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Punch Dialogues in Tamil how dho u fheel now?? don't expect haal men tho be aliek(alike).... heve teasing is illeegal everywhere but dat doesunt mean........(keeps hand on his head) men can bhe teahsed.(full stop) by people hlike youuuuuuuuu.....(stressing the you.... semma modulation) how dhare you??? now you know dat?? men cahn be daring too...
22 Jun 2010
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From the movie The Mask - After being shot, The Mask (Jim Carrey) gives a dying monologue which references several classic movie moments.
10 Dec 2011
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Oscar winners Sandra Bullock, best actress, and Kathryn Bigelow, best director, spoke to Harry Smith outside the Governors Ball about their awards and the historic night for women.
8 Sep 2012
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Sergi Busquets Oscar performance against inter Milan. *******www.barcelonafcblog****
29 Nov 2012
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Entertainment Tonight Season: 32 Christoph Waltz took home his second career Oscar statue at tonight's 85th Annual Academy Awards and no one was more surprised about the win than the actor himself....
25 Feb 2013
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Christoph Waltz took home his second career Oscar statue at tonight's 85th Annual Academy Awards and no one was more surprised about the win than the actor himself.
25 Feb 2013
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Entertainment Tonight Season: 32 Awards season ended with resounding boom for Jennifer Lawrence as she was granted her first Oscar for Silver Linings Playbook. Amid her tremendous success, no one was more anxious to congratulate her after the show than her family.
25 Feb 2013
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Some considered Ang Lee's Best Director win for "Life of Pi" to be an upset of Steven Spielberg for "Lincoln." Lee discusses "Life of Pi" and what connected with audiences and The Academy.
25 Feb 2013
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2013 Best Actress winner Jennifer Lawrence talks to the press about winning her first Oscar. For more CNN videos, visit our site at *******www.cnn****/video/
28 Feb 2013
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The Mask Movie Clip - watch all clips ******* Buy Movie: ******* click to subscribe ******* After being shot, The Mask (Jim Carrey) gives a dying monologue which references several classic movie moments. TM & © Warner Bros. Ent. (2012) Cast: Jim Carrey, Peter Greene, Nils Allen Stewart Director: Chuck Russell MOVIECLIPS YouTube Channel: ******* Join our Facebook page: ******* Follow us on Twitter: ******* Producer: Ann Burgund, Michael De Luca, Robert Engelman, Carla Fry Screenwriter: Mark Verheiden, Mike Werb Film Description: Hyperactive mayhem results when a mild-manned banker discovers an ancient mask that transforms him into a zany prankster with superhuman powers in this special-effects-intensive comedy. The wildly improvisational Jim Carrey plays Stanley Ipkiss, a decent-hearted but socially awkward guy who one night finds a strange mask. Carrey's trademark energy reveals itself after Stanley puts on the mask and the banker transforms into The Mask, a green-skinned, zoot-suited fireball. The rubber-faced Mask possesses the courage to do the wild, fun things that Stanley fears, including romancing Tina Carlyle (Cameron Diaz). In addition to Carrey's physical talents, the film makes effective use of digital visual effects that bestow the Mask with superhuman speed, insane flexibility, and popping eyes out of a Tex Avery cartoon. The larger narrative, involving the efforts of Tina's gangster boyfriend to destroy Stanley and use the mask's powers for evil, prove less interesting than the anarchic comic set pieces, including a particularly memorable dance number to "Cuban Pete." The film delivered enough laughs to become a surprise hit and, along with the same year's Dumb and Dumber, establish Carrey's status as a comedy superstar. "the mask","the mask clip","the mask full movie","the mask part 1","the mask cartoon","the mask movie part 1","jim carrey","peter greene","nils allen stewart","chuck russell","action comedies",comedy,"comic books and superheroes",fantasy,"slapstick comedies","michael de luca","robert engelman","ann burgund","carla fry","empowerment videos","humor videos","club videos","stanley ipkiss",orlando,"dorian tyrell","movie clips",movieclipsdotcom,#AMG:V+++133721,/m/0lx2l,/m/060s85,/m/045rkzc
4 Jul 2013
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Must Watch
14 Sep 2013
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Brazil vs Turkey Rivaldo. He was hit in the.....head? He needs acting lessons because I don't know who he convinced. I am using this footage and music for entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended. If this video infringes copyright in any way please advise and the video will be removed.
19 Jan 2014
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She took home the Oscar for Best Actress, and showed up on Ellen the next day for the live show!
8 Dec 2014
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Oscar winning producer and actor Michael Douglas is the most charming of this generations leading men. He could have been a politician the way he can work a room and communicate. Talented behind the scenes guy, wonderful TV cop in the Streets of San Francisco and big time movie star. His credits are huge with big time movie makers like Wall Street and Romancing the Stone. Soooo many more...Producer of the classic One Flew over the Cuckoo's nest....Charm, class....
21 Dec 2008
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Clips and scenes from the 1997 blockbuster Oscar winning hit movie "TITANIC" directed by James Cameron put to the song "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion.
20 May 2009
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This oscar winning actress not only has starred in movies like shallow hal, a perfect murder, and Shakespeare in Love. In May 2005, Paltrow became the new face of Estée Lauder's Pleasures perfume. The song is by sade called By Your Side All images are from google and yahoo searches.
21 May 2009
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