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The icon in the video is of the three pillars of Orthodoxy: Saint Photios, Patriarch of Constantinople, Saint Gregory Palamas, Archbishop of Thessalonike and Saint Mark Evgenikos, Metropolitan of Ephesus. Recommended Books for Roman Catholics: PAPALISM by Denny THE PAPACY, By Guette
20 Oct 2009
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20 Sep 2007
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Mon âme benis le Seigneur
31 Dec 2007
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Rabbi Prof. David Hartman, Shalom Hartman Institute, Jerusalem, Israel, continues his Pomrenze lecture series with a fascinating look at the American Jewish philosopher and Jewish religious leader, Mordecai Kaplan, who developed the Reconstructionist form of Judaism
19 Feb 2009
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Rabbi Prof. David Hartman, Shalom Hartman Institute, Jerusalem, Israel, talks about Eliezer Berkovits, an important 20th century Jewish philosopher who was, in Hartman's words, concerned about saving Judaism for the average person. Fascinating talk about women in Judaism and other issues.
25 Mar 2009
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27janvier et 1 juin c'est la fête de Sainte Nino (Nina)
1 Jun 2009
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From the Pskov-Caves monastery. 1986.
17 Oct 2009
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The Roman Catholic Church is heretical and apostate.
17 Oct 2009
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Archbishop Athens Cristodoulos
1 Nov 2009
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In this recording from 1954, the Choir of the Russian Orthodox Cathedral of Paris performs the "Hymn of the Cherubim" by Grigor Lvovsky (1830-1894). (Note: On the LP label his last name is spelled "Lwovsky.") Piotr Spassky conducts. I created this music video from the LP shown above, issued originally in 1954 on the Philips label and subsequently (in 1957) on the Epic label, serial number LC 3384. The images in this video are taken from the LP label and the LP jacket; only one side of the jacket is visible because the front side had been covered in masking tape, possibly due to wear.
21 Oct 2010
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Life and image compliments of Saint Isaac of Syria Skete, www.skete****.
29 Jan 2012
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Hey everyone! I'm ----Ginny Jones your host for playingpoliticstv****, your online video guide to everything political. On this edition of playing politics I will be discussing presidential candidate John McCain. Arizona Senator John McCain is one of the candidates for the Republican nomination in this year’s presidential election. He began his career as a naval aviator and was elected to the senate in 1986 where he served until now. Upon entering the Senate in 1987, McCain became a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, with whom he had formerly done his Navy liaison work; he also joined the Commerce Committee and the Indian Affairs Committee. He has often supported the Native American agenda, advocating self-governance and sovereignty, supporting Native American gambling enterprises and tribe control of adoptions. McCain was a candidate for the Republican nomination in the 2000 presidential election, but was defeated by George W. Bush after closely contested battles in several early primary states. While generally adhering to conservative policy, McCain established a reputation as a political maverick for his willingness to defy Republican orthodoxy on several issues. McCain announced he was seeking the 2008 Presidential nomination from the Republican Party in February of 2007 on the Late Show With David Letterman and officially started his 2008 presidential campaign in April 2007. Should McCain win in 2008, he will be the oldest person to assume the Presidency in history being 72 years old, Ronald Reagan, who was 69 years old at his inauguration Thanks for watching playing politicstv****, I’m Ginny Jones reminding you to get out and vote.
21 Apr 2008
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In this exciting informative lecture, Pastor Ray Hagins does what very few Pastors would dare to do. He methodically takes you step by step through the circumstances that led to the need for this meeting to take place and explains how the concept of Jesus the Christ was created in 325 A.D. The First Council of Nicaea, held in Nicaea in Bithynia (In present -- day Turkey), convened by the Roman Emperor Constantine I in 325, was the first ecumenical (1) conference of bishops of the Christian Church, and most significantly resulted in the first uniform Christian doctrine, called the Nicene Creed. With the creation of the creed, a precedent was established for subsequent "general (ecumenical) councils of Bishop's (Synods) to create statements of belief and canons of doctrinal orthodoxy -- the intent being to define unity of beliefs for the whole of Christendom. This is the council that created the concept of Jesus the Christ and it was patterned after Heru (Horus) from the Ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) mythology. Ausar (Osiris), Auset (Isis) and Heru (Horus) were the first holy trinity and Joseph, Mary and Joseph was patterned after this. The mythology of Ausar, Auset and Heru goes back about 10,000 years. There is a history why you have not heard of them. The history behind the creation of Jesus the Christ has been hidden from most Christians on purpose because it was created by the Roman Catholic Church. They have never wanted the truth to get out. Learn why the Council of Nicaea occurred and the results of the Council such as the creation of Christmas from the ancient festivals of Saturnalia and the celebration of the birth of Mithra (the Persian Sun god). I know all of this information sounds new to you, but the council of Nicaea was the 1st of 21 Ecumenical Councils that occured between 325 A.D and 1870 A.D. there is a reason you have not heard of them. These councils were held by the Roman Catholic Church and shaped Christianity as we know it today. I strongly suggest you read "The Worlds Sixteen Crucified Saviors" by Kersey Graves and "Christianity Before Christ" by John G. Jackson for more concrete information on this subject.
24 Jun 2008
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The Blessed Virgin Mary was created in order to become the Mother of God - Theotokos. She truly gave birth to the Son of God - and this is the touchstone of Religious Orthodoxy. Mother of the Mystical Body, Mother of the Church, Mother of the Redeemed - let us give glory, praise and honor to our Beautiful Mother on Her great Solemnity. Ave Maria!
2 Jan 2009
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David Hartman talks about how Jewish religious extremism, and even "mainstream" Orthodoxy have grown in modern times as more modern, rational movements have struggled.
9 Mar 2009
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Punk Jews is a documentary film that tells the story of a new movement of artists, activists, and musicians who are creating a community of radical Judaism in New York City. From rebelling against orthodoxy to exploring unique ways of expressing culture and spirituality, Punk Jews documents three individuals who are taking Judaism to a place that celebrates freedom of expression and brings a new discourse to religious communities by creating an invitation for contemporary expressions in ancient traditions. Currently, We are fundraising to produce a feature length of this film to tell this important story in its entirety but WE NEED YOUR HELP. Please go to *******www.PunkJews**** to donate to this worthwhile and ground-breaking film. Any and all contributions are greatly appreciated.
22 Sep 2009
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