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10 Dec 2011
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Model turned actor James Marsden stars in Lee Daniels' The Butler as John F. Kennedy who is considered the most attractive President we've ever had. However, James says he prefers not to be known for his looks and, in fact, it makes him uneasy. Covering the September issue of Out Magazine he admits he's less comfortable playing the smoldering hot guy and that he'd rather play the goofball. He even says he was the skinny loner in high school. Sorry James, you'll always be the hot guy to us!
16 Aug 2013
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The Jonas Brothers are Out magazine's newest models. But they're not coming out, not that there's anything wrong with that! Rumors about the JoBros sexuality have been around forever. So you'd think, doing a sexy photo shoot with gay mag, Out, would only add fuel to the fire. But actually, it's the opposite. In a Q&A with the mag, the guys address the gossip head on, saying, "We have a lot of gay friends and gay fans. It's a boy band stereotype; people assume, but we don't take offense."
6 Oct 2013
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Josh Hutcherson tells OUT Magazine that although he believes he's "mostly straight," he's open minded enough to not rule out the possibility of a future relationship with a man.
10 Oct 2013
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Britney Spears opens up in a new interview about everything from sex to her biggest fear
10 Mar 2011
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Presidential : Magazine Offers World News , American News, Entertainment , Celebrity News ,Fashion Trends , Philanthropy , Comedy , Satire , Music And Technology From Around The World. "Get Presidential" Be Presidential". Powered By : Presidential
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13 Dec 2011
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First stage build-up of the Cycle World Attack Performance Yoshimura Suzuki AMA Pro American Superbike.
2 Jul 2012
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ASMALIMESCIT BALIKCISI Sea-Food restaurant ART RESTAURANT Asmalimescit Sea Food Restaurant was founded in November 2001 by Bulent GUZELKAN, a former model, fashion and accessories designer. Initiated with the concept of establishing a quality dining atmosphere, which would serve as a meeting point for close friends, the restaurant of Bulent GUZELKAN crowned its gastronomic odyssey, with the honorable award of the Time Out magazine by being elected as the “Best Sea Food Restaurant” in 2005. Devoted to the fine arts and artists, Asmalimescit Sea Food Restaurant has always been operated in a boutique style, in which a new exhibition of various artists takes place every month. The restaurant defines its mission as “constituting a meeting point for the artists and aestheticians”. Surrounded by a Genovese atmosphere, the rich buffet offers a variety of sea food, starters, herbal and vegetarian specialties. The egg-plant salad and the anchovies, served with the secret recipe sauce, have to be emphasized remarkably. In Asmalimescit Sea Food Restaurant, operated by the philosophy of providing a friendly, dignified and hygienic service to affordable prices, it is also possible to make business dinners and lunches, by enjoying the high speed wireless internet connection free of charge. www.asmalimescitbalikcisi****
9 Feb 2009
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Most artist statements feel so contrived to me, abstract and often flowery words to describe inspiration and processes that sometimes defy imagination. I have none of that. I can’t tell you there is “meaning” in my work or that I’m trying to capture the essence of anything. All I can tell you is that I think about it almost constantly, writing notes to myself on new ideas (that are mostly never carried out), cutting leaf or petal shapes of out magazines then sorting them by tone and color, doodling in the margins of my office note-pads during meetings. Sometimes I obsess on a theme (like female faces peeling away) and then a few years later look back and say, “Wow, something was going on with me then!” But mostly I find shapes, tones and patterns that draw me in and then I have to spit them back out in some semblance of order. I think it was Michelangelo who said of his sculpting that he was just releasing the image that was already inside the block of marble. I just rearrange what I’ve already found in my world. I distill it down to a few pieces of paper, some lines, or an instant image of light and dark.
3 May 2010
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BY GARY COTTON Tim Cook is Apple’s new head man. He has over 13 years of experience with the company, and has successfully led it before, but the media isn’t talking about that. The biggest question being asked on the blogosphere is… is he gay? A writer for SFist sure thinks he is, Brock Keeling writes... “After Steve Jobs resigned as Apple CEO on Wednesday, COO Tim Cook took over, effectively becoming the most powerful gay man in the country. Cook’s ascension, if you will, should have a profound impact on the LGBT community, especially within the elite tech world.” Ok, so that’s one opinion, but the bigger question is- is this news? As far as the major media outlets are concerned, it’s not. They’re talking about Cook plenty, but his sexuality isn’t on the topic list. “As chief operating officer, Tim Cook handled the companies envious balance sheets” (CNN) “He’s been the running the company for years” (Fox News) “The question for Tim Cook is, How visible should he be? One of the benefits of working with Steve Jobs, because they’ve been doing so well on their execution, is he’s been able to hide a little bit quite frankly over the years.” (Bloomberg) “Tim Cook, the guy who relentlessly drove production efficiencies up and costs down.” (The Wall Street Journal) The biggest fuss was raised by a writer for Reuters who says, why not talk about Cook’s sexuality. We’re the media, it’s kind of our job. He writes, with Cook’s big promotion comes a little intrusion. His personal life will get a lot more interest, and the media should cover it. But... Cook has never actually said he’s gay. A writer for Mogulite says the fact that Cook hasn’t confirmed the rumor doesn’t really matter. “That didn’t stop Out magazine from naming him America’s #1 Power Gayand various LGBT-minded news sources from touting him as a leading role model for the gay community." But a writer for The Atlantic Wire says slow down. Since Cook’s never said he’s gay, maybe we shouldn’t either. “Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook is not officially out of the closet, but he’s in the “glass closet,” apparently: people know he’s gay without him having to come out and say it. This isn’t news. But in light of his big promotion, does his sexuality matter?”
30 Aug 2011
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Beijing is not usually known as a city of love. Surprisingly, Beijing came in fourth in Time Out magazine's 2015 online poll on the best city in the world for dating. We talked to three expats living in Beijing to find out what the dating scene is like here, and what their personal experience with finding love in Beijing is.
2 May 2017
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