds
21 May 2009
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Hacking passwords on XP with a linux based CD OPH crack ophcrack all the same thing! Sorry for this not posting any links go here *******sourceforge****/projects/ophcrack/ then get the Live Cd for Xp or Vista which ever one you need enjoy! www.ultimatehacker.freeforums****
24 May 2009
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I am showing how to recover lost passwords with Ophcrack Live CD. Ophcrack: *******ophcrack.sourceforge**** 1. Burn the iso on a CD. 2. Insert the CD into your first CD/DVD-drive. 3. Reboot your machine, enter BIOS and boot from CD. 4. Start SLAX, and wait a few minutes. 5. Note the cracked password and boot Windows. NOTE: The batch file is just for changing the admin password to a random one! You don't need this step! Be sure you have another admin account if you use this file! randompw.bat____ echo off net user %username% %random% ________________
24 May 2009
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Tutorial on how to use Ophcrack to crack windows xp and window vista SAM username passwords! VERY DETAILED, step by step instructions!
18 Nov 2009
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More password hacking tutorials to come! Websites: *******ophcrack/sourceforge**** *******imgburn**** Ebooks: *******system-override******/#/hacking-windows-passwords/4541280495
20 Nov 2010
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This video tutorial teaches you how you can crack a window vista password. Warning:for home use only for more information go to *******www.irongeek****/ Vista passwords stored in the SAM file are harder to crack. However, the NTLM hash is the same as always and can be cracked if the password is weak.
29 Apr 2009
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this will show you how to crack xp and admin passwords comes with full version of magic iso heres the link for that. www.megaupload**** here is the vista ophcrack. sourceforge**** and here is xp. sourceforge**** thanks for watching! hope you like it. first make sure you have a writable disc drive and a blank cd.second use a iso burning software to mount the image on the disk. i use magic iso which the full version of it is in the description. ok now select which ophcrack you are going to use ...
4 May 2009
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READ FIRST! Change windows account passwords and make any account administrator and create command prompt from notepad. Little video tutorial on how to make a command prompt from notepad, Create accounts then make them administrator Delete existing accounts And change any account password Computer Tricks Episode 1 What did I do this on?: Windows XP Media Center Edition (SP2). If you want to do this in Vista, here is the short of it: Well....... It would be really cool if you would subscribe. :] Well, I myself have never throughly worked on a machine running vista and I am not really an expert on it but I will give you some advice and tell you what to do. If you don't already know, Vista has a (by default is is not accessible) administrator account for use and you can enable it and use that. To enable: Right click on the command prompt and click on "Run as Administrator". Then, type the following command: "net user administrator /active:yes" You can turn it off in the same manner. Or, you can install XP and use it (its much better). Last option: download ophcrack. It will crack the (NT) password hash for vista accounts and find out what the administrator account's password is if you are already using a machine with an administrator user. There is a live cd version of ophcrack and a installer version. If keeping your account hacking a secret is a priority then use the live cd because it will not leave a trace, otherwise, the installer version is less than 100th the size and much quicker to download. Really, the livecd is 400+ GB and the installer version is 4 GB. I hope I helped. If you need anything else or this didn't cover it, just message me back and I'll be happy to help more. If you need the XP cd, its expensive. Go buy it or search for it on a warez site. If you get an error and you have XP, if you get the error when you make the administrator account, then download ophcrack to find out the password of the admin account. If you don't have an admin account to choose when you login, hit CTRL+ALT+DEL and then type 'admin' as username with no password :) If you get an error when you change passwords, log in as admin before you change the passwords. Hope I helped. If you still need help then post a comment. Comment, rate, and subscribe please. :]
24 May 2009
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if you have any questions or requests for tutorials, post a comment or pm me. Additional Information: This works basically the same way for XP and Vista, but I'm only demonstrating how to in XP. Ophcrack uses rainbow tablets. Links: Ophcrack - *******ophcrack.sourceforge****/download.php?type=livecd (get the top download if you have XP and the bottom download if you have Vista) Generate strong passwords - *******strongpasswordgenerator****/ (remember to make it 15 characters or higher) How to Burn Ophcrack to a CD- ***********/watch?v=oJI_NPCsfyQ How to Boot from your CD- ***********/watch
22 Nov 2008
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*******ophcrack.sourceforge****/ *******isorecorder.alexfeinman****/ How to get any password, like the Administrator account... This technique uses open source software called opcrack, it is not my software and I do not claim any credit for its existance. ...
31 Mar 2009
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cracking windows account passwords using ophcrack
24 Mar 2010
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******* ---------------------------------- W natłoku codziennych obowiązków, wielu informacji napływających z różnych stron, może wyniknąć sytuacja, w której zapomnimy o treści hasła zabezpieczającego nasze systemowe konto. Nie obawiajmy się! Z pomocą przyjdą dwa sposoby na dostanie się do profilu. Pierwszy to odczytanie hasła bootowalną płytą z aplikcją OPHcrack, drugim zaś zalogowanie się do często niezabezpieczonego hasłem konta Administrator, które utworzone zostało podczas instalowania systemu. Link do OPHcrack: ******* ---------------------------------- Zarejestruj się za darmo i korzystaj ze wszystkich przywilejów: ******* - pokaż co potrafisz
3 Aug 2011
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Please donate any amount of money to my paypal which is kivi12kaol**** Better Quality: ******* This is a tutorial on how to install and set up backtrack 4 beta using vmware. Steps to log into Backtrack 4 beta: 1) hit "play" button 2) boot into backtrack 4 beta 3) bt login: root 4) password: toor 5) startx Steps for setting up your network card: 1) type in "/etc/init.d/networking start" before typing in "startx" OR 1) open shell 2) ifconfig eth0 up 3) dhclient eth0 Thats all. Please Subscribe and donate. If you need any help feel free to PM me or shoot me an instant message, a donation would also be appreciated. You can instant message me at: AIM - kivi12kaol**** WINDOWS MESSENGER - kivi12khotmail**** YAHOO MESSENGER - kivi12kymail****
31 May 2009
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