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Orbital rocket booster fail . :c
16 Sep 2017
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Radiation and DNA Radiation is simply a mechanism whereby energy passes through space. It takes the form of an electromagnetic wave, with the frequency of the electromagnetic wave determining its position in the electromagnetic spectrum. Low-frequency waves such as radio waves lie at one end of the spectrum and high-energy, high-frequency X-rays/Gamma rays at the other end. These high-frequency, high-energy waves are termed “ionizing” (as opposed to non-ionizing) radiation because they contain sufficient energy to displace an electron from its orbit around a nucleus. The most important consequence of this displaced electron on human tissue is the potential damage it can inflict on DNA, which may occur directly or indirectly. Direct damage occurs when the displaced electron hits and breaks a DNA strand. Indirect damage occurs when the electron reacts with a water molecule, creating a powerful hydroxyl radical which then damages the cell’s DNA. Damage to a cell’s DNA in either of these ways can have several consequences. A single-strand DNA break is usually repaired appropriately by the cell with no subsequent deleterious sequelae. However, a break affecting both strands of DNA allows the potential for abnormal reconnection of the strands, which likely accounts for all the adverse biological effects ionizing radiation has on humans. First, DNA may rejoin itself incorrectly, rendering the cell nonviable with cell death taking place. Second, it may rejoin as a symmetrical translocation with the potential expression of an oncogene during division (and development of subsequent malignancy) or with abnormal division in gonads, giving rise to potential hereditary disorders. Radiosensitivity is the probability of a cell, tissue, or organ suffering an effect per unit dose of radiation. Radiosensitivity is highest in cells which are highly mitotic or undifferentiated. For this reason the basal epidermis, bone marrow, thymus, gonads, and lens cells are highly radiosensitive.
10 Sep 2017
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Ufo - Fly by Of Apollo Command Module Lunar Orbit
30 Jan 2007
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My version of the Orbit Mints commercial.
23 Feb 2007
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Desde Tecno-Mania**** os traemos una pequeña review de la nueva PDA Phone Edition O2 XDA Orbit; conocida también como HTC P3300
28 Mar 2007
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Como en la anterior review había un error con el sonido; subimos de nuevo la review de la nueva O2 XDA Orbit (HTC P3300)
4 Apr 2007
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Lunar probe Chang'e-1 completes first orbital transfer
28 Oct 2007
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Lightwave 3D CGI simulation of a zoom from the moon's orbit to earth's surface. Original file created in Targa PAL 25fps.
18 Jan 2008
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A video of Orbit AF (auto-focus) features/tools A tour of my new webcam and its software etc Logitech**** features and effects of the camera Enjoy
3 Jun 2008
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Chegando na Orbital de Curitiba, Audio Cactus nas pick ups
11 Mar 2008
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Galera destruindo nas flags e swing, na Orbital de 08/03/2008, em Curitiba
24 Mar 2008
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Orbital nas pickups em 08-03-2008, na Orbital de Curitiba
11 Mar 2008
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A random funny ad for orbit gum. A good clean feeling.
21 Mar 2008
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