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E3 2011: Orcs Must Die! trailer
14 Jun 2011
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Robot Entertainment gives us an exclusive first look at the Pounder trap for Orcs Must Die.
13 Jul 2011
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Slice up orcs with maximum efficiency with the wall blades in Orcs Must Die!
1 Aug 2011
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The spring trap propels orcs into other traps and bottomless chasms in Orcs Must Die!
6 Aug 2011
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21 Oct 2011
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1 Nov 2011
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download file here *******holdgrab****/5ww8e new gameplay video and screenshots for Orcs Must Die! The video highlights the Arrow Wall, one of the many unlockable defenses found in the game. Place these deadly beauties at the end of fortress corridors to cover an unguarded approach, or stick two across a hall from each other to shred a whole legion of enemies in a devastating crossfire. This spotlight video is the first in a series of weekly videos that will reveal several of the deadly traps that players can unlock as they play through Orcs Must Die! this summer. About Orcs Must Die! Orcs Must Die! is an action-strategy game that challenges players to defend fortresses under siege. With a wide variety of traps and weapons to choose from, Orcs Must Die! dares players to find the best ways to hack, launch, flatten, gibletize, and incinerate an endless army of filthy orcs and their vile allies. Orcs Must Die! features a vibrant look, addictive gameplay, and a blatant disregard for the welfare of orcs. Orcs Must Die! will be available exclusively as a digital download on personal computers and consoles this summer
16 Nov 2011
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******* PAX EAST 2012: Orcs Must Die! 2
21 Apr 2012
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Happy Friday! If you missed today's live broadcast, Tara ran down some upcoming pre-order bonuses for Borderlands 2 and Dishonored, while Max gave his impressions on the 3DS XL and the various ways you can kill people in Dishonored. Also, OnLive streaming is coming to the OUYA, and Orcs Must Die 2 is insane fun!
29 Jul 2012
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Orcs Must Die 2 continues its clever matching of two different genres into a fun and quirky title.
3 Aug 2012
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Orcs Must Die! review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Orcs Must Die! for PC! Why must orcs die? Because it's them or you and also everything you hold dear. On top of that, you are the last remaining War Mage keeping them from killing everyone! Use traps, spells and weapons to stop orcs, ogres, kobolds and more in this high action, fun and often goofy tower defense game from Robot Entertainment. This CGRundertow review features game-play and commentary from CGR's Ashton.
25 Oct 2012
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Download from ******* Orcs Must Die 2 crack download
14 Nov 2012
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