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We are a global transcreation and implementation agency known for efficiently magnifying marketing communications across all post-creative services. We take your original idea, localize, and produce it across global markets, tailoring it to the cultures, languages, and media, whilst considerably reducing costs and delivery times. We maximize client savings through our production expertise, creative input, workflow optimization, complete portfolio of services, and our strategic cost effective location. Spectra. Amplify your ideas. Member of Dentsu Aegis Network. -------- Your story is our story It’s part of our network Our vision We understand That value can only be created through Efficiency Dedication And creativity That great ideas shouldn't be bounded They should be free to fly Limitless Never compromising their originality Campaigns that make waves Your big ideas Refracted through our team Breaking through borders Connecting with people Helping YOU create value Your success is what defines us Amplify your ideas Spectra
9 Oct 2017
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Occurred on October 7, 2017 / Detroit, Michigan, USA Info from Licensor: "At a National Smash Bros tournament, a musician modded his gamecube controller to function as a synth and beatpad. He proceeds to make an original song on the spot using only the controller."
9 Oct 2017
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Free fallin at it's best meme. Rest in peace, Tom petty. I got this idea from my french teacher who is a HUGH MUNGUS fan of Tom Petty. Original Song: Freefallin by Tom Petty Original videos are in my youtube channel in the same video.
9 Oct 2017
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Original time 2:41
9 Oct 2017
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Can Saw Palmetto Cause ED - Does Saw Palmetto Cause ED? Saw palmetto originated from the South East of the United States of America. Some folklore mention that thousands of years ago Indians would dry the saw palmetto fruit and eat it year-round as a food source. It was also used as medicine to treat various conditions such as low libido, infertility in women, digestion and chest congestion. Saw Palmetto is traditionally known for its aphrodisiac properties. It is useful in maintaining a proper hormonal balance in the prostate gland, which is vital for the best sexual function. The use of Saw Palmetto to improve sexual function goes back to the ancient American Indians who observed its benefits when their livestock consumed it in the wild. Saw palmetto can help improve testosterone. Improved testosterone levels can help the bones, heart, weight loss, gaining muscle, the brain, and the most important area it helps is cure erectile fysfunction.
10 Oct 2017
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Welcome To JaevSci I Make daily videos related to Science. Mainly about humans and how the relate to it. I discuss topics about health, like diets, nutrition, weight loss. I assist in making YOU a bigger, better, and smarter person. With my information, you will be a genius. Thank You For Watching JaevSci I believe we can make a smarter, and healthier community Here are some topics I will discuss on my channel: Health - This is based on physical, Social, and mental state of the person. Nutrition - Based on what needs to be eaten, to maintain good health Diet - Exactly WHAT you eat everyday Animals - Our possible descendants, pets and the things that sleep outside Human's - Welcome to my channel. Human Science - How we as humans relate to science. I will discuss topics based on humans, to further expand your, and my own knowledge. Evolution - How are you, who you are today. Religion - Based on spiritual beliefs (Controversial) Human Brain - The human brain, is you. Reading this is your brain. Your brain is interpreting the words, and you are pronouncing. EVERYTHING you do, is because of your brain. Biology -The study of living organisms, divided into many specialized fields that cover their morphology, physiology, anatomy, behavior, origin, and distribution. Mental Health - Mental health is defined as a state of well-being in which every individual realizes his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to her or his community. Beauty - a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight. Basically ill make YOU love stunning. with my beauty tactics. You will get rid of acne, eye bags. ALL without makeup. Relationship: I will also guide you through relationship problems, and how to deal with them. Thank You Dont forget to Follow. Leave a like if you enjoyed
14 Oct 2017
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Soothing, relaxing pottery. All the clips in this video are a compilation of stunning Instagram videos. Please, support the original creators by visiting their channels to see the amazing work they are doing. pottery_videos matthornepottery galigalidis_art kleinreid alex_reed dailypotteryvideos jaredzehmer
16 Oct 2017
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Here is THE ORIGINAL spoof on Napoleon Dynamite using Halo 2. My friend and I created this. Hope you enjoy!
30 Nov 2006
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Listen or Play along with Larry Fagan as he plays his original song "Lost In Your Eyes"
7 Dec 2006
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belgin si sorin - the original matrix experience in sala la energy club constanta punch, upper kick
21 Jan 2007
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Original sleight of hand you will not have seen before. Watch this....
25 Jan 2007
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acoustic guitar tune original video clip dy me and my frand friend style jimi & blackmore
19 Mar 2007
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Acoustic Guitar Tune Original video clip by Me and my Friend ilan shot by izi zino
19 Mar 2007
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electric Guitar Original Tune video clip
21 Mar 2007
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electric Guitar Tune Original Vol 1 Video Clip
21 Mar 2007
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electric Guitar Tune Original Video Clip Vol 3
25 Mar 2007
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