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This summer, the stars of Planned Parenthood’s Speaking of Sex podcast, Nathan and Malika, left Seattle and embarked on a 25-day road trip to New York City that took them through America’s heartland. On the way, Nathan and Malika interviewed sex educators, volunteers, and other Planned Parenthood supporters who have made a positive impact on their communities.
Talkshow: Vivica Fox caught on tape having oral sex? Hosts, Mario Hemsley & Stephanie Raye cover the story. For additional entertainment & events go to *******
15 Jan 2008
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Artist: "Cynthia Witthoft" Song: "Sometimes a Cigar Is Just a Cigar" Album: "Rectal Hidden Tracks (2002)" - Smoking is so taboo nowadays that it almost seems this sort of fetish would be obsolete, but it's actually more popular than it's ever been. Not only that, but the activities associated with women smoking are becoming more and more hardcore. The sites that cater to this fetish run the gamut for the type of content they supply. You'll find women smoking while masturbating, smoking while d********ying, and even smoking while eating c**t. You'll see women blowing smoke into men's faces and into women's faces. Smoke is blown into pussies and blown into w*****ks. Some even go the Monica Lewinsky route with their cigars while others just plain look hot while smoking. There are several reasons a fetish for smoking exists. A woman with a cigarette in her mouth may suggest that she wants a c**t in her mouth. On the other hand, there are people that like seeing a woman smoke because it shows that there's a rebellious/risky side to her. Believe it or not, there are actually people out there that believe if a woman smokes she wants anal sex. Don't ask me. The truth is, the majority of people with this fetish honestly don't know why seeing a woman smoking turns them on. It just does.
11 Jul 2008
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WOW- World Of Wonders, brings you the most amazing and heartwarming facts from across the globe that will indeed shake your head. Today's facts are: Oral sex is unhygienic, The more you eat the lesser you hear, Eggs can cure hangovers For daily dose of entertainment news log on to: *******www.lehren*** Like our Updates: *******www.facebook****/LehrenEntertainment Follow our tweets: ********twitter****/lehrentv
21 Mar 2013
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Sang by a true crack head,his skills are unlike no other crack head ever seen befor.Funny as hell this video is,it should go to the top of the music charts .Premiere of Love Lockdown ELLEN Exclusive Kanye West New Music Video 2008 808's & Heartbreak ...American Boy by Estelle ft. Kanye West (c) 2007 Atlantic Recording Corporation for the United States and WEA ... American Boy by Estelle ft. Kanye West (c) 2007 Atlantic Recording Corporation for the United States and WEA International Inc. for the world outside of the United States. Music video by Lil Wayne performing Lollipop: BET Long Version, Closed Captioned with Gil Green [Video Director], Melissa ... Music video by Lil Wayne performing Lollipop: BET Long Version, Closed Captioned with Gil Green [Video Director], Melissa Larsen [Video Producer] (C) 2008 Cash Money Records Inc.Justin Timberlake Cry Me A River (C) 2002 Zomba Recording LLC ...Mariah Carey_Without You "kimbo has no slice" KIMBO SLICE LOSES TO SETH PETRUZELLI IN 14 SECONDS!! check this kids website out httpShaquille ONeal (aka Shaq) disses Kobe Bryant while rapping/freestyling at the club. Video presented by ... Shaquille ONeal (aka Shaq) disses Kobe Bryant while rapping/freestyling at the club. Video presented by you can check out Kobe's reply there. The Infamous BlackSportsOnline is owned and run by The BonaFide Sports Expert Robert LittalVisit for more highlights. Watch Kobe Bryant lead the Lakers' comeback charge with 27 points and ... Visit for more highlights. Watch Kobe Bryant lead the Lakers' comeback charge with 27 points and nine rebounds as L.A. beat San Antonio in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals on Wednesday.Paris Hilton's new video clip for 'Nothing In This World' ... Britney Spears 'Sets The Record fred (2.8) Fred enters the race for Kindergarten president so he can make a difference. FRED: He Can! CHECK OUT: http ... Straight' In Documentary Airing November 30 On MTV -- Check ... Britney Spears 'Sets The Record Straight' In Documentary Airing November 30 On MTV -- Check Out A Preview Here! http britney***.nrEva Longoria Lisa Marie Presley Maureen McCormick Dancing with the Stars Jonas BrothersSex Video Movie Sexy Scene Hot Porno Nude Sexo xxx clip bikini babe sexy panties hot thong booty dance big ... Sex Video Porn Movie Sexy Scene Hot Porno Nude Sexo clip bikini babe sexy panties hot thong booty dance big large breasts huge boobs anal sex butt shake naked sex hot porn oral sex sexo porno nakedWestwood Busta & the entire Radio 1 studio demonstrate the 'Arab Money' dance! Not to be missed! ...
17 Oct 2008
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Becky Kuhn, M.D., co-founder of Global Lifeworks, debunks the following 10 myths about HIV: HIV doesn't cause AIDS; because of ARV medications, we no longer ned to be concerned about HIV/AIDS; if you have HIV and are sexually active, you no longer need to practice safer sex; you can't contract HIV through oral sex; you can't get HIV from one sexual encounter; a woman cannot spread HIV to another woman by having sex with her; if you are HIV positive but your viral load is undetectable, you cannot spread HIV; AIDS can be spread by kissing, hugging, or shaking hands; if you have HIV, you can cure it by having sex with a virgin; every individual with HIV will eventually develop AIDS. Visit *******www.AIDSvideos****/ to learn more about HIV. Visit *******www.GlobalLifeworks****/ to learn more about Dr. Kuhn's educational work.
17 Apr 2007
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POSTURAS SEXUALES para ser una BOMBA en la cama / SEXUAL POSITIONS to be a BOMB in bed | La Alcoba de Elsy Reyes | Salud180 ¿Estás listo para poner a trabajar tu pelvis, tus músculos y todo tu deseo sexual para ejecutar grandes posturas sexuales? Elsy Reyes te muestra las mejores posiciones que te harán ser toda una BOMBA en la cama. No te lo pierdas! Aquí encontrarás soluciones para mejorar tu calidad de vida de una manera empática, útil y atractiva a través de investigadores expertos, médicos y diversos especialistas en materia de salud, sexualidad, nutrición, ejercicio y bienestar emocional. Acompáñanos para que tu vida mejore radicalmente con los consejos que siempre te tendremos aquí. Da "Me gusta" en Facebook: ********www.facebook****/Salud180 Síguenos en Twitter: ********twitter****/salud180 Visita el sitio oficial de Salud180 para más tips sobre salud, sexualidad, ejercicio, nutrición y bienestar emocional: *******www.salud180****/ tags: posturas sexuales, como ser buena amante - sexo en la cama | el empujoncito de maria marin #17, tips para mejorar tus posiciones sexuales | la alcoba de elsy reyes | salud180, como ser buena en la cama****o ser buena amante en la cama., 7 posiciones sexuales para hombres con pene pequeño, cómo excitar a un hombre antes de tener relaciones, cómo darle un masaje vaginal que lo volverá loco, como hacer el amor a una mujer | el empujoncito de maria marin #27, eyaculación masculina: mejora tus tiempos y control | la alcoba de elsy reyes | salud180, cómo ser las diosas del sexo oral / how to be the oral sex goddess | salud180, 2 consejos para durar más en la cama - muy efectivos para durar más, 3 posturas sexuales para tonificar tu cuerpo, como enloquecer a un hombre en la cama, posiciones sexuales gay, poderosa tecnica para hacer el amor a una mujer (+18), como aguantar la eyaculación - qué hacer para durar mas en la cama, videos de posiciones para aser el amor, Como Ser Buena Amante - Sexo En La Cama | El Empujoncito De Maria Marin #17, TIPS para MEJORAR tus POSICIONES SEXUALES | La Alcoba de Elsy Reyes | Salud180, Como ser buena en la cama.Como ser buena amante en la cama., 7 Posiciones Sexuales para Hombres con Pene Pequeño, Cómo Excitar A Un Hombre Antes De Tener Relaciones, Cómo darle un MASAJE VAGINAL que lo volverá LOCO, COMO HACER EL AMOR A UNA MUJER | El Empujoncito de Maria Marin #27, Eyaculación Masculina: mejora tus tiempos y control | La Alcoba de Elsy Reyes | Salud180, Cómo ser las DIOSAS del SEXO ORAL / How to be the ORAL SEX GODDESS | Salud180, 2 Consejos para Durar Más en la Cama - Muy Efectivos para Durar Más, 3 Posturas Sexuales Para Tonificar Tu Cuerpo, Como Enloquecer A Un Hombre En La Cama, Posiciones sexuales gay, Poderosa tecnica para hacer el amor a una mujer (+18), Como aguantar la eyaculación - Qué hacer para durar mas en la cama, Videos De Posiciones Para Aser El Amor, posturas sexuales para ser una bomba en la cama, sexualidad, sexo, tips de sexualidad, elsy reyes, elsy, elsy sexualidad, tips para ser mejor en la cama, relaciones de pareja, relaciones sexuales, salud180, salud 180, la alcoba de elsy reyes, tips para bajar de peso, bajar de peso, enflancar, cómo adelgazar, adelgazar, alimentos quema grasa, buenos habitos alimenticios, disminuir caderas, alimentos quita lonjas, tratamientos para la artritis, rutina de ejercicios para adelgazar, rutina de pole dance, alimentos para sanar tu hígado, grasa en el hígado, grasa en el abdomen, tratamiento para hígado graso, rutinas de pompa, cáncer de pene, rutina de ejercicios para adelgazar, rutinas de ejercicios para mujeres en casa, rutinas de ejercicios para hombres
17 Nov 2014
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This is a demonstration of a simulated Apple iPhone / iTouch Application invented by Directed and Produced by Irish (Belfast-based) Filmmaker / Action Artist Peter 'Magic' Johnston. Animation and a Co-Directing credit goes to Steven Henry.I'm dreaming of a WHITE Christmas... just like the ones I used to BLOW...The ultimate in last-minute Christmas (or New Year) gifts for iPhone and iPod Touch users.Forget the Virtual Pint - it's piss. What YOU need is an unlimited supply of 'Class A' Virtual Narcotics.Be the envy of the in-crowd. Get ejected from pubs and nightclubs. Shock and amaze your so-called friends. Get oral sex from Z-list celebrities.Introducing The iSnort - an ultra-edgy simulated iPhone / iPod Touch application.Go on... give it a toot... it's virtually addictive. I Can't Believe It's Not Cocaine.Download The iSnort v0.1 NOW at £10 - all future versions and updates are included in this one-off subscription.Please pass this on. Going Viral on this would be naughty, but nice...
19 May 2009
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Maskapai penerbangan Cathay Pacific tengah melakukan penyelidikan terkait foto-foto yang diduga memperlihatkan seorang pramugarinya melakukan seks oral terhadap seorang pilot di atas pesawat penumpang dari Hong Kong itu. Kantor berita AFP, Senin (8/8/2011) melaporkan, sejumlah foto tentang adegan itu telah diterbitkan di media lokal berbahasa China. Foto-foto itu menunjukkan perempuan dalam pakaian seragam merah, yang mirip seragam awak kabin Cathay, melakukan seks oral terhadap seorang pria, yang kata laporan itu adalah seorang pilot. selengkapnya *******www.eocommunity****/showthread.php?tid=20813
18 Nov 2012
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Tupac Shakur. He was killed 15 years ago, but that doesn’t stop him form coming into the limelight.In the five-minute video, Tupac is receiving oral sex from some girl ... while rapping and dancing with groupies in a living room during a house party.
5 Oct 2011
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Man sent oral sex pictures of ex-girlfriend to her family as Christmas cards for revenge .. The Full Story on the Link .. *******www.lite-news****/man-sent-sex-pictures-of-ex-girlfriend-to-her-family-as-christmas-cards/
13 Apr 2011
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To watch more videos go to *******jeanclaudecarvillbooks****/ To purchase your copy " Sex Woman First: How to teach him You come first " at Amazon**** ***********/Sex-Woman-First-Female-ebook/dp/B008PUTIK0/ref=tmm_kin_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1351988318&sr=1-1 You will also see on youtube**** ***********/watch?v=IFFExPPY3IY On that video Lydia, explain How to stimulate her G-spot get a squirting orgasms, with great details and passion Also she is showing with her hand how to Slide one or two middle fingers very slowly and gently into her vagina. She is asking to stimulate a G-spot slowly but firmly with the tip of your fingers, making circles or a figure 8. Once you feel the G-spot is swollen, change to a more vigorous and stronger "come here" motion with your fingers. When the ejaculation happens keep stimulating her G-spot. A woman can continually ejaculate from 10 to 40 minutes at the time. This is like a continual orgasm, this is different than a clitoris orgasm. She will feel great. Until she said: no more. This week I discovered a great book Sex: Woman First I warmly recommend this book. It is a well written book on the topic of sex and pleasure, with an emphasis on the woman body, and how to work on getting more comfortable with exploring the body for the erogenous zones. This is a topic that still is a taboo in many homes, although it is a key ingredient in a happy relationship. I learn so much about my body reading that book I learn how to let go relax and have the best Orgasm ever. If you are a Man, this book will teach you how to never miss her G-spot, make her squirt or have a female ejaculation and soak the bed every time you have sex. I did not know anything about squirting, then my boyfriend start to massage my G-spot and I squirt I soaked the bed that night. For you man, it will teach you the perfect oral Sex technique, believe me she will be delighted you do that right. She will always wonder how you learn about "analingus" her biggest secret pleasure. It is a best kept secret the author of that book teach how to give a great oral anal. Believe me women love it, but we will talk about that another time. She will wonder how you discover the ultimate sexual power of her A spot or U spot. You will learn about the two vibrators that you absolutely drive her insane and how to use them. The author teaches and explain to put one vibrator Hitachi on the clitoris and inside of the vagina, on the G-spot. Oh My God this was an incredible experience. This is an educational video to help women and men to reach a better sex live with their partner
8 Nov 2012
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Girls hunting girls is really very different but it happens sometimes They are the lesbians Girls hunt for girls They slowly become close and start revealing their desires to have sex They indulge in sexual activities and enjoy themselves They mostly do oral sex to one another They also use dildos
25 Jul 2008
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