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dog and cat having oral sex
7 Mar 2007
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King Of Late Night Tv David Bronstein, talks about Why He Can;t GEt Oral Sex,..The Only Oral Sex He gets, is When His Wife Talks About it!
9 Feb 2009
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*******www.lesbian-lovemaking**** Do you think women perform the best cunnilingus? Well they like to think so. Visit us today to discover great female oral sex techniques!
27 Oct 2010
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*******www.theresident**** - A new study was just released linking oral sex to cancer. And every news outlet couldn't WAIT to write their headlines for this story...
4 Feb 2011
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Guess what? Oral sex is... sex! And HPV, a cancer-causing virus, is spread during oral sex. Med pros worry about a sharp rise in oral cancers in young women. Also Reality TV's new monster, Bridalplasty; bride create their 'ideal selves.' do increases in Boob Jobs point to the Boob Tube. IHTV #125.
15 Mar 2011
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Actor Michael Douglas has claimed that performing oral sex on women caused his throat cancer.
3 Jun 2013
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Michael Douglas caused quite a stir yesterday after suggesting oral sex could have caused his throat cancer, but now he's clarifying his comment.
4 Jun 2013
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In the wake of Michael Douglas' PR people claiming he was misrepresented in his oral sex quote, the newspaper has responded and released the audio clip.
5 Jun 2013
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Gwyneth Paltrow has some risqué advice for a dinner party guest when she asked how to stop fighting with her husband.
1 May 2013
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BY LIZ REED You're watching multisource health news analysis from Newsy Dentists and doctors are warning -- think twice before gettin’ down. A new study suggests oral sex is the leading cause of oral cancer in non-smoking men in the U.S.. But how does sex lead to cancer? It’s a nasty sexually transmitted virus called HPV. Right now, about 20 million Americans have HPV, but because many never see symptoms, many don’t know they have it. KDSK breaks it down: Repoter: “When an HPV infection doesn't clear, or you're exposed multiple times by multiple partners, some people will go on to develop genital warts, or even cancer. Doctor: "The more times you are exposed, the greater the chance that you may develop cancer, just from a probability statement." KOIN identifies teen sexual attitudes as the source of the rapid spread. One dentist tells them if society doesn’t change, we’ll be dealing with a pandemic. Reporter: “Many teenagers who engage in oral sex don’t consider it to be real sex and view it as more casual. Dr. Oh says if that doesn’t change it might lead to a HPV epidemic and more cases of oral cancer.” Dentist: “80% of the population will eventually have HPV which is very scary to think about.” Dentist News Network reveals the biggest threat facing oral cancer patients are the dentists. Those who only perform selective cancer screenings based on common risk factors like age and genetics don’t realize the HPV threat. “Unfortunately, pre-screening still occurs in many dental offices because professionals are unaware of the new risk factor, HPV. And although it was reasonable in the past to pre-screen based on common risk factors, HPV now debunks this concept since HPV causes cancer in individuals that do not have the traditional risk factors. Everyone is at risk.” But if HPV vaccines have been approved since 2006, why wasn’t there a bigger push to get teens vaccinated? A contributor for AOL scrutinizes the manufactures’ one-sided view of the issue: “The massive push to vaccinate girls and women between the ages of 11 and 26 against HPV should have included boys and men from the beginning... But at the time [the vaccine] was licensed, there wasn't such an awareness about head or oral cancers or a willingness to accept that males played a part in the transmission of the virus.” According to the Center for Disease Control, only half of people who've been diagnosed with oral cancer will live longer than five years. (Source: Times of India) Get more multisource health video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy.
23 Apr 2011
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Maskapai penerbangan Cathay Pacific tengah melakukan penyelidikan terkait foto-foto yang diduga memperlihatkan seorang pramugarinya melakukan seks oral terhadap seorang pilot di atas pesawat penumpang dari Hong Kong itu. Kantor berita AFP, Senin (8/8/2011) melaporkan, sejumlah foto tentang adegan itu telah diterbitkan di media lokal berbahasa China. Foto-foto itu menunjukkan perempuan dalam pakaian seragam merah, yang mirip seragam awak kabin Cathay, melakukan seks oral terhadap seorang pria, yang kata laporan itu adalah seorang pilot. selengkapnya *******www.eocommunity****/showthread.php?tid=20813
18 Nov 2012
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In today's show we talk about skin eating drugs, donating money to charity, dinosaurs for sale and everything else that mattered to me.
17 Oct 2013
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