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Us vs. Them Why we adore some people and dislike others
25 Jul 2017
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13 Aug 2017
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Low Testosterone levels is not an uncommon thing. In the USA, approximately 9 out of 10 people suffering from low testosterone levels go untreated. That is mostly because Low-T can affect many aspects of health and wellness, and so the various symptoms are often attributed to other problems that may or may not exist. Some of the symptoms of Low-T are: loss of sex drive, weariness, trouble sleeping, obesity, and more. These issues are also sometimes attributed to aging in general, and while it is true that Low-T becomes more likely in older men, it does not mean that it has to go untreated. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is more accessible that ever, and more affordable. HRT treatments are varied for many health problems, but one of the primary uses is to treat hormone imbalance in adults, including testosterone supplementation. And although there are never any promises regarding HRT (every patient has different reactions, and while it is largely effective, sometimes results are not everything that was hoped for), HRT has proved to be the answer for many people. If you think you may have Low-T, contact your physician, educate yourself about HRT, and consider contacting us. We are a certified Hormone Replacement Therapy group, with clinics across the 50 United States. Please look us up at Conscious Evolution Institute of Hormone Replacement Therapy, and visit us at HGH Dot TV.
25 Jul 2017
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Car wipers are an useful feature of vehicles, but it can often to be quite disturbing especially so when your own car wipers are seen wiping other's Vehicles
2 Aug 2017
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Watch these baby goats playing adorably with each other in their own cute little way, while wearing a flowery pajama, fitted perfectly, over their body.
14 Aug 2017
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Two cockapoo dogs playing in the garden.
22 Jul 2017
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3 dogs playing chase in the garden
23 Jul 2017
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In This Video Dr Kunal Kishor Consultant Radiation Oncology Paras Hospital Patna is talking about that Tobacco use is the biggest cause of Oral Cancer. Tobacco use in any form affects you and poses as a risk of oral cancer. When people start to suffer from the early signs of Oral Cancer they tend to consult quacks and opt for alternative care instead of consulting specialists. Don't Opt for alternative care for Oral Cancer. This process delays the treatment plan and makes us miss the early stages of detection and management.
25 Jul 2017
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If there were ever two people that deserve to be together, it is these two. They pull off some of the top pranks ever.
3 Aug 2017
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Guy follows his girl to the Walmart to find if she is shopping and what he found was, she was having her nails done. Well, how could she?
7 Aug 2017
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But when he adds the fidget spinner to the mix, the girls are wowed by a colorful surprise!
7 Aug 2017
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like and share Paranoid Times seeks to expose the evil conspiracies and dirty little secrets of those who hold power as well as to investigate strange and fringe events around the world. As a group member, I ask you to see past the veil of society, use social media, the Internet as well as your person to hunt and find events and facts that need to be examined and explained. Please no spam or porn post unless they are part of a topic needed to be looked at. When you post something please be ready to help prove are disprove your post, remember this is a collective of people that wishes to see truths, with the use of discussion and science. "Believe the Unbelievable." If anyone ever needed a believer, it's me.. keep in mind we write and post Conspiracy fiction ! Yes we use a robot voice to tell many of our stories.. if this offends you please move on.. be nice and respectful in the comments.. or you will be blocked!
15 Aug 2017
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